AUDIO: Richard Gage, AIA on CBS affiliate WBZ News Radio 1030 (Boston), March 3, 2010

Here is the audio of Richard Gage's appearance on Boston CBS affiliate radio station WBZ at 11 pm, March 3, 2010:

Audio Link Not Working For Me

I'm on a Mac

Me neither - and I was the one who posted it

Do the file attachments no longer work here? I see no evidence of the mp3 file I uploaded along with this post

That's the live feed.

They probably don't have it archived yet.

ETA: thanks for trying. ;-)

No, but I archived it

I recorded the show, edited out the commercials, uploaded it here, but the file attachment isn't showing up for some reason

Email it to me. I'll post on Youtube

Email it to me. I'll post on Youtube


38MB - too big for e-mail

If I can upload it somewhere via FTP, I am happy to do that - does the file attachment system no longer work on here?

Thank you.

I appreciated being able to listen to it.

RG is an amazing interviewee.

It's so clear to me that things are turning around --> fast. People ARE waking up, in exponential numbers.

Soon there will be a critical mass.

Buckle your seatbelts, we've already taken off!!

I hope your right!

It still seems to move at an inch rate to me...but your right there is more happening...lets hope this critical mass does finally materialise:)

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

New reliable link for WBZ Gage Interview Audio

New reliable link for WBZ Gage Interview Audio


Great Job, Richard

And every time they tried to distract you with things like 'did a missile hit the Pentagon', you fired back with hard data. Lots of plugs for WTC7, nanothermite, etc. squeezed in too!

AND you're up to 1100 A&E's. This is fantastic! The momentum is on our side now!