Tonight Richard Gage, AIA on CBS affiliate WBZ News Radio 1030 11:00pm ET

Richard Gage, AIA will be speaking with Dan Rea of NightSide on WBZ News Radio 1030

Live at 11 pm EST / 8pm PST

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Here we go!

I think we should start putting everything into pushing his group as the very leading edge of our spreadhead of historical truth and justice. And let's see Phycisists for 9/11 Truth, that would rock big time, because then we'd have the Physicists, the Engineers and the Architects, as well as an increasing number of academicians of other disciplines as well, like Graeme McQueen of the University of Waterloo Ontario. Then we figure out how to raise some SERIOUS dough (I've got a few bright ideas there), and do a mailing to every professional engineer, in the United States, and pick up a few more thousand of them, and then have those five thousand recruit three each and so on and so forth, this is what we need to do - to change the historical record on 9/11, and it's nice to see it happening, I'm so relieved (sigh). Just a little more.. and we're THERE! Sunlight, fresh air, birds chirping, freedom, maybe even innocence reclaimed, a new world - that's what's on the other side of the revelation of the horror that is the truth about 9/11. It's a reality tunnel, based in reality, slicing through the Zelikow public myth of 9/11, and I'm seeing light at the end of it, thank God. It's coming.

Here we go!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Amen Robert.

The case has been made. The evidence is on our side. All we need is publicity, credibility, and the courage of more American people to step up and confront this. It's a pleasure working with people like you with your optimism and perseverance. Peace.

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I just uploaded the audio of this in a separate blog post entry, for those who weren't able to catch the live stream


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Coast to Coast

with George Noory, ought to run another show on Richard and his organization, now that it's surpassed 1000 members. Every million counts..!!!

We need to reach another 50 million, and gain another million activists, somehow. Just look at what happened with We Are Change..? Anything's possible, and given enough time, actual.
On the 11th day, of every month.

We need a more solid audience than

coast to coast.

Gage = Facts, Expertise and Persistence

Richard Gage did a very good job. The host's attempts to skew Gage's character by trying to label him as a conspiracy theorist who believes the government was behind the attacks didn't stick because Gage remained focused on just the facts and the need for a new investigation to determine the real perpetrators. The interview clearly shows that facts, expertise and persistence are some of our most powerful weapons against the pervasive ignorance surrounding the events of 911. At the end of the interview, the interviewer, while not converted by Gage, was impressed by his command of the subject and stated his mind will remain open. Gage very well may have planted a seed that will sprout at a future date.