Veterans For Peace May Be First Anti-War Group to Demand a New 9/11 Investigation

Anti-war groups have long been regarded as deliberate gatekeepers to the 9/11 Truth (and anti-war) movement. But in 2009 VFP membership mushroomed with savvy new members who realized it wasn't enough to protest the war if you didn't protest the government lie that allowed it to happen. And most VFP members know the "Tonkin Resolution" was a deliberate lie – aka: "False Flag".

By 2008, an international team of scientists had published volumes of conclusive evidence for “explosive demolition” of the Twin Towers and WTC-7. This hard evidence and admissions by the 9/11 commission that they were "set up to fail" moved VFP members and leadership to pass a resolution to press for a new 9/11 investigation during their 2009 annual meeting.


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VFP Overview from their website:

Veterans For Peace (VFP) is a national organization of anti-war veterans and supporters founded in 1985. VFP maintains a role as an official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) represented at the United Nations.

The organization includes men and women veterans of all eras and duty stations spanning the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), World War II, the Korean, Vietnam, Gulf and current Iraq wars as well as other conflicts. Our collective experience tells us wars are easy to start and hard to stop and that those hurt are often the innocent. Thus, other means of problem solving are necessary.

Veterans draw on our personal experiences to raise public awareness of the true costs and consequences of militarism and war - and to seek peaceful, effective alternatives.

Way to go, VFP!

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Scroll down to section, “WAR PROPAGANDA: To understand how to end wars, we must understand how they are started.”

Space For Peace

It is simply an honor to unite with those who understand sacrifice and love of country to risk one's life, while not losing sight pf their oaths to defend and uphold principles of the US Constitution. Perhaps with this Resolution more of those protesting illegal wars will join us in exposing the lies that led to recent wars abroad, and loss of freedom and health at home.

This following essay, Space for Peace and September 11 shares why Flyby News switched from its main focus in stopping the escalation of the arms race, to exposing the depths of betrayal in the events of September 11, 2001 and aftermath.

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for life's survival in the 21st Century

US and european peace movement is demanding 9/11 truth

the often repeated argument that the peace movement rejects to demand a new 9/11 investigation is a myth
the following declaration - - is online since the end of 2007 - now in 14 languages
but it seems like most 9/11 groups never really want to post it - or mention it
the main demands are:

1) Prosecution by the International Court of Justice of G. W. Bush, R. Cheney and other officials from various countries
for waging wars of aggression contrary to international law and committing crimes against humanity.

2) International investigation of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. They are used as the central justification
for the "War on Terror", but well documented evidence shows that the official explanation of 9/11 cannot be correct.
International personalities in science, politics, and culture, including high-ranking military veterans,
have called for a new investigation.

3) Immediate military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, and no attack against Iran.
International prohibition of war as a means of conflict resolution. Military intervention and export of weapons should be criminalized.
In a civilized society torture must be prohibited in any form.

4) Conversion of military industries to civilian purposes and the development of ecological and sustainable energy resources.
According to the UN environmental agency, a fraction of the annual global defence expenditure could ensure that all humans
have access to clean water and a basic supply of food and healthcare.

more than 3500 signatories from around the world - among them many within the US-peace movement
numerous german and international politicians

