"Morning Joe" stars speak with WeAreChange.org concerning 9/11 Truth, Kurt Haskell, and ICTS.

Nathan Florence and Mark O'Connor of WeAreChange.org's Rhode Island and Boston chapters met with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski at a stop on Mika's book tour earlier this year. During the Q+A following the presentation, Mark asked Mika about her experience on the ground in NYC on the morning of September 11, 2001 and presented the duo scientific peer-reviewed and published evidence of the existence of nano-thermite present in dust samples collected from ground zero and lower manhattan immediately following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Following the Q+A, invited by Scarborough, Nathan and Mark further discussed the evidence and encouraged responsibility on the part of their program. Also discussed were the recent thwarted terror attempts taking place on Christmas day 2009 and the airport security company ICTS international that research links once again to Israeli involvement in the "War on Terror" and false flag terrorism.

ICTS international (not europe) very important

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It's not Kool-Aid! It's time to smell the coffee!

Wow!! That was great work! I would say that this guy doesn't know the truth and has not been compromised (yet?). I would suggest we follow up with loads of emails supporting his open mind attitude about 911 and encourage him to host Richard Gage etc. www.morningmika.com , www.joescarborough.com

Oh Come On!

Scarborough knows full well about 911 Truth. He knows there are thousands of architects and engineers who are deeply skeptical of the official story. It's not that difficult to investigate! All you have to do is spend a few minutes watching Richard Gage's free presentation on the AE911Truth website.

"Morning Joe" (and MSNBC in general) has staffs of people finding and suggesting stories to report on. It's all obviously coordinated throughout MSNBC (and all the other cable news shows for that matter) because the stories they choose to present are all the same. And NONE of them so much as mention 911 Truth in any way shape or form - short of dismissing it along with the Birthers or Moonies or whatnot.

Joe Scarborough was just struggling in the moment to find a way to refute the We Are Change people while pretending to be sympathetic to them. That's why he was pretending to inquire about "mainstream new sources that have covered 911 Truth" and seized upon the National Geographic hit piece - which he knows about already full well.

He's an effing politician! He knows he can't bring up the subject on his program! He doesn't have the corporate permission and he doesn't have the balls to deviate from it. Why should he? It would be career and personal suicide and totally out of character.

Joe Scarborough would be the

Joe Scarborough would be the last person I'd expect from the corporate media to shine any light upon 9/11. As Carl Bernstein wrote some time ago in an article in Rolling Stone, the CIA has its tentacles throughout our news media. Thus, we ought not expect MSNBC nor any other corporate media outlet to ask questions. They are bound up, bought and paid for. We must go around them and expect nothing from them but distractions, e.g., Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, the blonde girl in Aruba.