How many of these "Top Political Blogs" allow fair 9/11 truth reporting?

I just found this listing of "Top Political Blogs", linked from Op Ed News.

how many of these allow:
1 - fair and unbiased 911 truth articles
2 - comments on 911 truth, particularly frequent comments.

I see that the top 2 on the left (Huffington and KOS) are pretty bad, and don't know much about the right.

OP Ed News is #7 on the left, and we can get our stuff out there quite well.



If I’m not mistaken, it was only a few months ago that someone sneaked a poll onto the Daily Kos, asking how many users wanted 9/11 discussions allowed on the site. More than 85 % indicated they wanted the ban lifted before the poll was ripped off the site. I am convinced that little Markos wants so badly to be a national pundit star, that he will betray his country to promote himself as a mainstream media personality. After all, the heads at MSNBC would never give his face airtime if he allowed any discussion of 9/11 on his site.
As for ZsaZsa, I think we all remember her declaration that “I despise the 9/11 Truthers”. She has a public pundit career to protect also.
I hope that as soon as we set the prosecution of the direct 9/11 criminals into motion, we will go after the complicit media as well, and expose their aid to the crimes. Then we can figure out their punishments while little Markos and ZsaZsa get more face time on the media than they ever wanted.

Poll over at Daily Kos

You can get quite a bit of information in on 9/11 and false flag terrorism over at Crooks and Liars (#5 on the left) during their open threads each evening. You have to be somewhat subtle and non-confrontational, but it can be done. It's at least worth trying until you get banned anyway. :) The site owner doesn't like 9/11 truth, but the site moderators are pretty friendly if you see it from their situation.


I stopped visiting Crooks and Liars more than a year ago over this issue, even though I enjoyed their liberal attitude on all other topics. But 9/11 Truth has become my barometer on most everything, from politics to media to personalities.
John Amato also seems to be itching for pundit fame, as I used to notice his brazen hawking of his upcoming media appearances on C&L. but widespread fame seems to have eluded him thus far, and I can’t say I’m sorry about that.
I used to try and slip 9/11 Truth into the open threads before I was banned, and my experience was quite different than you describe. The moderator comments were always arrogant and even personally abusive.
You say it is possible to sneak things in if you are subtle about it, and I do hope things are changing, however slowly, at the site. But I guess I don’t believe one should have to cower and pussyfoot around in order to speak the truth.

C&L=shameless self promoters

I was banned from this website during the 08 election primaries for posting about the Sabrina Rivera confrontation with Rudy Guiliani in an open thread. I'm sure John "the vlogfather" Amato sleeps like a baby at night in his comfortable little world. One of the most heavily featured writers, David Niewert enjoys attacking 9/11 truth when he's not busy pimping his book about what he calls right wing "eliminationists".

This gatekeeping strategy of creating neat little acceptable echo-chambers where certain unpopular ideas are excluded not on the basis of their relevance or truth, but on their prospects of securing access to main stream media and a larger audience is pretty disgusting, but effective. Orangutan's comments are one of the few saving graces of this website, and I thank him for speaking for me since I no longer have that option there. Since Obama's inauguration, their coverage of the wars and human rights abuses seem to have dropped off substantially.

Some stuff I posted at the KOS poll thread

Some very good reasons we should bother with KOS

There are some very good reasons we should bother with KOS, using guerrilla tactics against a strong and well financed foe:
1 - They have a large readership; I suspect some are from the mainstream media
2 - You should endeavor to take the fight to the enemy, then fade away when they counter-attack
3 - We can reach many more eyes if we can get things such as this onto KOS, presumably by stealth
4 - They can ban an account, they can delete the post, but the message will have been seen
5 - If it is a well-crafted message, it will make some people think
6 - Not all of those reading KOS are part of the club, they are not all KOSsacks; they may just be strolling past

I intend to expose the above post to my readership. I suggest others do the same. We win by increments. Maybe some day we will will by an exponential growth factor.


Kos won't touch 9/11 since

Kos won't touch 9/11 since he whored out to MSNBC spots with Olbermann


The same goes for

Ed Schultz. When he was new to a national radio audience and didn't screen callers, questions re 9/11 were going public and he allowed a lengthy discussion on the subject that went on for a least one whole show.. In the end he said something like "Show me engineers and demolition experts, etc."..Well, this was pre ae911truth....and he still avoids 911Truth at all cost. In fact recently he actually said ...something like...." I am not going there..It’s a 'career killer' ", when a caller attempted to mention 9/11 anomalies. He does not want to end his TV career.


And even though I adore Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann for their stances on all other issues, neither seems willing to put themselves on the line for 9/11 Truth, which really breaks my heart.
Just goes to show the stranglehold the elite have on the corporate media. Thank God for the internet. Now the game is to keep it and keep it free.

The Power of the Internet...

