SNOPES.COM and the Barry Jennings mystery


I was curious if Snopes had anything on the Barry Jennings mystery and, no, they do not. So I took the liberty of "Submitting a Rumor," concerning an "Urban Legend," explaining all the mystery surrounding the man's death. This was about two weeks ago.

It is possible that Snopes may choose not to investigate this for many reasons, but I am inclined to think that if many more of you write in it may be an issue they will find impossible to ignore completely.

May I suggest that you take a moment to visit and submit an inquiry?

Thank you.


great idea..

i will email this to David Slesinger..

Thanks for posting.. doing..

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Yes, great idea.

So Dylan sent a private investigator who gave back the money and refused to continue the investigation saying it was a matter for the police or some words to that effect.

Has anyone done any investigating since? Could we hire another private investigator? What, other than the FOIA request to NIST, is being done to find out the truth about Barry Jennings? I know about the sign actions, which I participate in, and Dave's website, but what else could we do?

these are great ideas, questions...

I doubt that anyone has done any investigating since. Who would undertake it given what happened the first time. Unless someone with regular media exposure (like Jesse Ventura) does it, it's not going to get done. We could try to hire someone but I suspect no one will touch it.

The only thing else I can think of doing is to continue to bombard schools, universities, local news outlets (more independant) with letters. And of course, those signs.