WeAreChange Questions NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg about 9/11

WeAreChange questions Mayor Bloomberg about 9/11, followed by (somewhat lengthy) discussion of the Ground Zero construction and memorial progress.

Smooth talker!

Yeah right mike, the family members don't count, the commisioners comments are wrong, you know for sure what happened and there's no Cover-up!
What about NY CAN and the people who supported that! Ever hear of Steven Jones? Did you know Richard Gage representing 1000+ architects and engineers disagrees with you? Leaders like this are what's wrong with this country and the world. Silverstein should be in JAIL not investing 250 Million into anything! Let the hole stay there until the truth comes out and we can jail the real criminals! Wake up Gambling! Stop kissing A** and get a set of real ones!

"we know exactly what happened"

He probably does. He just won't share it with the rest of us. I can't stand him.


The guy is a snake, and was more likely than not, part of that denial, of the will of the voters, on the November ballot proposal regarding the 80,000 signatures. I feel absolute disgust and revulsion at his obliging complicity. Of course he knows what happened.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."