Jesse Richard of on Russia Today

I don't think this has been posted at 911blogger yet but I could be wrong; there's been so much content at blogger lately! Anyway, this is another excellent interview if you haven't seen it yet.


How ironic that it is Russia Today that is opening the media doors to 9/11 Truth.
Meanwhile, Pravda CBS and Pravda NBC and Pravda ABC and Pravda Fox are curiously silent.
We are truly living in an upside-down world., especially when you consider the fact that "pravda" is Russian for "truth".

True, but

I've seen people comment, and I have to agree, that the Cold War never really truly went away. RT will gladly jump on a story that questions the legitimacy of the U.S. empire.

One piece of irony: You know how one of the arguments used against the idea that the moon landings were faked is that "The Russians would have jumped on the chance to expose such a hoax and discredit the U.S. if that were the case!"

Well, Russian media DOES seem to now be jumping on 9/11!

But even with 9/11, it took Russia Today 8 years to start going after the story with guts. The event happened in 2001 and most of us didn't hear of RT until it started covering 9/11 truth in 2009.

I worked with Gage at the AIA convention in DC last summer and I chatted with the woman from RT who interviewed him. I asked her if the Russian media is truly free or if it's only being this free about questioning the U.S. I asked her point blank if journalists would get in trouble in Russia if they did this kind of reporting there, questioning the Russian government. She said, "Probably. Or more likely, simply downplayed and ignored, just like you guys experience with your MSM over here."

Grand chessboard

The 'reponse' to 9/11 has amounted to the implementation of a strategy advocated by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his 1997 book 'The Grand Chessboard,' about gaining a dominant position in Central Asia for the U.S., to the detriment of Russia and China. Of course it's in Russia's interest to expose the implausibility of the story which has made it possible for the U.S. to go on implementing this strategy.

Fall Of USSR Was A Ruse


remember when the current administration nixed the missile shield idea in Poland back in December? Well, they brought it back in February. The idea is back and the new location is Romania. More change from Obama!

Placing them near Russia means they are meant for Russia, since Iran isn't going to overfly Russian territory with missiles heading for the United States!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

The media and our government are one and the same thing.

MSM is owned by and works for the same people who own and control our government. The message from MSM is the message of the government which in turn is the message of the ultra wealthy Robber Barons of today who are descendents of the Robber Barons of yesterday.


Jesse sums it up pretty good. powerful clip, thanks for the post.

Some great tactics here

like pointing out the movement is comprised mostly of people who originally believed the official story and only when they looked at the evidence decided that it didn't add up etc. The points about the suspicious behavior of the Neo Cons (new Convicts) was outstanding and really sets the stage nicely for the possibility of an inside job. Bravo!