Yukihisa Fujita Snubbed by legislative colleague, Rep., Ron Paul

Ron Paul Camp Snubs Japanese Peacemaker Yukihisa Fujita
by IndyInAsia on Feb.21, 2010, under Economy, International Relations, US News, World News

Is it Ron Paul himself? Is it Ron Paul staff members out of control, failing to communicate to Congressman Dr. Paul?

Why does Ron Paul refuse to meet Yuki Fujita?

Yukihisa Fujita, Director-General of the International Department of The Democratic Party of Japan (ruling party), and Director of the Committee on Financial Affairs in the House of Councillors (upper house) of the National Diet of Japan, who is somewhat of a folk hero to many Ron Paul RƎVO˩UTIONaries, has been trying diligently for months to make a personal contact with Congressman Dr. Paul. During that time, multiple faxes to multiple Ron Paul fax numbers, multiple phone calls to multiple Ron Paul offices, attempts by people with personal access to Dr. Paul, and finally, a plea from the Japanese Embassy directly to Ron Paul’s Congressional Offices in Washington, all have gone for naught, the inquiry from the Japanese government meeting with a flat refusal.


Why was Yuki Fujita able, during his recent trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with a long list of politicians and dignitaries, including Dennis Kucinich, but not Ron Paul?

All of you who have participated in any way in the attempts to make the Fujita - Paul connection, and anyone else whose curiosity is exercised by this mystery, are invited to join in the discussion of this issue during the IndyInAsia live radio broadcast on American Freedom Radio February 21, Sunday Midnight GMT = 6 PM US Central, 7 PM Eastern Time.

Call-in Line: 512-879-3805

For now, I am holding on to the hope that Congressman Dr. Paul is still somehow unaware that this important dignitary from Japan is seeking to meet with him. At the very least, I hope Dr. Paul is unaware of how serious is the snub communicated by the unresponsiveness of his camp.

And I hope Dr. Paul will address this “Why?” in an upcoming Texas Straight Talk or YouTube video.

First reported on the Internet 2010 February 21 Sunday 18:40 GMT+09:00


We have large numbers!

Ron Paul saw what happened to Van Jones. Considering that he has gotten a great deal of support, as you might have noted at the recent GOP "palooza" with the attack teams out there, 911 support would knock him down again. So sad. It's a tight rope walk being a politician. I believe he is with us, RPaul, but, he can't go there now, I guess.

This issue, of 9-11-01 is the factor that determines who holds real integrity. We do have numbers that are large now, big enough that we could turn elections for one side or another.

In 2004, the GOP used Christianity as a tool, to dupe them into coming over to their genocidal warring policies, amazingly enough. Well, our numbers, knowing what we know is an element of power that we can use against the politicians, and the honorable ones, if there are any, can use to win elections. We still have a little work left to do, but we have large numbers now, and don't forget it.

Wow, this really is a case of "the emperor has no clothes". Gosh, the explosions, the firefighters words, the many many many professionals, the video documentation, and it's like calling a dog a cat, and everyone just keeps calling the dog a cat, bypassing what is screamingly obvious. It is astonishing.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Let's not forget

Let's not forget this...


The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

First time I saw this video

That's a cool video - first time I saw it (sorry, I'm fairly new to 911 truth).

When I watched it, I was struck by how many people apparently suspect the government's story. Given this and the fact that there is 300+M people in the US, I'm a little surprised how few people are actively trying to do something about the situation. Before I get the knee-jerk reaction that there's lots of people, let me explain...

I don't really know how many people are actively involved in this site, but from what I've observed it's probably < 200 active participants. Then, there's the several thousand people who've signed the AE911 petition. There's probably a few dozen at the most web sites associated with 911 truth that have any significant activity going on. And there's maybe a few dozen in-person groups (like the various We Are Change and the various 911 meetup groups in bigger metropolitan areas)

Now consider that there are 300+M people in the US. Now of course, not everybody is going to get active, but the numbers I talked about above still seem a bit low. From what I can tell, there's maybe 5-10 thousand people who could be considered "active" where "active" is defined by those being at least willing to sign a petition for AE911. I guess you could also count the 70,000 New Yorkers who signed the NYCCAN petition, but I don't really consider them "active" in that someone had to come to them and convince them to sign it.

