Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - Victoria, BC Press Conference gets Local News Coverage

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth get exposure on A Channel news
in Victoria British Columbia

There's a phenomenal opportunity I've identified on the Internet

for sharing 9/11 truth information, in the most respectful and devastating manner.

It's at, where for most news articles, there is a comments section.

Go here

I am "NewAgeMan"

I've found that there are plenty of opportunities there to share the information about 9/11, but it must be done respectfully and carefully, or you could hurt the movement.

Sign up and start posting truthers, you are needed at CNN.dom - to share your viewpoints and worldview, and to make people rethink, question, and research for themselves, the same way we all got here in the first place.

Probably 100,000 people actively read those comments, so all toll just a few of us truthers could have a devastating impact on the OCT myth.

Your RESPECTFUL participation there is much appreciated. See you at
On the 11th day, of every month.

I agree

I would urge the 911 Truth Movement to refrain from being inflammatory or juvenile in writing comments. JUST THE FACTS, MA'AM!

And STAY AWAY from introducing extraneous topics like JFK or CIA drug smuggling, or whatever.

Also, the best comments are as short as possible and provide a link for further reading. Make it a link that Richard Gage himself might choose!

In the MSM, the comments sections are a pretty good foot-in-the-door. Let's make every single comment count positively toward our goal.

Watch out for links

I agree. Also Newsweek has a great comments section that is read by many people. I've been posting on both of these sites for a while. On the CNN one, you can't post a link or the system automatically "moderates" it away. I've found that saying something like "google 'architects engineers 1000' " is a good way to bypass this limitation.

The problem with these sites is that the volume of traffic is so high on the comments that new comments get quickly buried. So you have to post and repost similar stuff as often as you can. The Newsweek site is better in that each time a reply is done to a comment thread, that thread gets boosted to the top of the list, so back-and-forth "discussions" tend to make that thread "hot" for a while. On the other hand CNN threads continue getting pushed farther and farther down and pretty quickly the post looses it's effectiveness.

The thing to keep in mind when posting to these is that you always want to provide some "credibility" factor in the posts. Although you may talk about perfectly legitimate facts, many people will interpret it as just another "crazy conspiracy nut" spouting off. But if you can talk about the facts and then back it up with references to obviously sane people such as the patriots question site or the ae911truth site, that will butress your talking points with some credibility.

Undoubtedly, you'll get pushback by some and in fact you want pushback, because then you get the opportunity to sound sane and professional, while the person pushing back always eventually sounds irrational (which they are). Just don't take anything anybody says too personally as you are really writing these comments to the 100,000 people reading and not just to respond to that one nut case official fairy tale believer.


That was pretty impressive. Just the facts. No knee-jerk compulsion to refute the allegation of controlled demolition by presenting "the other side." As powerful as the fascist conspirators are in their ability to control U. S. mass-media, their beastly tentacles seem to have their limitations outside U. S. borders.

PRESS CONFERENCE EVENT - San Francisco 1/6 YouTube

! This is a winning video to spread!

Richard Gage displays a dynamic conviction for the evidence! It is is inspiring!

I like the way he says

I like the way he says toward the end, ". . . the mainstream media, and other government officials. . ."

Not sure if he said it on purpose, but he got it just about right.

Reposted video and reaction

I posted this video over at The COTO Report yesterday. I made no comment, other than the placing a caption below the video. The comments have been quite lively. I posted this as information and I'm short on expertise in the architects and engineers area of 911 Truth. Comments are open, without a registration requirement, so if you feel the spirit, please join in.


Thanks for posting it Michael Collins.

The link is

The video is under attack by someone or perhaps some team.

It is not clear how to tackle psuedo-skeptics or disinformation trolls, nor how to readily distinguish one from the other.

I think that there is a disinfo troll hitting the piece. The troll has shown the ability to present black as white. You should see his point by point "rebuttals" to the A&E indications of controlled demolition.

It is also never clear how to respond to absolute BS:
1 - post your arguments, and keep on going until both sides are exhausted;
2 - rebut once and ignore all subsequent arguments, or;
3 - ignore completely.

What are the consequences of the various strategies? Proving anything to the troll is irrelevant, but you are trying to make a case to a wider audience. How much wider? Well Rady Ananda over at COTO Report says (going from memory) about 100,000 hits a month.

1 - So, what is the best strategy for responding to this type of comment?
2 - How much time is it worth in responding?
3 - What can we hope to accomplish by responding?
4 - When do you call it quits?

Also, if we are to respond, it would be nice to get some experts to craft the responses (this is a hint). Again, the link is: