IAEA report: zero evidence of Iran nukes. US Orwellian corporate war media: Iran building nukes?

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The good news is corporate media war propaganda is so easy to reveal and crush. Today’s version of CIA Operation Mockingbird, the US Senate Church Committee disclosure of over 400 CIA operatives within US corporate media to propagandize for war policies, is escalating their paper-thin lies of omission and commission to manipulate America into war with Iran.

The great news is millions of Americans recognize corporate media lies; especially after the confirmed lies they viciously and endlessly repeated for wars with Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions also authoritatively understand these wars are clearly unlawful (and here).

The fantastic news is that our forefathers already won the structural legal limitations to prevent Wars of Aggression in the UN Charter to only two conditions: defense from armed attack by another nation’s government, and/or if authorized by the UN Security Council (UNSC). This means that because the evidence and rule of law that US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the case for war with Iran are unlawful in Orwellian and “Big Lie” extreme, our men and women in government and military are poised to refuse all orders for these unlawful wars and end them. Subsequently, prosecutions and possible Truth and Reconciliation will ensue.

The exciting news that we’ll discover is if this news is good enough for humanity to finally overcome the history of Wars of Aggression; if humanity is ready to commit and realize our values of unalienable rights and government under law.

The bad news is the potential of World War III escalating from war with Iran if a critical mass of our military and government “places the mission first” in surrender to mass-murderers rather than doing what they swore to do: support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

IAEA and Iran: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in their inspection role for compliance of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) had their preliminary report on Iran’s nuclear energy program leaked. The bottom line:

46. While the Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran, Iran has not provided the necessary cooperation to permit the Agency to confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.

Let’s unpack this:
1.IAEA confirms zero evidence of Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Remember this: zero, zip, zilch, nada. This conforms to the agreement of all 16 US intelligence agencies in their December 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.
2.IAEA continues obfuscating language about the story of Iran’s Additional Protocol, a voluntary set of additional safeguards they administratively approved without treaty ratification within their legislature and then withdrew after two years of US non-compliance for their compliance (history here). The language essentially says we can’t prove there isn’t nuclear material we don’t know about that’s being used to build weapons. This is like someone accusing you, “Your family might be involved in terrorist activities that we don’t know about.” This choice of language screams of a thinly-veiled agenda to paint Iran as potentially dangerous.

IAEA is likely under the same type of political pressure to make a case for war with Iran that we witnessed before the US invasion of Iraq: the US eliminated the UN agency director who would have resolved concerns of alleged Iraq weapons:

"…the conservative first option should have been the UN Security Council voting for the UN WMD agency, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to directly request Saddam to submit to OPCW’s authority. The Director-general of OPCW, Jose Bustani, was in talks with Saddam to do so. Instead of supporting this reasonable alternative to war, the US promised to withhold its funding of the UN (22% of the UN’s budget) until Bustani was fired. The US called Bustani’s talks with Saddam an “ill-considered initiative.” The US request was honored; the US then paid its 2002 UN dues in April 2002; less than one year before the US invasion of Iraq. This was the first time in UN history where the Director of an international program was fired.[13] By the way, the US does not cooperate with the OPCW to ensure US compliance with International Laws of chemical and biological WMD."

The real propaganda for war with Iran comes in this part of IAEA’s report:

The information available to the Agency in connection with these outstanding issues is extensive and has been collected from a variety of sources over time. It is also broadly consistent and credible in terms of the technical detail, the time frame in which the activities were conducted and the people and organizations involved. Altogether, this raises concerns about the possible existence in Iran of past or current undisclosed activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile.

This propaganda of “gathering concern” is similar to what preceded war with Iraq; the admission of zero evidence of unlawful activity framed in a rhetorical trick at the same level of someone demanding of you: “Prove you’re not a mass murderer of people we don’t know about!”

The first damning evidence that proves this section as propaganda is IAEA’s lie of omission that previous “sources” concerning Iran nuclear weapon development are now confirmed as planted evidence in two important instances that were broadly reported in corporate media (here and here).