The Internet is now the primary news source in the U.S.:
Web finally passes print as primary news source for American consumers.

no surprise here ...

the mainstream media has consigned itself to irrelevance, is now clearly seen by most as little more than PR machine for the ruling elite, serving tripe, trivia and propaganda for the braindead, utterly devoid of meaningful information and worse, complicit in corruption and cover-up. The web has helped to expose the iniquities, inadequacies and incompetence of mainstream media by providing an abundance of independent, open source information, in the face of which MSM pales to insignificance.

Great information

Thanks for the comments folks.

I am not clear on the methods used by the author to rank sites. Perhaps these rankings should be taken with a grain of salt?

Buzzflash also lets some 9/11 truth shine as well. Not enough. Dr. Steven Jonas often has his say on 9/11 truth issues, e.g., There may be others who are with us on that site, but I don't look at Buzzflash often, so am not really familiar with it anymore. I did not see Buzzflash in the ratings, but may have missed it. According to Alexa, Buzzflash has higher traffic than Op Ed News.

Op Ed News is the best for 9/11 of the higher traffic sites, though clearly far from the best site for 9/11 truth with a progressive perspective*. OEN does post hit pieces from time to time, but that is to our distinct advantage, since 9/11 truth comments normally swamp those from the shills and the uniformed (with common sense), and the voting nearly always shows that we are winning. So, it is very good that they are up to #7, by the rankings in the article anyway.

It may be that OEN editor Rob Kall's tolerance of 9/11 Truth has allowed him to climb in the ratings. Any thoughts as to how we might demonstrate the truth or falsity of that conjecture?

* Hey, I prefer for a 9/11 truth friendly progressive site, but as owner, may be a bit biased.

Rob Kall is a spineless punk sellout

I used to go to OEN first thing. Had some really great discussions with polite, informed commenters from both sides of THETRUTH. About 8-9 months ago, maybe more i'm a little fuzzy on exact date, there was a purge. A group of commenters had named themselves COTO, Coalition of the Obvious and TRUTH was a large part of their identity. They were all banned. Even mentioning them became taboo. At this same time Rob sent out an email saying they had been mentioned by the New York Times. Whoop-de-fucking-do!! But he was so pleased he crapped his pants and basically said, we want mainstream "respectability" more TRUTH.

It was then they developed a dungeon called "Edges" where any talk of TRUTH is banished. It was bad for a while. I dropped it cold. Maybe it is a littler better now. I know their traffic has decreased from just how many comments are given for each headline(they note the # right next to title) back in the day every story had at least 8-12 comments. TRUTH related articles(almost any topic that even tagentially related) often had 30-40. Since the purge, I sometimes pop in just to see the number of comments for headlines. More often than not it is zero. Other times 2 or 3. Rob was riding high a very popular site that was getting more so every day for it's open discussion. He was smitten w/NYT attention and cracked down. His readership plummeted . A fine lesson for all indeed.

The banished COTO members migrated to their own little corner of cyberland at

They are a rambunctious opinionated bunch with a lot of fresh takes. They could use your love.

My sources(bits i've picked up over the years) are pretty clear that Markos is flat out CIA. Just sayin.

Kos loves the CIA, went through training

In his own words:

This egotistical degenerate is beneath contempt.

btw, here's a direct link to the COTO Report

KOS acts like he is covert CIA

KOS acts like he is covert CIA. Based on his words and actions, I would bet that he is.

CIA wannabee is better description of Kos

CIA wouldn't consider someone like Kos for anything other than support staff roles. His temper is too bad. I think Kos applied and had his application to the CIA rejected. A quickly rejected CIA application fits the time window in question just as well.

Since then, they probably manipulate him with promises to take another look at his application.

It was quite a purge

I know about the purge at OEN, I am a member at COTO and may well be a member at COTO Report, I don't remember. In any case, I visit there often, and sometimes comment. So, I have my personal views on OEN, but find that it is a very useful site for promoting 9/11 truth. Not perfect, but probably the best of the mainstream progressive sites when you consider the size of the audience and the willingness to publish our articles and to permit a pretty wide range of comments. There are a lot of regulars on that site who are on side with 9/11 Truth, and post articles on a routine basis. No other similar site with a substantial readership does that to my knowledge. I would sure like to know of more such sites. COTO Report is growing, but OEN has a big head start. I would be happy to see Daily Kos, Huffington Post and others dive in membership, into oblivion. I have no wish to see Kall's membership decline. I would love Rady Ananda's site, COTO Report, and my site to increase. Rady has a better chance than me, she is more web savy. There are other good sites that post a similar mix - Flyby News is one that comes off the top of my head. (I am not looking at the mainly pure 9/11 sites such as this one in my comparison).

OEN Purge


Your description of the OEN purge is very accurate. I should know, I gave COTO their name.

I was going to inform those reading this blog of the events which lead to the purge, but there's little to add of your concise description.

