Dollars for Dollars: Media Buy the People

New Draft of Deception Dollar Version #11 with graffiti

New Draft of Deception Dollar #11 back with graffiti

A recent cover story in my local paper described how the giant banks with all that money are buying up all the major newspapers; I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that no major print media, TV stations or radio stations attended last Friday's press conference...

Last week was a particularly challenging week for me, I tried to help with publicity for the big Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Press Conference in San Francisco; I hosted a new radio show, Community Currency, on Progressive Radio Network entitled The Transformative Power of Truth featuring Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and physicist Steven E. Jones, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice; I tried to organize the publication of the New Perception Dollars and Version #11 of the Deception Dollars; I also had to play “mom” and cook for 40 hungry teenagers, attend another conference, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, visit Janette MacKinlay who had returned home from the hospital after 6 hours of brain surgery on her tumor, which she was sure was caused by the toxic dust of 9/11, and I caught a cold, probably from stress, lack of sleep and trying to do too much.

What gives activists the energy to stay up all night and challenge the system, the dominant paradigm, the war, the government, corporate rule, injustice, torture, the looting of our country? I suspect it is the stories that we hear when we are children about good and evil, the heroes and the villains, and that we tell ourselves about who we are and what role that we would play, if we were confronted by the situations which transform “normal people” into the saviors of their families, their homes, their country, the world. The impulse to “do good” to serve, to protect, to be respected, to be loved and appreciated is imbedded deep within the American culture. My own activist impulses were only stirred when I saw a disturbing film in 1992 and started to do some research on the CIA. I had had some success in public relations, and decided to donate my time, energy and efforts for truth, peace and justice, after I realized how deeply the US government had betrayed the country and threatened the world. I became a media activist and worked on exposing the depth and magnitude of the problems, and also on the under-reported solutions. I gravitated to working on global economics and the monetary system in particular, an issue that almost no one wanted to hear about. Sometimes I was actually more successful with the corporate media than the “independent media,” it was a tremendous learning experience for me.

9/11 Truth is a relatively easy issue compared to explaining money or economics, although both issues are tied to people’s sense of identity and often provoke almost violently fearful reactions. While there have been some small victories in the 9/11 Truth Movement with the press, there has been much resistance and it has been a very long process; it is still a tremendous struggle to get out the most basic facts about 9/11 such as the existence and destruction of World Trade Center 7. Richard Gage, AIA, is part of our local group, and I’ve done lots of events with him, trying so hard to simply get the media to come and take note of the issues that he has tried to raise, so powerfully and effectively within the architectural and engineering community. We all supported his effort to hold the press conference, luncheon, strategy conference; it was quite a costly undertaking, and we hoped that it would help us breakthrough the media barricade.

I passed on some good advice from a great guy who does PR for Veterans for Peace and the Green Party, who suggested multiple press conferences in multiple cities, an excellent idea that Dave Slesinger ran with and turned into a reality. Other advice was somewhat ignored, the press conference was more like a rally, with the audience breaking out numerable times in applause. Had the corporate media shown up, they probably wouldn’t have been able to fit into the room. Our crew webcast the conference, filmed, and recorded it. “We be the media” I thought. We are rewriting the rules. The corporate media is losing its audience, and we will win the hearts and minds of the public by speaking truth, being honest, courageous, and challenging those responsible for killing, terrorizing, sickening, lying to, and threatening us. They can’t argue facts and evidence. The media and government’s best hope is to ignore us, ridicule us, infiltrate us and try to make us look as bad as possible.

Richard Gage, Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, Erik Lawyer were clear, lucid, compelling. Anyone who heard them would be convinced that the three World
Trade Center buildings were brought down by the use of explosives and that NIST was a major part of the cover-up and should be facing criminal charges for their role.

The luncheon was genial and various architects spoke about how their lives were changed when they realized the official story was false, and the challenges that they subsequently faced with their colleagues. Anders Bjorkman, the French author of Lies and Truths About the M/V Estonia Accident, naval architect, who told me some hair raising tales about his personal experiences and spoke to the group about a paper that he had written challenging Bezant’s “peer reviewed” paper which came out just a week after September 11, 2001, explaining with obscure mathematics how a small object could crush and destroy a big object. Bezant’s theory, Bjorkman explained was sheer bullshit and not meant to be seriously examined or questioned, but accepted because of Bezant’s “credentials.”

The public is forced to choose between the officially sanctioned narrative or heresy and be branded as a “conspiracy theorist” or “terrorist” or lunatic. I recalled how when we did one of the first marches demanding an investigation of 9/11, we did get TV coverage, because we were only nine people, and it was easy for them to dismiss us. With over a thousand architects and engineers joining together publicly to call for a new investigation, and a Grand Jury Investigation of NIST, petitioning all of Congress, Richard Gage,AIA and his colleagues were much harder to dismiss.