My first question is whether my assessment above is roughly correct or whether I am just way off in my observations?

My second question is whether truthers really believe the statistics in the video - I mean, from people's own experiences, do the numbers shown in the video stand up to people's experiences?

Assuming my assessment is roughly correct and that the statistics in the videos are correct, what are the reasons for the apparent unwillingness to become actively involved in 911 truth?

Is it that most people just don't really care? Or is it that most people feel disempowered - like "what can I do?" Or is it that people think that whatever they do won't matter? Or is it that people simply do not know how to get involved? Or is it that people are just too busy with families or the rest of their lives to take time out to get involved? Or is it that people think they are going to be ridiculed and ostracized for speaking out?

My sense is that it is a little bit of all of these, but I'm fairly new to this and I was wondering if anybody else has opinions on this. I see lots of videos here on blogger that show all sorts of actions that the 911 truth community are doing, ranging from freeway bannering, to handing out DVDs, to speaking with government officials (e.g. WAC activities), etc. But as I think about it, what I've noticed (and again, maybe this is because I'm fairly new to this) is that most of the banners and other things don't mention any "next steps" that the average person can do. For example, where can one go to hook up with a local group, or is there some national site where people are exchanging ideas for what things can be done. From what I've seen, there isn't much that is trying to convince the average person to actively take part. Of course once a person jumps in and starts doing the research, they can easily figure out how to get involved if they want to, but the motivation has got to come from somewhere.

Anyway, these are just observations from a newbie so take them with a grain of salt.

You mentioned: "hooking up with groups, etc."

It is pretty simple to hook up with groups or to find some near your state. As you continue to stay current and active, you will discover many people in your area.
...9/11 Truth is the most important issue of our time.
I have personally talked to thousands of people and given out thousands of DVDs. Now, I find that at least 2 out of 10 people know about the 9/11 Cover-up. Our group has given out more than 40,000 DVDs. http://www.northtexas911truth.com/
Do any kind of action. It is healthy. Put out flyers, burn DVDs, etc. Disseminate and stay tenacious. We are all glad to have your help.

To lemmingbar...

The 911 Truth Movement threatens most of figures of 'authority' of today's world. Have you heard the Dalai Lama say anything about the Truth, or how about the Pope? They don't question the official story? But, aren't they 'sacred religious leaders'! Shouldn't they take some stand on an issue that relates to morality?

Now we all know that most politicians are corrupt by nature.

The respect of "the state' seems more fragile as you learn more of the possible Truths inherent in the demolitions. People associated with corporations concocted an idea to kill their fellow humans/ Americans- whatever you consider the "tribe", believing that 'the people' would be too stupid to ever figure out the truth. The goal was simply money for some, and power for others, and some just needed an excuse to go kill lots of people. And 'stupid' isn't the right word for people that won't look at the facts, as I have found that many people I know to be 'intelligent' believe the government's version of events more than some working class (not to insinuate that working class aren't intelligent, but get my drift), even meth dealers I've known.

Where do we go with the movement?

The Truth would/will have to lead to executions. The perpetrators are quite aware of this. They feel safe as long as the mainstream media keep the Truth under wraps. When an article like "Inside the Beltway" shows up, they might have the jitters for a moment, but they know that the American military is mostly united against the Truth, and any dissent is likely to be quashed before it gets anywhere. I always wonder about what those former military members at the PatriotsQuestion911 site are doing in the background.

Higher elements in the military and CIA were obviously involved in the operation.
Higher elements in the FBI were involved.
The NSA had to be involved, or they would be working on our side.
Other nation's intelligence organizations know the Truth but uphold the lies.

In other words, not only is the mainstream media of most of the world working against the Truth, but the 'monopoly of violence' of the modern state is on the side of the traitors to America and humanity.

There is no country that has come out and said " The majority of the citizens of our nation believe that operators aligned to Western corporate, government, and intelligence organizations planned the demolitions to allow plans for the invasion of the Middle East to go into effect, and we want an international investigation to bring to justice those involved !!!".

