Understanding Deep Politics Conference

Announcing the Understanding Deep Politics Conference:
- Revealing the Driving Forces Behind World Events and Creating Alternative Solutions

University Inn & Conference Center - Santa Cruz, CA - May 14 - 16th, 2010

10 international intellectual leaders converge in one weekend in pursuit of truth and solutions.

With Speakers: Ellen Brown, Ian Crane, David Ray Griffin, Annie Machon, Jim Marrs,
Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, Peter Dale Scott and Barrie Zwicker

Tired of endless wars, bank bailouts, corrupt politicians, unrelenting corporate power, loss of
liberties, the healthcare crisis and the overall current malaise? Find out the how and whys of
many of the current societal issues facing us and be part of new emerging solutions.

By now it's obvious that the changes we need cannot be voted in or out.
This compels us to create new alternatives.

Please join us for this historic conference.

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What happens in Santa Cruz, stays in Santa Cruz

Unless there's a determined effort to propagate knowledge about deep politics and false flag operations, beyond Santa Cruz.* Many Americans have knee-jerk reactions to 911, and being woefully ignorant of these subjects, it's hard to blame them. I wish that groups that do street activism, like We Are Change, were as interested in educating about these subjects as they are about 911.

* Somehow, I don't think we'll see this covered on either Fox or MSNBC.


True Intelligentsia!

Ellen Brown, Ian Crane, David Ray Griffin, Annie Machon, Jim Marrs,
Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, Peter Dale Scott and Barrie Zwicker

Michel Chossudovsky?


Nice to see Michael Parenti being invited to one of these conferences. He has done a great job throughout his career of debunking the canard that deep politics are a waste of time and have no place in "leftist" critiques of policy.

Santa Cruz

Wish I could attend.

Yes, I wish I could as well.

Yes, I wish I could as well. If for no other reason than to be in that energy, that awareness, and SANITY. Sometimes I feel like I could pull my hair out. For some crazy reason, I've adopted a site that I thought would get it. We over at commonsensepoliticalthought (website) after bringing information to them for years, thought I could actually open their eyes. Oddly, it's like an obsession with me. I know and I agree that we all need to know where our time is best spent, but for some reason, the names I get met with, and the absurdity of their denial, has made me want even more to show them the facts that just keep on coming in. I agree that I maybe have gone too far, but I think that having taken them thus far, along the path of realizing (it's ignored), or so you think., with it ridiculed, with "LOOOOOOOOOON" and "TWOOOOFER" being the label of any link I drop in to have them examine. With so much video available, hours of it, stating EXPLOSIONS, and with peer reviewed scientific papers, and 1046 engineers and architects, when does one actually consider that maybe there is a case?

I am asking if anyone else finds them self in such a circumstance. Have you been of a group, like family, website, whatever, wtih the wish of breaking through? With such exasperating resistance, it makes you want to even more make people realzie it? Any one know any secrets as to how to break through? MoraL SUPPORT IS GOOD.

I did manage to convince a fellow Leftie on that site though, which pleases me.

By the way, I don't understand this voting things on this site. I don't know where to submit my "vote" and I don't know if it's about the article or the previous comment. Please 'splain. Thanks!

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Ask them why none of the steel was saved from WTC 7

for analysis and why no reconstruction of the collapse was determined by clues from the steel, as WTC 7 would have been the first steel framed high rise building to ever suffer a total collapse due to fire.

Ask why less than 0.5% of the steel was saved from the towers before it could be analyzed, with almost none of the little that was saved being from the fire affected areas. Here again no reconstruction of the collapse was determined by clues from the steel.

Then ask what they think caused WTC 7 to fall at full freefall acceleration for over 100 feet at the start of its descent and why there is no deceleration of the upper section of WTC 1.

The answer to why little or

The answer to why little or no evidence was saved was that 9/11 was declared an act of war. You don't save evidence from an attack in war, except if perhaps there were WMDs involved and then it might be a basis for an ICC action or something of the like.

Its more than likely that those behind 9/11 understood how to provide cover for their act of treason. Have some patsies take the wrap, which in this case would make it an act of war so that they evidence could be disposed of.

