Daniele Ganser - part 15: 9/11 as difficult subject for european academics

Here is the fifteenth video of several in a row. Dr. Daniele Ganser is an academic historian from Switzerland who has researched false flag terrorism in Europe. Besides his publicity around the 9/11 truth movement, I think also his historical work about the so-called "secret armies" is extremly interesting.

More videos coming, in unchronological order from now on. Sorry for spelling mistakes.


Thank you for this video. It is very interesting to learn how a European historian views and deals with the issue. I look forward to seeing more videos of Dr. Daniele Ganser.

Danielle Ganser is interviewed in this video by Dr. Vogt

who used to work for Secret.tv,
a german website which was run by Udo Holey until 2009
Holey is promoting theories about hollow earth, UFOs, aliens, La Rouche, David Icke,
german secret weapons, TV Fakery on 9/11 and other BS.
In his last co-authored book Udo Holey claims that germans nazi-emigrants
are living in the Antarctica aka Neuschwabenland.

To my knowledge Danielle Ganser last year has tried to stop the posted interview to be distributed
after having found out about the connections of Vogt, Holey & Co.

Dr. Vogt has succeeded to produce interviews with numerous people in the 9/11 movement.
The lastest one has been an interview with the german adviser of Hugo Chavez, Heinz Dieterich.

In November 2009 there was a series of articles of bloggers in Germany covering the
involvement of the right-wing in 9/11 issues.
Most 9/11 websites outright deniy the significance of these issues altogether.

International Translation Team

Hi 911_bavaria,

We're trying to set-up an International Translation Team over in France to organise the translation of all the 911 vidéos into all the other languages of the world. We'd like to start by translating your video into French, while offering you access to all of our videos and subtitles already subtitled into French with English transcripts.

Would you be able to send me a link to the subtitles, please ?

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