Even Press TV out of Iran had articles mourning the "911 Terrorist Attacks" last Sept. 11. Some 'enemy'.

If you find out about "5 Dancing Israelis" and you've known Israelis that you liked, and then realize that Israel was heavily involved in 911, that Haaretz even had an article about how someone was warned through Odigo Systems about the atttacks- would it change your attitude on Israel?

Then, there's the police, sheriff's departments, judges all over the country/world that are content with their piece of the "Power Pie".

To explore the Truth of 911 is to realize that authority is often just an excuse to control those without authority, that the majority of world 'leadership' is corrupt to the core, and that a large segment of humanity is really not inherently good. As a sociology grad, the Truth of 911 troubles me very much, as I realize the attention to detail that the perpetrators went through to murder 3,000 people in New York City as a pretext to killing 1,000,000 or more in the Middle East.

What I can do is continue to learn more, email links to my 'contacts', be confident that I am 100% certain the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, and hope that the continued actions of the likes of ae911trugh.org, We Are Change, and all of the other groups and citizens that maintain their persistence will begin to scare some of those up high. Those who are 'active' for the Truth are the true heroes of humanity, and I have that utmost respect for all of you, including the operators of 911blogger. Great work over the last few years, I sleep better knowing that many of the commenters here exist. Thank you all.

At some point, some rat squeals, the other rats get scared, another rat squeals to save its butt, and so on... And then a bunch of men in military dress or suits and ties get hung together at ground zero...

You bring up some good points

The implication you draw, that essentially all the leadership of the entire world is corrupt, including people like the Dalai Lama and the Pope, is a bit disheartening. It also implies that the mountain we have to climb is very high indeed.

The part of your post I'm most interested in is the "where do we go" part. From what I can ascertain from your post, the summary is:
1. Continue to spread the truth
2. Hope that groups like ae911truth and wac are successful in scaring certain people.
3. The above two actions will lead to a domino effect of rat-squealing at some point

I'm not so sure I would agree that the first two imply the third. In some ways many rats have already squealed - well not rats per se, but seriously credible people have come forward with indisputable evidence (e.g. AE911 group, nano-thermite, Sibel Edmonds, etc) and nothing consequential has happened. According to the video reposted on Blogger yesterday, various scientific and unscientific polls show at least 20% and upto 70-80% of people have deep suspicions. I hate to say it, but in thinking about it right now, it's not clear to me how enlighting more "average" Americans is going to accomplish much - maybe it will, but the evidence to date seems to indicate that it may not have a big effect. I guess it definitely cannot hurt.

There are some encouraging activities that are happening, or have happened recently:
1) Misprision of treason campaign where people in power are confronted with the possibility of legal charges for their facilitating treason
2) AE911 call for a grand-jury indictment against Sunder and the other guy from NIST
3) New Hampshire ballot initiative
4) NYCCAN petition drive

The problem that I see is that any "real" (by that I mean consequential action) in our present system requires someone or a group of people with authority to take action. Even if any single person in a position of authority has the desire to act, they must know what the perpetrators of capable of and therefore know that they themselves as well as their family are likely to have a "tragic accident". (They may have even gotten direct threats for all we know). It's one thing to put yourself on the line, but it's quite another to knowingly put your kids on the line. It seems like the only way to mitigate this problem is to get a whole group of people in authority to simultaneously take action so that the perpetrators cannot take them all down.

Well, anyway, I digress, so I'll leave it at that.

Ron Paul

Is a fuckin gatekeeper.He comes from the same stable as Noam Chumpsky and what´s her face from "Democracy Now",,,yeah Amy Goodman.
He´s a fully paid up member of the false opposition party.

After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized...

