Al Qaeda Dead Since 2002 Says Ex-Head of the French DGSE

During a round-table discussion at the French Senate January 29, 2010, on the topic of "Where are we at with Al Qaeda?", Alain Chouet -- former head of the Security Intelligence Service of the DGSE (Directorate-General for External Security: the French equivalent of the CIA or MI6) -- demystified the concept of "Al Qaeda" and denounced the inappropriate responses and other instrumentalizations by the West, without however deflating the dangers of Islamic extremism.

The video below has been subtitled into English and edited to include the best parts of Alain Chouet's passionate discourse containing no stonewalling or political doublespeak, placing itself light-years ahead of the official discourse about September 11th and "the nebulous Al Qaeda" that the mainstream media have been reporting for far too long.

Would you like to know what the French "spies" think of Al Qaeda? Hold-on tight, the masks are about to fall. Alain Chouet's stance, which no one would dare qualify as conspiratorial, is in no way different than the information the French Association ReOpen911 modestly (but tenaciously) reports via our site.

Ex-Head of the French DGSE: "Al Qaeda Dead Since 2002" (English Subtitles)
Uploaded by ReOpen911.

Those who understand French can also view Alain Chouet's entire 22 minute discourse, read the entire transcript of the video and read his article La guerre d’Afghanistan en question (The Afghanistan War in Question) on our news website.

Alain Chouet is an French intelligence officer. In particular he held the positions of Head of the Coordination Office of Research and Anti-Terrorist Operations (1980-1985) as well as Head of the Security Intelligence Service of the Directorate-General for External Security (2000-2002). Note: The "Security Intelligence Service" is the anti-terrorist branch of the DGSE.

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

Du bonbon!

This is what I call SOLID testimony and sweet music to my ears, even if it doesn't cover the 9/11 events.

I'd really like to sit down with this gentleman and ask him a few questions regarding the anomalies and unanswered questions about 9/11....

This is not the kind of video we'll see in the north american news media, even in Canada.

Merci pour ce vidéo!

Missing Video

Here's another video. Don't know what's happened to the original one in the article.

Unfortunately no subtitles :o(


Article on this also available at

Yes indeed-y

Thanks for that jkeogh, it was indeed myself that submitted said article, after translating it through our newly set-up "Internation Translation Task Force" over at ye auld   :o)

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The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.


Interesting piece and certainly more colorful than the drab committee meetings of their US counterparts. I detect a distaste and scorn for American hegemonic arrogance here. While I'm not a big fan of the DGSE, (they killed my crew-mate Fernando Perriera in 1985 with the bombing of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior and threatened to kill any of the crew who tried to pursue them) there seems to be a token of truth in Chouet's account.

The DGSE successfully infiltrated an innocent environmental organization, Greenpeace, that employed sloppy vetting procedures. The young female DGSE agent, posing as an enthusiastic volunteer, gave her superiors detailed information on the Rainbow Warrior's movements and strategies. This information was used to sink the boat and kill a crewman. Dr. William Pepper has repeatedly warned the 911 Truth Movement, that it too is a likely target for infiltration. Governments will not stop at anything to secure their "interests". If they can wage false flag terrorism, they can surely bring down even the most revered 911Truth organization. Does any one here doubt this? In fact, it is likely that this is already happening. Many groups, like some that I am associated with, like their environmental cousins, employ sloppy or non-existent vetting procedures. This is not only dangerous to the organization, but dangerous to the Truth Movement at large.

As some Truth groups focus on their immediate goals, they lose sight of the fact that what they are really fighting is a mass murder machine structured and funded on a gigantic scale with outreach to every conceivable nook and cranny of an organization or individual. The infiltrations of today, have gotten a lot more sophisticated. The techniques, a lot more subtle, the effects, often perilous.

Please keep yourselves informed about infiltration and how to guard against it. David Ray Griffin has a new work coming out soon, addressing these problems and the problem posed by Cass Sunstean. If you head a 9-11 Truth group, please read this upcoming material and take sensible action.