Debra Medina, The Neocon Establishment and 9/11 Truth


March 4, 2010

Debra Medina, The Neocon Establishment and 9/11 Truth

By Kevin Copenhagen

A populist Republican candidate for Governor of Texas was taken out by someone whom she thought was one of her own. This article delves into how and why this happened and offers some solutions for the future.


The Orchestrated Derailing of a Surging Constitutionalist Candidate

By Kevin Copenhagen

Well, congrats, Texas! You've once again voted for more of the same. You've voted for the status quo. You've once again tipped your collective cowboy hat to the establishment with a wink and a nod and said, "You're not doing so bad." And we wonder ad nauseam why things just NEVER seem to ever get any better. When are you going to wake up? Does our society have to completely implode and collapse like Argentina, Iceland, Greece and numerous other countries caught in the game of international "high finance" before you realize that we're all just pawns in a very sophisticated and sick game of psychological brinkmanship being played by the global "elite"? The very same global "elite" who welcomed your governor "Slick" Rick Perry with open arms (and therebyviolating the Logan Act) to the2007 secretive Bilderberg Group meetingin Istanbul, Turkey? I'm sorry, but I really don't feel ANY of our elected leaders should be attending any "super-secret" meeting to discuss anything in private outside of the awareness of the voters who put him in office. Especially since we're all sure one of the topics discussed was theselling of our taxpayer paid-for toll roadsto foreign corporations. Congratulations, indeed.

And how exactly did this happen? Well, let's all go back a few weeks and look at the sudden rise of an upstart Constitutional candidate who seemed to have come out of nowhere towinboth of theRepublican gubernatorial debates. I am referring to Debra Medina who went from virtual obscurity to become a major threat to the establishment candidates in the matter of weeks by speaking to "We Texans" as a hard-working Texan herself. I originally started out to write an open letter to Mrs. Medina herself and all of her supporters when I realized I would mostly be preaching to the choir. No, the problem goes much deeper than that to a pervasive belief which runs rampant in the minds of Republicans nationwide. So this letter is to not only all Texas Republicans, but to all citizens of the great state of Texas. And everyone else around the country and the world, well, it pertains to you as well. This pervasive belief of which I speak refers to the fateful and tragic events surrounding September 11th, 2001. The date after which we were told, the "world would never be the same." Well, it hasn't been. Things have only gotten progressively worse. They were right on that one.

And why, you may ask yourself, would 9/11 have anything to do with the race for governor of Texas? Good question. Keep asking yourself that one as I explain further. Debra Medina was polling in the 4% range up until the first gubernatorial debate on January 14th. After this debate, the buzz was on. Who was this woman who dared stand up to the establishment and call them out on their lies? Who was this woman who proposed to eliminate property taxes and return private property rights to their owners? Who was this woman who dared get her ideas from, God forbid, the Constitution?! Her ideas and her solutions to the problems facing not only Texans, but all Americans whose states have surrendered their authority to an overreaching and increasingly oppressive centralized federal government were music to the ears of those who have quite frankly had enough of the "elected" officials in the District of Criminals. She was one of us. And the polls showed it. She went from 4% to 25% in a matter of weeks by appealing to the common sense of the conservative base in Texas. It seemed she was on track to go into March 2nd with strong enough support to at least garner enough votes to force a run-off election with Rick Perry. This would have given her more time and momentum to grow her support as her message of freedom, small government and a return to prosperity could have taken her to the Republican nomination. So what went so wrong? How did this wild card only end up with 19% of the vote when all was said and done. Two words: Glenn Beck.