«When I have tried to point out to people that Robert F. Kennedy, in cooperating with the cover-up, became in every sense of the word an accessory after the fact in his own brother’s murder, there has generally been an instant recoil. But I want to tell you that this is not an opinion; this is just a fact. There is no way we can deny this, if we think about it. I’m not talking about why he became an accessory, but the fact that he did is absolutely undeniable. Robert F. Kennedy had a legal, sworn obligation to seek out the assassins, and in failing to do so he joined the criminal act of conspiracy with the criminal act of cover-up and sealed the deal. And don’t let anyone tell you that it was because he couldn’t put two words together after his brother was murdered. I have seen his correspondence with Ray Marcus. And if it were some kind of personal emotional reaction, how is it that none of the people surrounding Robert Kennedy could utter the obvious truth of the assassination? No, Robert Kennedy's cooperation, agonizing and humiliating as it must have been for him, was dictated by political considerations, which led him away from his legal and moral obligation to tell the American people what he knew.
When I start talking to people about this, I hear Robert Kennedy’s action defended with the idea that if he had spoken out he would have been marginalized. And this is important, because maybe that was part of Robert Kennedy’s motivation. […] I want to say in no uncertain terms this lying is not only profoundly lacking in morality but is in addition foolish and is totally indefensible. It was indefensible for Robert Kennedy and it is indefensible for any one of us.
There is no justification whatsoever for lying to anyone about what you do and don’t know about this murder. Quite to the contrary, if telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth. But Robert Kennedy wasn’t really used to the politics of truth. Instead, he was captivated by the illusory politics of power, influence and access. And I am afraid that many of us are also caught up with such ideas.»
E. Martin Schotz in Vincent J. Salandria False Mystery page 186-87

The call for a new investigation into 9/11 is a

grass roots movement and will not gain support from politicians unless the people demand it. So far this has not happened.

As for as the Scholtz quote: "There is no justification whatsoever for lying to anyone about what you do and don’t know about this murder"

"Don't judge a man unless you've walked a mile in his shoes"

Great quote

and most appropriate. We're not going to break up the 'political game', playing along with it. And here, indeed, we are talking about telling the truth OR becoming accessories to murder. Oops, the middle road just ended in a steep drop-off.

Great quote

Especially where he says: '...if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center.'

Respectfully disagree

Nobody wants to be a Barry Jennings.

Barry Jennings

had the courage to speak the truth ... if he paid for that with his life, that makes his actions all the more heroic.

It is a shame that there are not more individuals with this degree of courage. The lack of this sort of courage and integrity is, in my opinion, a big part of the reason why we are in such a terrible predicament today.

Ron Paul on 911


Arguments at this site about Ron Paul's "real views" on 911 have been going on at this site for years. Facts are facts, and Ron Paul won't listen to them. He's a gatekeeper: a truth denier. Either he is not sufficiently intelligent to rationally weigh the data in his mind, or he, like so many others, is blinded by some personal delusion. Whatever the truth, I honestly don't know why he gets so much attention and praise at this site. To say he has done more for the truth than the entire 911 Truth movement is ridiculous. He has done nothing for the truth.

Maybe there are no honest people left.

This is a Goddamn disappointment.

I hate to answer the question…

of why

With another question but someone has to.

What does international knowledge of 911 truth(Fujita) and a desire to audit the Fed(Paul) have to do with each other?

Could it be bond and insurance market fraud on a scale that cannot be spoken about without extreme danger?

If so (I really don’t know) don’t tell anyone. Just leave it here on this obscure blog.

Otherwise, could there really be a revolution?

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.


What the Fed and 911 have in common is

the lack of honesty and truth shared with the citizens of the U.S. Audit the fed is really just the beggining of the truth behind the hijacking of the entire monetary system starting in 1913. Ron Paul talks about auditing the Fed without saying much else. He leaves it up to the public to wonder why we can't seem to audit what most people think of as a federal agency. He never attacks the whole system and says the government has the right to print it's own money without paying interest to a private banking concern with hidden ownership. He knows 911 is an inside job but won't ask the tough questions for the public. Why? Because like most of the establishment he's afraid. It's a matter of life and death and they know it.

Taking on the FED is Ron Paul's main crusade



because it's dangerous...not only to him, but his family. Nobody is off limits.