With the collapse cover story firmly planted there was no need to look for explosive etc as in NFPA 921 - planes knocked the towers down by causing fire to weaken the steel - office fires was the actual thing, they claimed which did them in. O MY we need to better fire proof buildings - THAT was their charge how to prevent steel buildings from falling down from file.

Independent investigators have looked at what was left behind - vids and stills and even some dust/powder samples and find that the explanation was pure hooey. But the gov people were tasked to figure out how to prevent fire collapses and looked at the event with those blinders.

They know they lied.

But they OCT despite having HUGE holes in it has enough logic to win the day for the average American. We were attacked by some radical Islamists and we need to kick butt. That made enough sense for most Americans and off we went on the GWOT and two wars... and then there were the other subsequent AQ attacks as proof that that the OCT was spot on.

To counter the OCT on one hand Americans want the ENTIRE alternate story which no one in the Truth movement is prepared to advance because it's speculation and so that becomes a "conspiracy theory" and easily dismissed. The so called evidence of the crime is not getting through because the system has closed off the way in and is now way down the road on a whole new agenda which too many people are benefiting from and others believe they are being made safe by these insane policies.

We've discovered that our government does not respond to us big time and is in the hands of oligarshs who have effectively legally bought our government and use it for their own ends. People are despondent and depressed and feeling powerless as they have no means to express themselves except on the internet... talking amongst themselves and no one with authority will take them seriously.

About voting

'By the way, I don't understand this voting things on this site. I don't know where to submit my "vote" and I don't know if it's about the article or the previous comment. Please 'splain.'

You vote a comment up or down within the field of that same comment--look for the up and down arrow keys near the top, over on the left, just before the text of the comment begins. The net 'points' that a comment receives, resulting from the total of up and down votes, is shown immediately above that comment, over on the right.

As for the actual items posted, there used to be a method for numerically rating these--or at least some of them, which would have a 'rate this' link at the bottom. But I think that option has not been available on this site for quite a while now.

Hope that helps 'splain' things!

on voting and to Tony also

Tony, yes, these are just more of the same, just more actual evidence, of which there is already plenty enough of anyone for any rational human being with any sense at all to know, there is all but a signed confession from our government. The "smoking gun" is a military weapon, for God's sake! See, it is beyond logic. I think they are actually trying to hide from it's reality. More importantly, why should I care now. The rest of the planet is figuring it out. Well, I guess we are the alarm clocks in our country, but heck, it's like waking up stone. Nano-thermite doesn't even wake them up.

What is going to happen when they do? They blame us. These crazy pro-war people. And we seem to be threatened, by HR 1955.

Winston Churchill said: One thing we learn from history, is that we never learn from history."

Thank you, but I don't feel comfortable rating people's thoughts, because it is good we all speak without a sense of judgement, in my mind and/or feeling. So, I don't want anyone to feel bad, I won't use it, and a zero should not mean a negative, correct? No offense against the voting system though.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Feel the same many times

I feel the same way - frustrated by the pure lack of anything remotely representing a logical thought.

You can bring up evidence after evidence after evidence, as well as the 1000+ AEs, hundreds of people at patriotsquestion911, etc and the response is always something like: "get a life", "you're a wacko", "oh yeah, well Osama claimed responsibility, so he must have done it", "logic dictates that something THAT big could not be kept quiet for this long - someone would have talked by now", etc, etc, etc, etc

Actually getting a response like the above is better than nothing though, because it enables you to continue the "conversation" and let other people see by the tone of your responses that you're not crazy. And you can keep interjecting evidence.

What I find even more frustrating is the apparent lack of care on the part of the vast majority of people. I mean, people would rather talk about the most innane things that even consider the possibility of something fundamentally wrong in our government and country. For example, recently with the big Tiger Woods press conference, there have been a lot of articles and many of these articles have comments boards available. On as many as I can, I've brought up the 1000+ AE's and tried to provoke some discussion about it with words like, "Don't you care that 1000+ well educated building professionals are saying that the story doesn't add up. Don't you care that your government is lying to you". I've even posted several times in the same comment thread, in an effort to get the message at the top of the board where more people see it. Yet without exception, people just seem to ignore the comment, instead replying to other comments about Tiger, etc.

Needless to say, that kind of behavior is very frustrating, because I can't comprehend how people can have no care about these sorts of things.