I. like most, when first commenting on OEN was pleased to have found a site that allowed open discussion on 9/11, without the usual juvenile name calling that may sites seemed to descend into, especially having been frustrated from doing on many of the so-called "progressive" sites.

It has been interesting to have been banned from so many sites (I just got kicked-off my local newspapers site yesterday) for simply engaging in discussions of 9/11.

Well, the worm seems to be turning as the truth wills out, as it always does. For as more and more evidence comes out, and as more and more people get exposed to it, the sites that have made 9/11 a taboo subject will become as irrelevant as the MSM has become.

I still explore sites looking for places to inform those that may wish to learn, for I don't think there's much value in preaching to the choir, but, there are certainly enough smaller Truther sites springing up every day now, for the same reasons COTO was formed, because we found that the only way to bypass censorship was to simply make a site of your own.

I'm flattered that there are those of you that know of COTO. We are a rather eclectic group of radical free-thinkers, who each in our own way strive to keep one step ahead of those that would wish to dispose of us.

I'm glad to say, their efforts haven't worked, quit the opposite, we grow as they sink, and the day will come soon when will stand in the dominant light of the Truth, and we will witness a new dawn of enlightenment as we bury those that committed this crime so deep that we won't see their likes again for another 10,000 years.

For those wishing to view some of my efforts:

Good sites

Information Clearing House is fantastic, but I used to find the comments off-putting. Also, the comment mechanism is not very nice. The range of topics is fairly focused on anti-war, but Tom Feely the web master does have very good judgment on what he posts. They are about the only site that I support financially. It is on my five star list on my blog roll.

Global Research is a top site, but no comments capability as far as I can see. It is on my five star list on my blog roll.

I have just recently found Sott net, and have book marked it.

I am not so sure about the peoples voice - I may have seen it, and will now look.

Thanks Joe.

Canadian Spectator
has covered all 911 stuff for years....including hard to find articles......
Also has interesting stuff on the economy....

Yes, another good site

Yes, this is a site that I have bookmarked. What I particularly like it is a Canadian site, and I am a Canadian. We have some leading "progressive" sites like Rabble and The Tyee that are very 9/11 Truth unfriendly.

Over at CNN

You can post to most news stories, including political stories, just sign up and post away, but BE CAREFUL!!! Only add relevant materials in the most reasonable manner possible, and never harm our movement. Ask questions - point them in the right direction, recommend links and youtube videos (you can't use url links at CNN), like A&E4T, Patriots Question 911, etc. I like to suggest they just go to youtube and search on "North Tower Exploding" so that can take another look at the actual dynamics of destruction as narrated by David Chandler - be sly - be "as cunning as serpents and as harmless as doves"! If you do it right, you won't get modded there believe it or not - and they must have 100's of 1000's of readers, although dwindling I would imagine, as the sheeple wake TF up and start looking around for themselves with their own eyes and minds.

Do it right, do it well - if you can do that, then dive in over at CNN I highly recommend it, big time.
On the 11th day, of every month.

I occasionally put in 9.11 truth links & comments

w/ Huffington Post, DUnderground & the Daily Paul (Ron Paul site)

Docudharma Welcomes 9/11 Diaries/ Essays

It has a old & young hippie kind of vibe, generally a mellow place.

Docudharma has intelligent conversations

Docudharma has intelligent conversations and some cross over from the controlled media sites. On my list of good sites.

The Democratic Party Blog

The Official Democratic National Party Blog allows 9/11 Truth. The Blog is called Kicking Ass.

How many of these "Top Political Blogs" allow fair 9/11reporting

is not half as interesting a question as how many of them will soon be claiming that THEY were the first to report on 9/11 truth AND had led the charge for years!

Once things reach the tipping point - and it is fast approaching, my friends - mark my word on this and be ready for it.

All footsoldiers of 911 truth who did the gut-wrenching work, who labored tirelessly for years, who were ridiculed, maligned, and worse will never be recognized or remembered. All of us will be trampled underfoot by the poseurs clamoring to claim credit. (It's been the way of things from time immemorial.)

We must never let our egos dominate our hearts or we will forget that this has been - and could only ever be - a labor of love.

Great post.

Especially this:

as how many of them will soon be claiming that THEY were the first to report on 9/11 truth AND had led the charge for years!

Once things reach the tipping point - and it is fast approaching, my friends - mark my word on this and be ready for it.

We will definitely be keeping score and we will absolutely never forget who actively censored 9/11 truth prior to the tipping point.

I would consider myself a foot soldier, and I don't expect streets to be named after me when the battle has been won.

But I will make an optimistic prediction.

I predict that in 25 years from now, each major city will have a Richard Gage Avenue and/or a David Ray Griffin Boulevard.

Just as every major city today has a Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Heck even little Muncie, Indiana has one.

Here's to hoping this prediction materializes.