Cynthia McKinney US Presidential Candidate, Green Party 08 USA
Elizabeth Kucinich Wife of Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Ohio, USA
Janice Matthews Mother, 9/11 Activist - Kansas, USA
Barrie Zwicker Author, "Towers of Deception" - Toronto, Canada web
Cindy Sheehan American Peace Worker - California, USA
Peter Dale Scott author, former diplomat and English Professor - USA website
Garlic & Grass Tony Brasunas, Publisher-San Francisco/USA
Rock Creek Free Press editor M. Sullivan - Wash. DC USA-
Harold Saive Gainesville, Florida
Jason King Graphic Designer - Boston, USA
Michael Wolsey 9-11 activist - Greeley Colorado, USA
Mia Hamel 9/11 activist - Tampa, FL USA
Lou Stolzenberg Coordinator, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth - USA
Elizabeth Woodworth Coordinator, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth
David Swanson Co-founder Impeachment Coalition USA
CODEPINK Women for Peace co-founder Gael Murphy USA
Green Party of Washington State Maryrose Asher, Chair USA
Jonah House Community/Nonviolence/Resistance Baltimore, USA
Fr. Daniel Berrigan , S.J. peace activist, priest, poet - New York City, USA website
Desert Greens Green Party of Utah The Peace Party UT USA
Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry - NM USA
Americans Against the War France
Nebraskans for Peace Statewide peace & justice organization-Lincoln - NE USA web
William Blum Author - Washington, DC, USA
Joe Kincheloe Professor (McGill University) - Montreal/Canada Freire Project website
Grassrootsamerica4us Founder Tina Richards - USA
Autonomedia Jim Fleming, Editor & Publisher -New York, USA
Prof. George Katsiaficas Peace Island Foundation - Gwangju, Korea
Green Party of Delaware David A. McCorquodale, Treasure - USA
Coalition to Reaffirm & Extend the Geneva Conventions Eugene, OR/USA website
ADDICTED To WAR Frank Dorrel, publisher - California, USA
Magid Shihade Professor - Oakland, California, USA
Women Against Military Madness Polly Mann - MN, USA
Terry Buckenmeyer Solidarity/Peace - St.Augustine/USA
DareToDreamNetwork Barbara & Dan Williams- USA
Peace NO War Network Lee Siu Hin - Los Angeles, CA/USA
Consumers for Peace Peekskill, New York/USA
Derrick Jensen Autor - Crescent City, CA/USA
Charleston Peace Anna Shockley - Charleston, SC, USA
Think Again Artist/Activist collaborative - Los Angeles/Boston/USA
Brian Willson USAF VN Vet, Veterans For Peace - CA/USA
Joel S. Hirschhorn Activist Writer - Maryland, USA
Christina Kraich-Rogers Reelect Kucinich Campaign, Ohio, USA
Vermont Town Petition to arrest Bush/Cheney Kurt Daims, Brattleboro, VT/USA
Environmentalists Against War Gar Smith, co-founder - SF, CA/USA website
Middle East Children\'s Alliance Barbara Lubin - Berkeley,CA/USA
Felicity Figueroa educator, activist, OCEC, Advocates for Peace & Justice - Irvine, CA/USA
Martha's Vineyard Peace Council Tisbury MA/USA
David Agnew educator - Cape Cod/USA
Maryland United for Peace & Justice Annual Peace Conference - USA
Portland Radio Authority Alternative Radio - Portland, OR/USA
Fr. Bernard Survil Pax Christi Greensburg - Pennsylvania/USA
Hartford Catholic Worker Community Christopher J. Doucot -Hartford CT/USA
MJ Muser Human Rights Activist -Cleveland Ohio,USA ohioworldcantwait.blogspot
Mike Ludwig Chapter 39, Veterans For Peace - Cleveland, Ohio/USA
Malachy Kilbride President Board of Directors, USA
Lauren Bernofsky composer - Indiana, USA
People for Peace and Justice of Utah grassroots movement - UT/USA
Alice Slater Nuclear Wage Peace Foundation -NYC, NY/USA
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace A. H. Matlin, M.D., Cofounder, USA
Lynn Meadows Green Party, Interfaith Council for Peace. - Chelsea, MI, USA
Bruce K. Gagnon Coordinator Global Network - Bath, ME USA
Friendship and Peace Society President Ellen Rosser -USA
Christian Tutschka Boston, Mass. USA
Marie Kullman Coordinator Buffalo War Resisters League - Buffalo, NY, USA
Bob & Adele DellaValle-Rauth Missionaries to Haiti, Coord. Pax Christi Virginia - USA
Nancy O’Byrne Coordinator, Pax Christi Northeast Florida - St. Augustine, USA
Rosemarie Pace Director Pax Christi Metro New York - New York, NY, USA
Joseph A. Volker Pax Christi LBIC - Point Lookout NY, USA
John Downing Pax Christi Pentagon Area -Arlington, VA, USA
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility Chair R. Larson -USA
P.R.E.S.S. Resident Petition f. Environmental Safety & Security Ohio -USA
Reza Shirazi Radio Producer - Fairfax, VA, USA
Patricia Constantino Pax Christi Metro New York - New York, NY, USA
Peter Thottam Peace/Global Activist, Attorney - LA, CA USA
Kathryn Kuppers North Carolina GREEN PARTY treasurer - Midland, NC USA
Gloria Tatum member Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition.- USA
1% a Peace Army Grass Roots Peace Army - MA, USA onepercentapeacearmy
Merrimack Valley People for Peace Lou Bernieri - Merrimack, NH, USA website
We the People Network Director Paul Fisher - VI, USA
RANT collective movement trainers collective - Austin, TX, USA
S. Wolf Britain Human and Civil Rights Advocacy - USA
Paul J. Landis Tuckahoe/NY/USA
Wilbur Ince Founder - Anti-War Salon - Minneapolis, MN USA
PeaceMajority Report Bill Scheurer, Editor - USA
Harold Taggart Activist, Chicago Mayday Coalition - Skokie, Il. USA website
Janice Beier Northwest Indiana Chapter of Code Pink - Merrillville, IN, USA
Sheila Ryan Counselor - Women in Black - Phoenix - Phoenix , AZ, USA
Kathleen Pequeno Portland, OR, USA