But how did one man who stakes no claim to Texas, has no interest in or should even play a role in influencing the voters of a sovereign state hundreds of miles from where he lives play such an influential part in what could have been a major victory for freedom, the Constitution and the entire nation itself? He ambushed her with a question completely out of left field concerning 9/11. 9/11 has nothing to do with Texas, nothing to do with the governor's race or anything to do with the well being of Texans. So why did he bring it up in the first place? It's because that's what he is paid to do. All you have to do is go back to late 2007 just after Ron Paul supporters had raised over $6.5 Million for his campaign in a single day. A national single day record from individual donors. It was Glenn Beck who came on the scene topronounce Ron Paul supporters as "terrorists"for using the term "money bomb' in its fund-raising efforts and equate anyone supporting Ron Paul as some sort of lunatic fringe faction of society. Shortly thereafter, the entire media jumped on the bandwagon to demonize, marginalize and derail the Ron Paul rEVOLution. Truth and freedom, it seems, is a MAJOR threat to the establishment.

So Debra Medina is rolling right along, gaining support by the day as word spreads that we actually have a CHOICE in the upcoming election other than career politicians who have lied over and over and sold out their constituency to the highest bidder. This was making Perry nervous so something had to be done. Enter the right-wing, Neocon assassin of any populist candidate, Glenn Beck. The utter hypocrisy of this man is so overwhelming, I seriously can't believe people stilltake his word for anything. Yeah, so he tells you the truth about so many things that are right about our country. He supposedly supports the Constitution and bashes the left and the liberals for the socialists the really are. Yeah, he's one of us, right? Wrong. If he really was the person he claims himself to be and lived up to the status his followers bestow upon him, than he out of anyone out there, should have been Debra Medina's most ardent supporter!! But no.

Again, folks, this is a game. And good old cry-baby Beck is nothing more than an over-paid operative in the game of political intrigue. He is a Judas goat. He is a Benedict Arnold. He is the consummate "wolf in sheeps clothing." He is there to act. He is there to put on a show that will gain the massive support of the fed up masses by giving you the truth you want to hear. And then he is there to betray that trust you have given him and quietly slit your throat. If you can't see that by now, well, go back to sleep and enjoy that next glass of Kool-Aid.

If you have seen through his little game, then you may be asking yourself, why is it that the 9/11 issue is such a divisive issue amongst the Republican base in America? Well, the answer to this question is not only the key to saving our Republic, but it may be the key to stopping World War III before it starts. And it all begins with awareness. Awareness of the TRUTH as to what really happened on that fateful day.

Do I know what happened? No. But so many people in our country have bought the official story hook, line and sinker, that they will defend their belief and the government who created that belief to their grave. However, if the official story was the truth, than why are there so many millions of intelligent, bright, well-meaning and honest people around the world still questioning the official story 8 years after the fact? Is it perhaps because there is overwhelming proof and mountains of evidence that the official story is a fabrication of lies and disinformation designed to keep the public from discovering the real orchestrators of the biggest mass murder on American soil in our history? And why is it that whenever anyone asks the questions, they are immediately labeled as a kook, a loon, or simply a crazy "conspiracy theorist"? Good question. What is it "they" have to hide? Why haven't the hundreds of questions been answered? Since when did free speech in America and questioning our government become something with which to attack people? Where did it all go so wrong?

If youlisten to the interviewin which Glenn Beck, (who had never once interviewed Debra Medina before) within the matter of 10 minutes ambushed and effectively derailed the campaign of a Constitutional candidate, you can hear the condescension in his voice from the get go. He had no interest in getting to know her, understand her platform or inform his listeners. He was belittling her from the start and just waiting for the chance to pounce on her with his loaded question about being a 9/11 "truther". In her defense, she handled herself quite well given the surprise of the question to begin with . She then went on in successive interviews to defend her response as well as the right of Americans to question the government. Her donations went through the roof from those who saw the Beck interview for what it was; an ambush and a set-up to do exactly what it did. However, the damage was done. It derailed her up-to-this-point impressive and well-run campaign. The momentum completely sputtered.

From that point on, her campaign was in damage-control mode as all the Glenn Becktoids out there withdrew their support for someone who would dare contradict the widely held belief that 9/11 was perpetrated by 19 crazy Muslims who "hated us for our freedom." After all, Glenn went on to laugh at her and make those cute little noises he makes implying she was somehow "crazy" for responding in the honest way she did. It was beyond pathetic and thousands saw through the façade. In the meantime, however, she had lost tens of thousands of votes from the Beck-worshipping, RINO base of the Texas GOP.