Another observation I had is that aversion to the truth is party-blind. I initially thought it would be mostly GOP types that were averse to the truth, believing that "you lefties have been against Bush all along". But more and more, I've been finding people on the "left" to be just as averse, though the reasons they give me are more diffuse.

So what's the upshot of all this. Well, I think that by now, the "average" person has heard of "truthers" and "911 conspiracy" enough times to know they exist. But I believe the average person is hiding from the possibility that the government is involved - truly head in the sand. I also think that the average person has heard the official story supported in the MSM so many times that they use this as a rationalization to not think for themselves.

As unsuccessful as it has been for me so far, I believe the only solution to this is to continue to bombard people at every opportunity with well-reasoned evidence demonstrating 1) that "truthers" are not wackos 2) that there are numerous people out there that have serious doubts. I believe that at some point, there will be a tipping point where enough people are expressing their disbelief of the official story that it will become self evident to the remaining people that something must be wrong with the governments story. The problem is that it will take tens to hundreds of "anonymous" people to equal even one MSM journalist in terms of credibility. But I will continue trying anyway. How far away we are from the tipping point and how fast the "tip" will accelerate remains to be seen.

I feel your frustration.

I also post on a non 911 specific forum and it's amazing, the level of cognitive dissonance.

Classic example from this thread I created:

HOLY SHIT GUYS!! THERE'S 1,000 INCREDIBLY RETARDED ENGINEERS IN OUR COUNTRY!!! what a crazy idea, I wonder why the rest of the engineers in our country don't think it's a conspiracy. Oh wait, maybe it's because THERE ISN'T ONE!

And a few posts later someone replies to him:

Thank you. To keep something of this magnitude a secret would be impossible. Secrets always come out.

Yes, it's frustrating enough to want to pull your hair out, I agree. But I feel better when I look at the "thanks" people gave me for my OP on that thread.

If the truth movement

If the truth movement intends to get its message across it needs to understand the thinking and psychology at work which is working against them

The fact that no one has been a whistle blower yet needs to be understood and explained. Assuming the truth movement is correct - and there were a whole bunch of people who had knowledge of 9/11's real plot... why would they not come forward?

fear of being assassinated
bribed enormously
believe that AQ is a real threat and we needed some excuse to go after them
they are more greedy than they are ethical and moral
they are being blackmailed
all of the above and more

bizarre behavior.

Another one

Mind control. Using traditional trauma based methods it is possible to terrorize an individual (through torture, drugs, deprivation etc.) to the point where their personality is shattered, and then to 'reprogram' them (albeit somewhat crudely) by implanting false memories, hypnosis, repetition etc.


"It was during this era that Cameron became known worldwide, serving as the second President of the World Psychiatric Association, as well as president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations."

Similar techniques are being used on the whole population:


Other notable investigators of this phenomenon include the Catholic Church (especially during the inquisition), child abusers, and various Nazis before they were rescued by the USA:


"If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the Truth is not visible."

blubonnet wrote: "...I am asking if anyone else finds them self in such a circumstance. Have you been of a group, like family, website, whatever, wtih the wish of breaking through?... "

Here is what works for me: Repeat the 9/11 Truth message to as many people as possible, encouraging people to LOOK, to thoroughly investigate with unfettered thought. Live person to person contact with 9/11 DVDs to many people produces excellent results. This also tends to 'unstick' a disseminator from having to convince a particular person or particular group.

There are many people out there who are willing to look. Our job is to reach those people who are willing to look. Forget about those who are unwilling to look, because "willingness" is volitional.

In society, a vacuum develops...as more people actually start to look, a void is caused which gets filled with new people now willing to look. Another way to phrase this is to say that "attitudes are contagious". By repeating the 9/11 message over and over to many people, this repetition helps to prompt a person to put attention on the subject of 9/11. It might take 20-50 times before a person volitionally decides to thoroughly look.

This is why we will win. And we are winning.

Now we are getting to what the 9/11TM can...

...bring to the table!

The HI PERPS screwed up on 9/11 and thought they could easily get away with another false flag event...they were cocky, arrogant and listened far too much to their military-intel planners and insiders who ALWAYS say that they can pull this kinda stuff off.