Steven Argue Editor Liberation News, Cool Earth Party - CA, USA
Global Art Project for Peace Katherine Josten - Tucson, USA
Buffalo Mountain Food Cooperative Hardwick, VT USA
Grandmothers Against the War Joan Wile, Founder, New York City, USA website
Iowa Peace Network Nonviolent Direct Action - USA
Sonda Gabriel People for Peace and Justice - St. Augustine, FL, USA
Mato Atom Director - New York, USA
Mike Maggio Poet, Writer and Activist - USA
Arla Larson People for Peace and Justice - St. Augustine, Florida, USA
Deanna Taylor co-founder, Green Party Peace Network (GPPN) - Utah, USA website
Michael Andregg University professor - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Bob Meola War Resisters League - Berkeley, CA, USA
Todd Boyle antiwar all the time - Kirkland, WA, USA
CAMS Coalition Against Militarism in our Schools - LA, USA
Northeast Impeachment Coalition Susan Paine Serpa - MA, USA
Barbara Wickham Guilderland Neighbors For Peace - Guilderland, NY, USA website
Rev. Dr. Kelley Elkins Vietnam veteran - Dona Ana, New Mexico, USA
Peace Network of the Ozarks Springfield, Missouri, USA
Sean Gibbons Board Secretary, Jeannette Rankin Peace Center - MT USA
Ellen Thomas Proposition One Committee - Washington, DC, USA website
John LaForge co-director Nukewatch - Wisconsin, USA
Lewis D. Wheeler Film producer, actor - Boston, MA
The Welfare Poets Musicians - Harlem, New York USA
Kathleen Desautels, SP 8th Day Center for Justice - Chicago, IL USA
Ellen Thomas Director, Proposition One Committee - Washington, DC, USA
Mary Madsen Collateral Repair Project co-director - OR, USA
Elisabeth Leonard Peace and Justice Orgainzer - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Tatiana Guerrero Young Democratic Socialists - NJ, USA
Stephen Fournier Attorney, Co-chair, Green Party of Connecticut - USA
Frank Cordaro Catholic Worker - Iowa USA
Christian Stalberg Organizer Blackwater Watch - North Carolina, USA
Paul Troyano Pax Christi New Orleans - Louisiana, USA
Max Obuszewski Baltimore Nonviolence Center - Baltimore, MD USA website
Luci Murphy Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington - DC USA
Pete Perry Board member of the Washington Peace Center - Washington, DC USA
Raymond Graap Co-Chair, Democracy for America - Tucson, Arizona, USA website
Dick Kaiser Co-Chair, Democracy for America - Tucson, Arizona, USA website
Dr. Michael D. Knox Chair, US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc. - Tampa FL USA
National Priorities Project Resource for Peace - Portland, OR USA
Mary Nichols-Rhodes Progressive Democrats of America - USA
Fred M. Mendiola PDC Steer Committee - Kent, OH USA
Stacey Fritz Coordinator, No Nukes North - Fairbanks, Alaska USA
Chris Lugo Nashville Peace Coalition - TN USA
Barbara Lubin ex. Director Middle East Children\'s Alli - Berkeley CA USA
Jeff Nall writer, organizer, Humanists for Peace, W. Palm Beach, FL USA
Mike Caggiano President, San Mateo Peace Action - CA USA
Prof. William Ayers University of Illinois at Chicago - USA
Michael Carano Progressive Democrats of America, Ohio PDA State Co-Coordinator - USA
Jeanie Keltner Professor emeritus, editor of Because People Matter - CA USA
Nada Khader Executive Director WESPAC Foundation - NY USA
Father Benjamin J. Urmston, S.J., PhD Peace & Justice Programs, Xavier Univ. - Ohio web
Rev. Dr. Richard Curtis Philosopher, Theologian - Seattle, WA, USA
Munich American Peace Committee Marie Voss - Munich, Germany
Terry Howcott Proponent for acknowledgment of the African Holocaust - USA
Rev. Bookburn Radio Volta - Philadelphia PA USA
Global Coalition for Peace Bethesda MD, USA
THE SPARROW SINGS Don Timmerman & Roberta Thurstin - Park Falls WI USA web
Third Paradigm Radio Thinktank Tereza Coraggio - Santa Cruz, California USA
Bob Ficalora RDP/Democratic-Republican Party™ - Washington State, USA
Chris Lugo Nashville Peace Coalition - TN USA
Jeannette Rankin Peace Center Missoula, MT, USA
Alexander Hast Pastor / Musician / Journalist - Los Angeles, CA USA
Prof. Amy Sabatini Hannon Department of Philosophy, (CUNY) City University of New York - USA

see the whole declaration

here it seems to be a wide coalition between 9/11 and the peace movement

I'm on it

Thanks very much for posting

Thanks very much for posting this; but when you say: ' it seems like most 9/11 groups never really want to post it - or mention it,' I have to recapitulate what Barrie Zwicker noted following the conference in Boston in January, namely that it is antiwar groups (or more specifically, their leaders) who have ostracized and marginalized the cuase of 9/11 truth, not the other way around.

The very fact that this statement includes a strong position regarding 9/11 would likewise be sufficient for its signatories to find themselves marginalized by those same antiwar groups, regardless of their antiwar credentials (yes, even Cindy Sheehan). That there has been and continues to be an aversion within much of the peace movement towards questioning the 9/11 official story and recognizing the importance of this issue to the cause of peace is no 'myth.'

On a more positive note, I find it especially good to see Fr. Daniel Berrigan, author William Blum, and a co-founder of Code Pink among the signatories. Their presence on this list could help to counter the negativitivy towards 9/11 truth among many antiwar activists and politicial leftists, as was most recently demonstrated at the conference in Boston.