In an effort to regain the percentage points lost, she then went on to put the final nail in the coffin of her campaign as she threw a huge portion of her base who still supported her under the busin an interviewwith "conservative" talk show host, Mark David, out of Dallas, TX. In this interview which aired on February 18th, Mark Davis cornered her to agreeing with him that the 9/11 truth movement is a "despicable paranoid cult" who have "horrible, hateful beliefs" about America. Unfortunately for her, she "absolutely agreed" with that statement. This finally finished her campaign as a huge portion of her base who had donated time and money to her cause tasted the bitter seed of betrayal.

I have had time to digest all of this and put this into perspective. I am writing this article in hopes that the Republicans of Texas will see the error of their ways. But first, let me just make a quick announcement here. "The Republican Party has been hijacked!!" Just as they have most recentlyhijacked the Tea Partyas well. It is no longer the Grand Old Party of conservative values, small government and fiscal responsibility. It has been hijacked by the Neocons and turned into the war-mongering, fear-inducing, police state party of Big Brother. You have been duped, swindled and sold a bill of goods which is rotten to the core. You had a golden opportunity to get behind and elect a candidate who stood for the conservative ideals of old and you chose otherwise out of a belief that has been ingrained into your consciousness by Fox News, the main stream media and the Neocons controlling the message for the past 8 years. It's time to wake up and take a look at the scientific facts which have come to light since 9/11 and conveniently ignored and swept under the rug by the corporate controlled "media" machine in America.

Just two weeks ago,a 38 city, 6 country press conferencewas held by Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. It was completely ignored by the majority of the press and only got fair coverage byThe Washington Times, former Wall Street Journal editor and co-founder of Reaganomics,Paul Craig Roberts,and aTV news station out of Canada. What is wrong in this country when a story which should have demanded front page headlines and lead-in stories on the news, gets completely ignored? Good question, right?

So who is Richard Gage and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth? All you need to know can befound at their website. But in a nutshell, he is a man who has gathered a team of scientists from around the world to look at the scientific anomalies of 9/11 and put them to the scientific method. They began with simple questions like how did 2 planes take down 3 buildings? How did they all collapse into the path of most resistance at free-fall speed, or terminal velocity without the use of controlled demolition? How did another steel frame building, WTC 7, fall at 5:30 in the afternoon in a perfect,controlled demolition fashion in under 8 secondswhen it had only few small scattered fires throughout the building? How is it that all three basements hadmolten steel in themduring the clean up 6 weeks after the attacks when jet fuel doesn't even burn hot enough to melt steel in the first place? Why is it that more than half of the 9/11 commission members have gone on record to state that the investigation "was set up to fail", "a fabrication of lies", and "a complete whitewash and coverup'? Good questions, indeed.

In his presentation, Richard Gage uses the scientific method to completely dismantle the official story piece by piece. He exposes scientific and physical proof that a substance called nano-thermite or thermate was used in the destruction of the buildings. A substance that only the US government has access to. The bottom line is, if you choose to believe the official story and the lies printed in the 9/11 Commission Report, you also have to believe that the laws of physics were completely suspended on that day. You can't have it both ways.

But, the establishment and their minions in the media continue to use 9/11 as the "third rail" of politics to this day. They also use it to demonize anyone who dares question the government. And the masses follow in suit as they believe the propaganda without question. After all, if it's on the TV or the radio, it's got to be true. Right?

