FBI formally closes protracted anthrax case

So many lies, so little time. This is an AP preemptive hit piece on anyone who questions this obviously faked "solution" to the anthrax "mystery."


After Building 7, I find the anthrax scare campaign to be one of the best conversation starters on 911 truth. Deep down inside, nobody buys it.

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And here's an article from 2010 by the Wall Street Journal exonerating Dr. Bruce Ivins and opposing these latest findings.

US formally concludes 2001

US formally concludes 2001 anthrax attacks probe
Published: Friday February 19, 2010

US federal investigators announced Friday the formal conclusion of their investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, which killed five people and sickened 17 others.

The "Amerithrax" investigation, the largest probe into a bio-weapons attack in US history, "found that the late Dr Bruce Ivins acted alone in planning and executing these attacks," read a joint statement from the Department of Justice, the FBI and US Postal Inspection Service.

Ivins, a bio-defence researcher at the US Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, committed suicide in July 2008 as FBI agents were about to bring charges against him.

Officials announced in August 2008 that Ivins was the culprit, but after the researcher's suicide new evidence emerged, said Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd.

After Ivins died, "the task force continued its review and had to go through thousands of emails going back 10 years," Boyd told AFP.

Researchers also looked at "additional material" that emerged after his death, then had to make sure that it was legal to make the documents public.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department statement said a 92-page summary of their investigation has been posted on the Justice Department web site. Some 2,700 pages of FBI documents related to the probe have been posted separately on the FBI website.

The anthrax attacks began in September 2001, just a few days after the September 11 attacks in the United States. The bio-weapons scare terrified many Americans already left traumatized by the deadliest act of terrorism in US history.

Investigators said they began focusing on Ivins in 2007 after new forensic scientific methods traced the anthrax back to him.

They concluded that the anthrax mailed to prominent journalists and politicians in 2001 must have come from a single flask of parent spores that Ivins had created and which he alone had maintained.

Initially, the FBI's suspicion fell on another bioterror expert, Steven Hatfill, who was declared a "person of interest" and pursued until 2006, when the leadership of the investigation was changed.

In March 2008, the FBI settled a lawsuit initiated by Hatfield for 5.8 million dollars.

Meryl Nass and DOJ-Amerithrax site

Dr. Meryl Nass 16 point summary of holes in the FBI's case against Ivins
FBI: CASE CLOSED (and Ivins did it)

FBI docs


FBI says Nass was one antagonist pushing Ivins over the edge

I find the FBI's case against Ivins persuasive, if not conclusive. Assuming most of the content of their Amerithrax Investigative Summary (PDF) is accurate, it seems probably that Ivins did commit the murders. If this stuff is true, he really was a mad scientist. I recently spent a considerable amount of time dealing with a person suffering from schizophrenia. What the FBI is describing is really quite similar to what my friend was going through. Especially the fixation on women who had rejected him in the past, his continuing irrational sense of connection to them, and a frequently expressed desire for revenge.

The time he spent in the hot room prior to each mailing, his demonstrated proclivity to travel to remote locations and mail packages anonymously, his evasive and irrational response to the investigation, his record of serious mental health problems, his access to the murder weapon and sill in manipulating it all suggest his guilt.

Now here is an interesting fact about one of the most vocal critics of the FBI's conclusion. According the the FBI's own report, Meryl Nass was a nemesis of Ivins's.

2. Dr. Ivins was being subjected to increasing public criticism for his work.

Compounding the intense professional pressure on Dr. Ivins was the increasingly vocal chorus of critics against him. Chief among these were journalist Gary Matsumoto, scientist Meryl Nass, and lawyer Mark S. Zaid, who blamed the anthrax vaccine for causing Gulf War Syndrome – ailments suffered by veterans of the first Gulf War in the early 1990s. Through the end of the summer and into the fall of 2001, Dr. Ivins was expressing his increasing frustration with this criticism of the work he had been doing. This frustration was only compounded by demands for more information regarding the anthrax vaccine research program, largely from Matsumoto, who had written a critical article in Vanity Fair magazine in May 1999, and who was working on a follow-up book entitled Vaccine A (which was eventually published in 2004). Within days of reading Matsumoto’s Vanity Fair article, Dr. Ivins commented in an e-mail to a former colleague: “[T]hanks for passing these along to me. I wonder when the National Enquirer will come out with its headlines on ‘Guinea Pig Soldiers Get Killer Vaccine.’”

Dr. Ivins’s offense at these criticisms grew as Matsumoto was making FOIA requests for information regarding the vaccine program for use in the critical Vaccine A. For example, just before the letter attacks, in August and September 2001, Dr. Ivins sent e-mails to a co-worker and a supervisor, a sample of which included, “Tell Matsumoto to kiss my ass. We’ve got better things to do than shine his shoes and pee on command. He’s gotten everything from me he will get.” The prosecution team learned more about the depth of Dr. Ivins’s animosity towards Matsumoto in a February 13, 2008 interview, in which Dr. Ivins stated that had actually gone to a Matsumoto website in recent years under the anonymous name “Guest,” and made sarcastic, provocative postings – one of many examples of Dr. Ivins’s ability to harbor grudges and, in his
own words, “stir the pot.”