Back in 2002, Blaine Machan and I published the first Deception Dollars to overcome media censorship and point out the key 9/11 Truth websites to the public. The donations we received for printing and disseminating those early websites helped to keep the websites, the researchers going, helped to fund the first events, the early videos- in the days of videos. Now we give away DVDs for free on the streets. Technology has changed, our reach is broader, the Truth Movement is international. Unfortunately state-supported terrorism is international, too. Our hope lies in the continual expansion of the truth movement, as more people become aware of the government and media manipulations and try to break the "spell" or doubletalk of the most powerful psychological warfare devices ever invented- the television.

At the Strategy Conference that followed the luncheon, one man was particularly frustrated that we couldn’t agree upon a reachable, defined goal in less than two hours. There were a lot of good ideas discussed, sign-up sheets passed around, organizing possibilities articulated. I mentioned my mentor, who was a strategist for Martin Luther King Jr. and who had written the book- Ding Democracy- The Eight Stages of Social Movements to stress that we needed to recognize where we were and how are movement was tied to and advanced by other social movements. The process of transformation is not a simple, quick one, but takes place within individuals, families, communities, organizations, policies that determine the fate of the planet, and we are a part of something much bigger.

A brilliant guy from Better Bad News shared his idea of adding a third light to the NYC 9/11 Memorial “Truth in Lights” which could overcome the censorship of the media using “light humor.”

At this point, I think that the challenges that face us loom so large that only the combined talents, gifts, commitments, time and energy of a vast number of people will enable us to shift the culture. I deeply applaud the work of the architects, engineers, scientists, the media on our side, the techies on our side, the comics, the artists, the musicians, the writers, the firefighters, the survivors, the normal people- moms, and dads, and kids, who are in the streets, talk to their friends, families, neighbors, share what they know, DVDs, books, flyers, links. Despite the "no show" of the corporate press, the disappointment of not breaking through in a big way to the general public, the event was a tremendous success on other levels, simply by bringing together some kindred spirits, who finally got to meet face to face and began getting to know one another, working together, forging and expanding relationships. It was a tremendous joy to me to see so many old friends and to meet Erik Lawyer, Mark Phillips, Anders Bjorkman, so many wonderful architects, and independent journalists.

I do what I can do. I bake cookies, I go to meetings. I organize the occasional rally, march, events. I ran for Congress twice. I host a weekly radio show. I publish Deception Dollars and their antidote, Perception Dollars, to help people through the transition from empire towards community, from the paradigm of fear/war/terror/exchange towards one of love/peace/truth/gift-giving.

Last week we might have had more press, if hadn’t lost power on Tuesday when we had planned to get the press release out early and make up follow-up phone calls that day, or if a small plane hadn’t crashed in Palo Alto Wednesday killing three people and knocking out my electricity for 10 hours. I ran out of time and couldn’t/didn’t do all the media work that I could have/should have done.

I had hoped to get the art for the new Deception/Perception Dollars turned in yesterday, but the art isn’t finished, Blaine came up with a new idea. I’m still short on printing funds, although I have enough to print a small run, if interest in them has waned. I need some feedback and orders from those who feel these are powerful tools, seeds, that will make a difference in raising awareness, growing the Truth, Peace and Justice Movements. If I can get some quick feedback, we might be able to get these printed in time for the 9/11 Treason in America Conference, at least in time to get them out before the anti-war rallies on March 20th.

The art continues to evolve. Here is an earlier draft of the Deception Dollar without the yellow:

The Perception Dollars are posted Here

What do you think of these? There was a lot of resistance to them for about a year now, but the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance did decide to support this printing.

We could also add to the key words-

Barry Jennings, Black Boxes at Ground Zero, Stand-Down Orders, Anthrax War, nano-thermite, Vaccine Manufacturer=Bio-Weapons Manufacturer, New World Order, Bilderbergers, Able Danger…

I need feedback, ideas, support, orders. I also tried to post this article last Saturday and lost all that I had written. I also would like to direct people to order in smaller quantities through to help support the work of Janice Matthews, whom I consider to be a real heroine of the Truth movement. 911 used to order the Deception Dollars and Fact Sheets from us, but they haven’t been getting much support lately. I’d like to donate Deception and Perception Dollars to help them. I think we've inspired a lot of people to create their own flyers and we will print an updated version of the 11 Remarkable Facts about 9/11 sheets, as well as paper fliers of the art for Architects and Engineers glossy cards about Controlled Demolitions and WTC 7. However, there is no point in printing handouts in huge volumes, without people wanting to pass them out, mail them to friends, and help with the printing/distribution. (Which do you think is better- the one with graffiti or the less colorful one that looks more like a regular dollar? I still need to figure out the printing ratios...)