The Federal Reserve & 9.11

are very linked. Paul needs to be credited with his main crusade & that is exposing the private banking system, that can print & give money to virtually anyone, without GOV oversight.

Check out his questions to Ben Bernanke this week, about the FED giving billions to Saddam.

Paul is a let-down on the 9.11 issue. That is a proven fact.

We need to find the one strong politican to rally around or maybe a NEW CANDIDATE.

How about Alan Grayson from FL?

Good to have you posting again Hsaive.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Put all our eggs in one basket?

Ron Paul has single handedly done as much or more to throw a wrench in the gears of tyranny than the entire truth movement combined. Not to dertact from all the great work done by the Truth community, but let's be honest... The money system is a huge part of the ROOT of the cancer that led to 9/11. I think Ron Paul knows full and well what the truth is, and I think he knows full and well that he can be more effective if he comes at the enemy from another angle, allowing others to handle the 9/11 issue. If he comes out on this issue, he will be instantly marginalized. Leave it alone for f***'s sake. If you pay any attention to the issues the man talks about, you will realize that he is "on our side". He is VERY vocal about many issues besides just the FED.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"They are just people, using WORDS, to claim authority over you." - Robert-Arthur: Menard

Good Post Consciousness

Ron Paul has been beating his head against the power structure for decades before 9/11 - and he's still at. How many of us have that kind of staying power in the face of endless discouragement?

Well Said!

Thanks, Consciousness.

I've been wanted to say the very same thing myself here at 911Blogger for a long time, but I figured I would be attacked from every direction (I am sick to death of arguing with people in written form; it takes far too much energy for too little reward).

If Ron Paul gets his way, by continuing to wake up the sheeple to the truth of our evil government, the military-industrial complex and the banking elite -- sheeple who, no matter what, will NEVER, EVER look at 9/11 Truth with an open mind (which describes 90 percent of the people I know, in spite of my repeated attempts to wake them up) -- then the criminals who pulled off 9/11 may still lose anyway. They pulled off 9/11 for several reasons, not just for kicks and giggles. Ron Paul is fighting them on those reasons, and he is doing an outstanding job of it. The moment he takes a stand for 9/11 Truth, his career and his ever increasing ability to reach millions of Americans may be over forever. Now tell me: How exactly will that help 9/11 Truth? Unlike "truth-finding" investigators or scientific experts, who can shield themselves with their impressive resumés/credentials, he is a politician who is always potentially open to attack from all sides. His political self-destruction and complete disappearance from the corporate media (except as a laughing stock for the talking heads) won't help advance the cause of 9/11 Truth -- at least not enough to help the movement reach the proverbial "critical mass" -- because, regrettably, far too many Americans still consider him to be a fringe kook (because they haven't listened closely to him yet). His taking a stand in support of 9/11 Truth would only confirm their beliefs. It would NOT wake them up. In fact, a lot of readers of various online articles already condemn him as "one of those nutty trufers" [sic], and he hasn't even said anything yet to make them think that.

Just the other day, for example, during congressional hearings, he asked the bankster criminal Bernanke about two very mild examples of well documented Fed conspiracies (Watergate financing and money to Saddam), and Bernanke replied in a condescending, dismissive tone, while everyone listening started snickering, and the media made fun of Paul for asking such "silly" questions. By all means, let us in the 9/11 Truth movement criticize him for not taking what might very well amount to his own personal "Custer's Last Stand" with regard to 9/11 Truth! If he was a low profile as Dennis Kucinich, it might not hurt him, but he is now a major threat to the powers that be, and they would definitely use his pro-9/11 Truth statements to neutralize him as a threat, once and for all.

Sorry but he could still point out

that the commisioners, family members and many people think there are unanswered questions. We need the truth and the truth about 911 is the greatest weapon we have against the power elite who have hi-jacked this country , our government, and our freedom. He has been Fed bashing for along time without really telling the whole story. Anyone who attacks him on saying there are unanswered questions would leave him plenty of room to talk about nano thermite, almost free-fall acceleration, WTC 7, molten steel, Norad stand down, the missing pentagon videos. Maybe it could serve as his start to rise to real power and influence. His woodpecker tactics are not bringing down the tree. The real truth is that most likely he is afraid with good cause in this arena of life and death.