Similarly, over the years, Dr. Ivins continued to speak disparagingly of Meryl Nass, another prominent critic, in much the same vein. Those who worked for him knew that Nass was one of those topics to avoid discussing around Dr. Ivins. They also noted that Dr. Ivins took criticism, especially of his work, very personally.
Finally, lawyer Mark S. Zaid filed the greatest number of FOIA requests related to the anthrax vaccine. Zaid, Executive Director of The James Madison Project,27 represented military clients who were refusing to take the anthrax vaccine. Zaid began sending e-mails to Dr. Ivins and others at USAMRIID as far back as 1999 requesting information regarding the vaccine. In addition, during the November 1, 2007 search of the Ivins residence, recovered from a black briefcase which Dr. Ivins had labeled “Attorney-Client Privilege” (but was ultimately determined by a filter team not to contain privileged material) was a laminated July 18, 2000 Washington Post article entitled “Anthrax Shots’ Effect Challenged (Army Disputes Expert Who Reviewed Vaccine Tests).” The article discussed a report by Dr. Ivins, dated September 23, 1991, in which he noted that “[a]lthough all vaccinated monkeys (C1-C10) survived, they appeared to be sick over the course of two weeks post-challenge.” The Washington Post article drew the conclusion that vaccinated soldiers would have the same symptoms: “Soldiers who are exposed to anthrax may become quite sick and be incapacitated for up to two weeks, even if they have received the full set” of anthrax vaccinations.

"Man muß die Dinge so einfach wie möglich machen. Aber nicht einfacher" -- Albert Einstein

Not buying it

I could find it believable that Ivins was, in some measure, a co-conspirator in the attacks, and subsequently scapegoated and subjected to blackmail and harassment to be made the fall guy for the whole operation (after they'd failed to pin it on Hatfill). But it seems all that's being oultined here pertains to motive. If only it were that simple (and if only he were the only one with a conceivable motive).

The spores used in the attacks had been milled to very fine particles, beyond the capacity of any equipment he had access to, not to mention the amount of time he would have needed to devote to the task, and the difficulty of going undetected over all that time. Plus, the FBI was never able to positively place him at the NJ location of the mailings at the time the mailings occurred.

Not to mention (what often gets overlooked) the hoax anthrax letters sent from a Florida address--though enclosed with non-lethal powder, letters written in very similar language to the NBC/NY Post/Leahy and Daschle letters, and (crucially) mailed before any of those letters had reached their recipients and been reported in the news.

Nor to mention the fatal anthrax exposure suffered by the American News Media photographer in Florida--for which no letter was found.

Nor to mention that, since the late '90s, the cultures traced to flasks in Ivins' lab had also made their way to Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio, and to Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.

In short, what we've got here is something that involved more than one person, a.k.a....a conspiracy.

The mere fact that the FBI would have us believe otherwise is just one more thing that puts them in a negative light.

Ten hours since you registered to this site--got any more government accounts you'd like to endorse?

The specific combination was unique to Ivins's

I am not sure what your sources are. There seems to be a lot being said for which I cannot find reliable confirmation. I know that early reports said the Antrhax had been weaponized. The explanation for the change in that position seems plausible. The reason I had for doubting it was mostly the 1.4% figure mentioned in Epstein's article.

As for materials shipped to DPG, etc. According to the FBI, the particular combination of strains only existed in a flask under Ivins's direct control. Certainly Ivins could have sent spores from that material to other places, but it is almost certain that the combination found in the letters originated in the flask in MD.

As for Battelle, I don't believe the anthrax was sent to Ohio. Battelle runs Dugway Proving Ground. That's why they are mentioned as a recipient.

The argument I've encountered against Ivins being the perpetrator is that people originally thought the anthrax had been coated with silicon. Sandia allegedly disproved that.

"Man muß die Dinge so einfach wie möglich machen. Aber nicht einfacher" -- Albert Einstein

The Livermore tests and the FBI's conclusion


"Nevertheless, in an attempt to back up its theory, the FBI contracted scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs in California to conduct experiments in which anthrax is accidently absorbed from a media heavily laced with silicon. When the results were revealed to the National Academy Of Science in September 2009, they effectively blew the FBI's theory out of the water.

The Livermore scientists had tried 56 times to replicate the high silicon content without any success. Even though they added increasingly high amounts of silicon to the media, they never even came close to the 1.4% in the attack anthrax. Most results were an order of magnitude lower, with some as low as .001%.

What these tests inadvertently demonstrated is that the anthrax spores could not have been accidently contaminated by the nutrients in the media.

If Ivins had neither the equipment or skills to weaponize anthrax with silicon, then some other party with access to the anthrax must have done it."

After these findings, how can the FBI stick to "Ivins did it"? More importantly, can they be somehow legally challenged based on the findings?

Has Epstein's claim of 1.4% silicon been verified?

I've been looking hard for some kind of independent confirmation of Epstein's claim that the FBI reported a 1.4% silicon content in April of 2009. I have yet to find any independent source on this.

oh yes, well said O man

Deep down inside, nobody buys it Classic

Our job is to help those who have never contemplated digging down that far.

Once I broach the topic I usually ask if they remeber what the note said.

I don't word 4 word, but paraphrasing it was ........9/11....be afraid....blah blah

Remember it was only like a week later. Weapons grade anthrax cannot be made from poppies.

Clearly it was all of a piece. The same perps are CLEARLY responsible for both.

Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved

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