So, to all the "conservative" talk show hosts throughout the country on AM radio and te-LIE-vision who promote the Neocon line of propaganda and disinformation, and especially Mark Davis of WBAP, I say to you, it is YOU who are the true traitors to this nation. It is you who are the real "despicable, paranoid cult" who have " horrible, hateful beliefs!" For yours is the cult of NEOCON. The war-mongering, fear-inducing and corporatist entity and it's paranoia of the "Islamo-fascist" threat to their world wide empire. Yours is the language of Doublespeak or the NewSpeak of Orwell's 1984. You want despicable, you traitorous enemies of the state? How about your ardent and unwavering support of TWO illegal WARS OF AGGRESSION in which over 1.5 MILLION innocent civilian Iraqi and Afghan people have been MURDERED or maimed all because of a LIE! It is YOU who are the despicable ones, you COWARDS!!! Hundreds of reasonable, rational and pertinent questions about 9/11 have STILL NOT BEEN ANSWERED BY OUR "LEADERS". As far as Mark Davis, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and all the other talk radio Neocon shills whom have hijacked the once great and conservative GOP ideals, well, your day is going to come. You will be judged for your traitorous actions and beliefs. When the truth comes out you'll all be ruined. You are all the TRUE ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC!

OK, rant over. It needed to be said. And badly. Most Republicans I know are well-meaning people who only want to see the country returned to its former glory. They want small government and a return to the rule of law, our Constitution. They have just been brainwashed by the propaganda machine which is Fox and "conservative" talk radio and the Neocon "ideals" it continues to support.

Debra Medina was different, though. She didn't play those games. She was a breath of fresh air. She was a true American who saw the problems and had the solutions. She was one of us. She was grass roots and speaking the words we all so desperately wanted to hear from a potential leader. Unfortunately, Medina became a politician three weeks ago after the now infamous Glenn Beck ambush. That was her baptism by fire into the dirty world of establishment politics. Medina is not stupid. She did not get where she did by being stupid. She got there by telling the truth and being a real person. She was forced into the position of defending her entire campaign and platform by the Neocon hate machine and more specifically, Glenn Beck.

She played politics and agreed with Mark Davis because she knew she was speaking to a Neocon, Glenn Beck worshiping base who would instantly write her off if they believed her to be a, God forbid, 9/11 Truther. Those poor Neocon, fake RINOs are a huge voting block here in Texas, after all. That is understandable. But in her defense, if you go to the interview with Mark Davis, she DOES state at 3:41 that "there may be importance to come back and address that" referring to unanswered questions about 9/11 which have been raised by millions of people world wide.

So that brings us to, "just what does all this mean?" Why is the 9/11 issue so important and why is it used as a political football to derail anyone who may pose a threat the establishment oligarchy our government has become? Why does the media and government work SO HARD to continue the cover up and the demonization of those who dare question our vaunted "leaders? What is it they are trying so desperately to hide? Good questions. But what are the answers?
The answers lie in the mirror. I am issuing a challenge to all those of you who still believe the official story and trust in our government to never do anything bad or lie to the people. Look at the questions I and millions of others have posed about 9/11. Go and watch the entire 2 hour Richard Gage presentation called"9/11 Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction"and see the ALL scientific evidence and proof with your own eyes that the official story has holes bigger than the size of Texas. This one video alone has been the key to personally waking up more people than any other because you can actually watch the scientific method in action.

I further challenge all red-blooded American Republican patriots to go and watch two more videos to understand just how the Republican party was hijacked and taken over by the Neocons. The first is a documentary called"The New American Century."Then watch Ron Paul's now famous"We've Been Neo-Conned"speech to the Congress in 2003. As a major political force in this nation, it is our DUTY to understand the truth about those we support and their ideals. Why do we believe what we believe? How did those thoughts get into our heads? Good questions. The answers are out there. You only need to seek them. You have now been given the keys to open the door to reality.

And finally, I issue this challenge Debra Medina and all of her supporters to realize exactly how it all went so wrong when just 3 weeks ago, the ship was sailing so smoothly and victory seemed so certain. Put the pieces together and you'll understand exactly how it all went so wrong. It was the 9/11 issue and the 9/11 issue alone that destroyed the hope of We Texans.

