9/11 Truth Search: Planes didn't take twin towers down RUSSIA TODAY Feb. 24

9/11 Truth Search: Planes didn't take twin towers down RUSSIA TODAY Feb. 24


February 24, 2010

On 9/11, the world watched as two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center, both of which collapsed shortly after. This much we know for sure, but for some, the cause of the...
On 9/11, the world watched as two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center, both of which collapsed shortly after. This much we know for sure, but for some, the cause of the collapse is still not so clear. Michael T Donly is a part of a group that says the two planes that hit the WTC twin towers could not have destroyed them. (To get more - Join our new Youtube channels at http://www.youtube.com/RTAmerica and http://www.youtube.com/thealyonashow)

RT Russia TV

RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news. Does anyone know the extent of their viewership? Wouldn't it be nice to see members of AE911TRUTH on Glenn Beck, Hannity, Olbermann, O'Reilly, Maddow, Cooper etc. Alas, it won't happen. They care about their reputations not the Truth.
"The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth."
- Aldous Huxley -

you asked for it


At RT we are set to step beyond the boundaries of bare facts and bring you the human side to every story. Broadcasting in English 24/7 in over 100 countries spread over five continents, RT is here to show you how any story can be another story altogether.

Our correspondents in New York and Washington, London and Paris, Delhi and Tel Aviv focus on international headlines whilst giving an innovative angle set to challenge viewers worldwide. RT was the first television station in the world to set up a bureau in Tskhinval, the capital of South Ossetia after the August 2008 conflict.

The channel

Launched in 2005, RT has speedily reached the heights of broadcasting popularity. In 2008 the monthly audience among those who have access or are aware of RT’s broadcasts on Time Warner Cable in NYC exceeds the one of BBC America by 11%. The daily audience of RT exceeds that of Deutsche Welle tenfold, within the same network.*

In 2008, RT’s average monthly reach in Russia indicated a growth rate of 82% within just six months. Over the same period, the channel’s average daily reach grew by 46%.**

In 2007, RT’s monthly audience share exceeded that of CNN and Bloomberg TV among NTV-PLUS satellite subscribers in Moscow.***

Apart from regular news updates, RT offers a unique insight into many aspects of Russian history, culture and opinions. Our special projects are specifically tailored to accustom the international audience with the Russian perspective.

RT anytime, anywhere

We are available around the world on cable, satellite and online. In Europe, South Africa and North America, RT has an audience of around 200 million paying viewers among the pay-TV subscribers. RT was the first Russian news channel to harness intercontinental potential and have its live broadcast show on America’s “most important screens” – NASDAQ and Reuters.
Likewise, in August 2007, RT was the first channel in television history to report live from the North Pole.

Embracing technological advances, RT was the first Russian TV channel to hit the web with its own page on YouTube alongside its continuous online broadcast and blogs on services such as Facebook, MySpace and Blogger.

During the South Ossetian conflict alone, our YouTube viewership of South Ossetian reports alone rose to 1,330,803. The total RT viewership peaked at around 10-15 million. The number of our online viewers on the Livestation platform during this period surpassed that of such international broadcasting companies as BBC World News, Euronews and France 24, being second only to that of Al Jazeera English.

Washington DMA prefers watching RT in prime time

Washington DMA**** TV audience prefers watching news on RT in prime time (8 pm – 11 pm) rather than news on Al Jazeera English, Deutsche Welle, France 24, Euronews and CCTV-9. This is according to Nielsen Media Research.

The analysis carried out by Nielsen Media Research in 2009 also revealed that RT’s daily audience is over 6 times bigger than that of Al Jazeera English while RT, while RT’s monthly audience is 5 times bigger than that of Deutsche Welle. That’s despite the fact that RT’s budget is not as big as those companies.

Nielsen Media Research carried out the research in July 2009, which focused on TV-audience of Washington DMA. About the research: 4574 respondents participated in the poll, which was conducted by phone from May to July, 2009. The respondents were subscribers of leading TV operators such as Comcast, RCN, Cox, DirecTV, Dish Networks, who know RT and have access to it among other subscription channels. Men and women (age 18 and above) were polled. The channels polled: RT, France 24, Euronews, Deutsche Welle, AlJazeera English, CCTV-9, BBC America, CNN.

Information about social membership: 13.4% work in management, 10.7% own companies and businesses. Over 10% of respondents said that their annual income amounted to $200,000 or more.

RT is available to almost five million viewers in the Washington Area on the following platforms: MHZ Networks 5: Comcast Cable, Cox Cable, RCN Cable, Dish Networks and Verizon FIOS TV.

RT awards

Our dedicated team of news professionals unites young talent and household names in the world of broadcast journalism. RT’s dedication towards high-quality output and an insightful approach to every subject matter has been acknowledged by a number of international awards, including:

Silver World Medal for Best News Documentary “A city of desolate mothers” from the New York Festivals

Special Jury Award in the Best Creative Feature category for “Russian Glamour” feature story at Media Excellence Awards in London.

Russia's most prestigious broadcasting award TEFI in Best News Anchor category.

According to Nielsen Media Research, 2008

According to TNS Russia, 2008

According to Magram Market Research, 2007


++ Entire DMA

The Washington DMA

The DMA, or Designated Market Area, is a term coined by Nielsen Media Research to define groupings of mutually exclusive television marketing areas. The Washington DMA in 2008 consists of 33 counties and seven independent cities, in four states and the District of Columbia, with a total of 2,334,800 households.

Good Job Michael!

Our cause was well represented, again. Thanks!

On Livestation

I stream it on Livestation. (not hd, not even clear though). Interesting perspectives and interviews. So much more real news than our 'news'. Nice in the background.