It Would Be Political Suicide

I wrote a really, really long reply to your comment, which took me forever to write (and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite and...), but it's just too darned long to post as a comment (that is why I seldom comment here). Instead, I think the following snippet from a recent London Guardian-Observer article answers your statement really well. If not, then I will post my mile-long reply (which I wrote before I found this article). I added the bold emphasis to the crucial section. There is also a very important follow up at the end with regard to tonight's Texas gubernatorial primary race:

Debra Medina, new star of America's right, is firing up the race for Texas governor
Paul Harris in Lytle, Texas
The London Guardian-Observer, Sunday 28 February 2010

Her bid for governor was largely ignored by the media as she crisscrossed the state for 13 months, visiting small town after small town. Gradually she crept up in the polls and forced her way into the televised debates, where she performed strongly. Campaign money began to pour in. One poll puts her as high as 24%, just behind Hutchison and within reach of catching her and forcing Perry into a runoff. ...

Only once has Medina slipped up – in an interview she gave to the conservative radio host Glenn Beck. On his show Medina was asked if she thought the US government might have had a role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She replied: "I don't." She then went on to expand disastrously upon that answer. "I don't have all the evidence there… I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard. There are some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there, so I have not taken a position on that," she said.

Those comments provided ample ammunition for her political rivals. Her march forward in the polls was halted and some of her advances chipped away. The only time Medina appeared unnerved in Lytle or San Antonio was when a woman in the audience mentioned the Beck interview and asked her if she was a "Truther", in reference to the conspiracy theory that the government planted bombs to blow up the World Trade Centre. Medina looked flustered and started to answer before saying suddenly: "No! No!" and moving on to a new question.

But such areas are the home ground of the Tea Party movement. At almost any Tea Party event it is easy to meet Truthers or Birthers or those who believe Obama is a closet Stalinist or a Nazi or a Muslim fundamentalist or indeed all three together, no matter how blindingly contradictory such beliefs are. In San Antonio one member of the audience wore an Oath Keepers T-shirt. Oath Keepers are a group of veterans, soldiers or police officers who fear their own government is about to attack the American people or round up conservatives into concentration camps.

The following is courtesy of LRC: The early gubernatorial returns: Perry: 52.5%; Hutchison: 30.8%; Medina: 16.6%.

Medina was tied with, or ahead of, Hutchison in the pre-election polls until she gave her answered Glen, the fascist circus freak, Beck's "9/11 inside-job" question on his radio program.

No indication whatever that Paul is a truther

So, Debra Medina is simply the latest example of how deeply the lies of 9/11 have poisoned this country. To serve not only in federal but also in state office, one must be willing to turn one's eyes away from the truth. Her case is not an argument for shying away from 9/11 truth, but instead another strong demonstration that the official story's monopoly on public discourse is THE weapon of which the fascist bullies (like Beck and whomever he's working for) must be disarmed if they are ever to be turned back. When you give in to bullies, you only make them stronger.

There's an old saying: He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. But what it sounds like being discussed here is a little different--more like: Who avoids a fight (because to do otherwise would be political suicide) lives to...avoid that fight again (because it would still be political suicide)...and again...and again...and again....

I'm reminded of the passage from Bill Clinton's letter to an ROTC officer during the Vietnam War (which came to light in the '92 campaign), in which he referred to his need, 'to maintain my viability within the system.' What we see demonstrated time and again is that this has become a system in which NO ONE with a soul should wish to be considered 'viable.' If we try to play by the bullies' rules, then bullies will continue to rule.

As much as I'd love it if Ron Paul started speaking up about the demonstrable lies and contradictions that make up the 9/11 official story, I'm less bothered by his failure to do so than by this persistent tendency among some 9/11 truth activists to consider him as, somehow, a part of this movement, just because he takes important stands on other issues (notably the Federal Reserve). After his campaign made it clear during the primaries in 2008 what its attitude was toward the 9/11 truth movement, can anyone truly be surprised at his non-response to Fujita?