America. My fellow Texans. The time has come to launch this into the mainstream. It's time to make the truth about 9/11 part of the American consciousness. What are we so damn afraid of? We have been lied to for long enough. It's only by exposing the truth about 9/11 and demanding a new and independent investigation with full subpoena powers asthousands of military, government officials,architects, engineers,firefighters,first responders,pilotsandaverage American citizenshave that we'll ever see an end to the madness. These are not 'crazy' people. They are honest Americans with honest questions. Once the people of this nation open their eyes and wake up to the truth, maybe then, next time, we can get it right and 9/11 will no longer the "taboo" issue it has become. The real debates about the real issues can once again commence without outside static and interference. The criminals who areoccupying our Houseneed to be removed if we ever hope to get our country back!

Uncovering the truth about 9/11 is THE KEY to exposing all that is wrong with our world and finally beginning to right the ship. We can do this, but it will take a mass awakening and awareness that we have been lied to. Only the TRUTH shall make us free. Don't you want freedom? Aren't you tired of being deceived? Is it a massive conspiracy? All the scientific evidence and proof seems to point that way once you really take the time to look at it and ignore what you've been told by the controlled media. But the real question is, "how can it be considered a "theory" if it's all true?" Together, we can do this! Readers around the world, the challenge has been issued. Texans, it's time to Cowboy Up!

Author's Bio: I am not a writer. I am an American. I am simply someone who is fed up with the establishment , the "elite" and the way things are not only in this country, but around the world. I am also fed up with the apathy, ignorance and arrogance of much of the American populace. I sat down today to scribble down some thoughts and the words just flowed out of my mind. You see, I know and have come to the understanding that if ONLY the people would wake up to the truth and realize the lies we've been told by those in power for so long, that we could peacefully take our world back from the darkness which has descended over it. Creating AWARENESS is the key and I'm just merely trying to do my little part.

I woke up over 2 - years ago and my journey down the rabbit hole has been enlightening, educational, sometimes frightening and time-consuming, to say the least. I have done thousands of hours of research, to include reading books about TRUE history, reading hundreds of articles from alternative media uncontrolled by corporations, and watched hundreds of documentaries; some better than others and some, a complete waste of time.

I recently moved to Texas from Chicago to be closer to family and because it is increasingly becoming a God-forsaken police-state hell hole of a city in which to live. I was even on one occasion pulled over, had guns drawn on me, cuffed, frisked, searched and had my rights completely violated for simply being white in a black neighborhood at night. Ironically, I was simply out of filtered water and on the way to the store get some more because I refuse to ingest their "healthy" fluoride. I attended the Tea Party last night to network and get involved with the local patriot organizations so I can do what I can to help restore our Republic, but I am still amazed at how many people are so snowed by the right-wing media, Fox News and especially Glenn Beck. I and many others like me, (I guess those with a lot of discernment) can see right through the guy's little bait-and-switch, snake-oil salesman act.

I decided to sit down and write out my thoughts because of the adoration I saw last night for Glenn and the apparent NeoCon conservatives running the show. I hear them on the radio and just want to scream as they perpetuate the lies over and over. I felt I needed to reach out to these people because they are passionate in their beliefs and are working so hard to do what they can to help out our country. But they're wrong on this one issue and it's a HUGE issue. We can get this country back and return to a peaceful and prosperous nation once these criminals are removed from power. But that can't happen as long as the conservatives think the only problem is the liberals and the socialists. It's much, much bigger than that and we all need to understand and discover the Big Lie if we're to move forward in the right direction.

We need to be told the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us, God. Replacing Democrats with war-mongering NeoCons simply because they're Republican, is NOT the answer to what ails our country. The left/right paradigm is an integral part of the Big Lie. We need to realize that and shatter these false beliefs once and for all. What we need are candidates and politicians, be they Libertarian, Green, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative or whatever label they want to put on themselves, who have SWORN to SUPPORT and DEFEND The Constitution of the United States of America. Nothing more, nothing less. They need to be vetted to make sure they are for real. The only thing which will save this country at this point is the TRUTH, justice and Constitutional candidates sworn to uphold the law of our land. Ron Paul, Marcy Kaptur, Chuck Baldwin, Charles Key, Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich, and Brad Sherman, are all stellar examples of the type of person we should all be supporting for public office.