Sadly, 9/11/2001 to me anyway, is just another event pulled off by the Powers-To-Be in their ongoing efforts to keep themselves in power and in control of anything and everything that they would like to control. These folks are those who live and operate in the world of the "Deep State" which is the subject of this very important conference.

So, although 9/11 is perhaps the most technically complicated set of false-flag-event operations, [and surely it is the most visually vibrant "psy-op" event ever in world history], I feel that the best way to view 9/11 itself, and our research thereafter, is to consider 9/11 as a fabulous and very capable "looking glass" which citizens can use to observe all the nefarious actions of the political infrastructure, the Military-Intel-Security Industrial Complexes, major national and international financial institutions, and in general, what John Perkins has identified as the "corporatocracy". The Deep State is certainly part of all of the aforementioned.

In the end of ANY corrective action to all of the above and the Deep State, whatever solution will come from a collective effort of US and World citizens to basically "throw all these bums out" of power.

Obviously, the tactics from the 60s anti-war efforts are woefully ineffective, if not actually now supportive of, or enablers of, the war machine...so something else has to be developed.

We do have a window of the internet shrinking the world and making it easier for all of us all around the world to recognize that essentially, we are the same...people...and part of a big ecosystem.

Whatever the final ideas are, or the final solutions are...citizens will have to be educated, organized, motivated and enlisted to support such changes. And this is where the concept of CI...Civil Informationing comes into play.

Its going to be citizens informing citizens...citizens being our own media...citizens taking the peaceful steps to make the changes that need to be made.


one's civic responsibility...as well as one's civil conduct and behaviors towards each other...


lets add the spreading of information [CI] to Civil Disobedience and Civil Restistance as tools for the revolutionaries...

One of the hidden but positive aspects of CI...Civil Informationing, is that not only is it something that happens on a frequent basis...but that it happens in our own home towns. This translates into grass roots and person-to-person connections that may have to be counted upon should internet nuetrality come under control, if satelite communications become a filtering device, or other forms of electronic communications become restricted.

Most citizens have allowed or have seen their individul "powers and responsibilities" become centralized in politics and corporatocracies far from their neighborhoods, and now is the time to decentralize as much as we can in order to take those powers and responsibilities back...and to put them where they belong...in our homes and neighborhoods first.

In the past decentralization was far more difficult to accomplish...but now with the internet, we can pull much more of our power and reasponsibilities back home...and then let it "TRICKLE UP" from there.

THIS...is the change that we need to make.

When I work the streets performing CI on my weekly basis and connect with the 12-24 year old demographic out there, its clear that THEIR neighborhoods are now "the world". When I was growing up my neighborhood was much smaller when I was 12...it was 12 blocks from my home!

Now is the time to take advantage of the "shrinking world"...so we can do better than we have done so far...especially the last 50 years of the USofA's trampling of the planet.

...and the concept of:

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE and JUSTICE

...is a good place to start...because 9/11 Truth CAN help accomplish this...if we want to.

The 9/11 Truth Movement and the Peace Movements intersect AT the Pentagon...and...since the Pentagon spends 50% of the world's total fundings for "Defense?", how is it possible that World Peace does NOT go through the Pentagon-one way or another?

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Unrelated but

Unrelated but important:

Good MSM piece here: http://washingtontimes.com/news/2010/feb/22/inside-the-beltway-70128635/

Everybody should post imformative comments. I just did.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

blog entry about it here.

blog entry about it here. ;-)

Thank you!

Thanks, all for insights. In retrospect, I wonder if, when in conversation, if instead of being directly stating the whole thing, maybe less direct, like mentioning, how odd that NORAD after so many times working perfectly, screwed up several times, what's with that? Asking THEM what they think happened. Well, it's too late for me, with my contacts, I can't bring it up anymore without big fights, bur for those that haven't come to that point, it's worth considering, the indirect approach. NOT declaring, with anger, just curiosity.

It's great to be among the sane, and I must say the great spirits. I refer to EINSTEIN who said...

"Great spirits will always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Yeah, I think we are great, and having objectivity, integrity, and perseverance, among a great resistance to realize, I applaude all of us!

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."



Wow. This looks exciting. Ellen Brown is a genius on the economy. Pay attention to her. Are you folks streaming it? looks like something I'd be interested in.

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