CNN’s screamingly headlined the IAEA propaganda as: Watchdog: Iran may be working on nuclear warhead

The video report below has this banner at the bottom: “Iranian nuclear warhead?” with the glaring lie of commission that a 20% enrichment is a “magic number” that shows enrichment for a nuclear weapon despite it being exactly what’s needed for lawful nuclear medicine, the IAEA has constant monitoring for enrichment to never exceed that amount, let along to reach the 85%+ for weapons-grade.

CNN’s written report allows the White House lie that Iran’s disclosed Qom nuclear facility can’t be used for peaceful nuclear use, despite independent analysis that its specifications are precisely for that purpose and IAEA would know immediately if enrichment went beyond the facility’s limits. They lie again by reporting the facility as “secret” despite the fact it was reported by Iran to IAEA ahead of their NPT requirement to do so. They continue on their roll of lies by not reporting Iran’s several offers to accept medical isotopes as imports provided they had a guaranteed timeline.

So understand: this whole issue could be averted if the US merely agreed for a simultaneous swap of fuel.

But the US doesn’t do so, and the war-whore media won’t report this solution for the same reasons that the US got rid of the UN Director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons who was working with Saddam to resolve any concern over their alleged WMD: the US wants some BS excuse for war.

From CNN's report:

In Washington, Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley noted that the report is the first one the IAEA has produced since the discovery of the secret nuclear facility at Qom.

"There is no explanation for that facility that is consistent with the needs of a civilian nuclear program. And it characterizes the way in which Iran has conducted its ... relations with the IAEA and its failure to satisfactorily explain, you know, what its activities and ambitions are in the nuclear sphere," he said.

Crowley said the conclusions of the report "are consistent" with arguments Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made in the Middle East during her visit this week.

"We have ongoing concerns about Iran's activities," Crowley said Thursday at the regular daily briefing at the State Department. "We cannot explain why it refuses to come to the table and engage constructively to answer the questions that have been raised, and you have to draw some conclusions from that."

Among other reports, this headline is typical: IAEA report: Iran may be developing atom bomb

You have to go outside Operation Mockingbird corporate media to find exposure of this propaganda, such as Jason Ditz on AntiWar.com and Global Research, and Global Research founder Michel Chossudovsky, also reprinted at Alex Jones’ Prison Planet, who provides his analysis in the below video.

My policy recommendations of how to respond to this Orwellian dystopia follow.

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I appreciate your attention to these facts and encourage your further study and action consistent with your own self-expression. My recommendations:

Policy response: Gandhi and Martin Luther King advocated public understanding of the facts and non-cooperation with evil. I’m among hundreds who advocate:
1.Understand the laws of war (and here). These were legislated after WW2 and are crystal-clear that only self-defense, in a narrow legal meaning, can justify war. The current US wars are not even close to being lawful and are legal treason against the US. Those involved with US military, government, and law enforcement have an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. To fulfill their oath they must immediately refuse and end all orders associated with unlawful wars and military-related constant violation of treaties.
2.End the transfer of trillions of American taxpayer money to banksters and admitted as “lost” by our military. End poverty through global cooperation to achieve the UN Millennium Goals by developed countries investing 0.7% of their income (not that the UN is serious for their accomplishment, but the goals are what we should invest to produce). Support global security through cooperation, dignity, justice, and freedom. Create a US Department of Peace to help.
3.Communicate. Trust your unique, beautiful, and powerful self-expression to share as you feel appropriate. Understand that while many people are ready to embrace difficult facts, many are not. Anticipate that you will be attacked and prepare your virtuous response in the spirit of competition, just as you do in other fields.
4.Prosecute the war leaders for obvious violation of the letter and spirit of US war laws. Because the crimes are so broad and deep, I recommend Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) to exchange full truth and return of stolen US assets for non-prosecution. This is the most expeditious way to understand and end all unlawful and harmful acts. Those who reject T&R are subject to prosecution.