Thank-you all for your time and attention and your efforts!

Carol Brouillet
(A special pre-publication low price is offered at the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Donation page, the deadline has been extended, since the art still needs some work.)

Great Job

Great job Carol. I love the new deception dollars.

Wow..Great job! be so talented and devoted....! I might have missed it....Is Project Censored printed on the bill?

NORAD and The 9/11 Commission Report


have you read the current article on NORAD posted at I wrote it several weeks ago. Maybe you'd like to cover it on your talk show?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Love 'em

Hard to choose....they're both great!
My order will be for the ones w/out graffiti (if we can't have both).

Yes, def. add info on B. Jennings.


I'll place my order, but if I run out will you bail me out with Bush Dollars? Glad someone sees the new man behind the curtain....

Great push and I like this version


“The media and government’s best hope is to ignore us, ridicule us, infiltrate us and try to make us look as bad as possible.”

Yeah they do try ignoring, infiltrating, and ridiculing. These mean tactics probably are their best hope. For example, at the Ron Paul ‘Rally for the Republic’ in downtown Minneapolis in 2008- someone put deception dollars in the men’s urinals. I could give many more examples of adolescent attitudes and tactics towards 911 truths but you and all the readers of this blog probably have their own list already.

Doesn’t it seem that it gets a person down for a while but never for long? Isn’t it weird how much of a roller coaster ride we are on? For example, at that same ‘Rally for the Republic’ at the Target center, Jessie Ventura spoke about 911 truth(his camp stove analogy) to the crowd of 10,000 that were there.

So then, I’m filled with optimism(most of the time) when I notice that, if this is a contest, we have already won. The media and government’s hope is a faint hope.

So what do I think of these ddollars? I love them, they have artistry, cleverness, and I’m sure that they make a difference. You inspire me to try and have my own push day. I have stapled an older version of the deception dollar to my own homemade pamphlets. These newer ones will be even better.

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.

People like getting these! They work great. Thanks Carol.

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER

Title on the back

The reason I put 9/11 Mystery Plane on the back was to draw attention to the book which documents very well the E-4Bs that flew over Washington DC on the morning of September 11th. These "Doomsday planes," the most sophisticated communications platforms in the airforce, whose presence was denied by the military and excluded from the 9/11 Report clearly were present at the critical time over Washington DC, betraying the "we were so surprised alibi" given by the government for so many years.

I was very surprised to get this criticism:

"-I don't think you should have "9/11 Mystery Plane" on the back of the dollars because that feeds the perception that we "all" believe no planes were involved on 9/11."

I never dreamed that anyone might interpret the title that way!!!!!!! But then misperceptions, big lies, are the weapons of choice against the truth movement. The existence and destruction of WTC 7 was completely omitted from the official Commission Report- still many Americans have no idea that it existed, let alone that it was destroyed- and that it was not even hit by a plane. Griffin's new book- The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False is excellent. I do have slight reservations, however, about the title and the use of the word "collapse" - I wish he had used the word "demolition" which is more accurate- the other word "collapse" supports the idea of a gravitational structural failure and I think we should try to avoid it. However the bigger lie that the title challenges is the existence and destruction of WTC 7, which is still somewhat unknown, and which Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are working so hard to expose - and meeting so much ferocious resistance from the press.

So I think we will change the title on the back, we do have to run with the best ideas/memes/resources/that we have at the moment. Although Griffin does not like the idea of the Obama image on the bill, he has given us permission to use the title of his book, and we can also put the (which a fan of his created and maintains) on the back. So the title will be "The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7" on the back (maybe, Blaine can squeeze in some of the subtitle- Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False - but that is a LOT of words. If you look closely at the last issue, Blaine included the subtitle- The Media Cover-Up of 9/11, but you have to really look for it under Towers of Deception.

I hope this will make the Deception Dollars more useful to everyone. We are finalizing the art this weekend and hope to have it done REALLY and at the printers by Monday. The fact sheets and pre-publication offers that will help us figure out/finance the printing and help support will be available through Sunday (if you can reach Janice) at or via Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance ( ).

These Dollars have gone through a prolonged gestation period - it has been a real struggle for me - every single delay - but I am happy that they are finally coming together - and they will be better for all the ideas and inputs and suggestions that have been directed our way. We couldn't incorporate every idea- but thank you to all who did make suggestions, and catch our earlier typos/mistakes, not just on the dollars, but the fact sheets, as well.

Carol Brouillet

It was nice to meet you Feb

It was nice to meet you Feb 19 2010 at SF and thanks for linking to me - Anders Bjorkman - a.k.a. Heiwa here on the Internet. Heiwa means Peace in a language spoken by >100 million persons.
My paper, that I presented at the AE911Truth lunch, for ASCE:s Journal of Engineering Mechanics is at