We Are Change Colorado Interviews KBDI Channel 12's President/CEO Wick Roland


Over the last couple years working with Colorado 911 Visibility and other activist groups in our area along with the wonderful people at KBDI channel 12 we were able to show many powerful films that have never been shown on network cable TV access before. KBDI broke ground by having the courage to air these incredible movies. These films were some of the most successful ever aired on KBDI. What that says to us is that as Wick Roland CEO says in the video "struck a chord with a large segment of our population." AKA....WE WOKE A LOT OF PEOPLE UP AIRING THESE FILMS ON NETWORK CABLE TELEVISION DURING PRIME TIME HOURS IN THE 16TH LARGEST MARKET IN THE COUNTRY!!!! All this is just a testament to our success and even more so an example to other WAC chapters or any one else how easy this was (relatively speaking) and how many people learned the truth about the FEDERAL RESERVE and about 9/11. We also included copies of Jonathan Elinoff's Core of Corruption as well as Alex Jone's Engame with the gift packs people received when they donated adding even more powerful films for these newly awakened people to watch. One thing we always hear in the activist community is how out gunned we are in the info war because media is so controled and we have no legitimate exposure on the TV. Well this is your chance. The TV is the most powerful form of mass social control and can also be the most powerful force in waking our fellow humans up to the global elite shadow government trash!!!!

Someone needs to organize this

on a nation wide basis. It would be a good project for any number of our loosely affiliated organizations. Wondereful idea, amazing! We NEED to be doing this kind of thing, as soon as possible and all at once everywhere all the time, unto justice, even if only historical justice in the form of painful learning and increasing civil conscious awareness.

On the 11th day, of every month.

The Response

As Roland mentions, even those responses which KBDI received that didn't agree with the arguments of these films were supportive of the station's decision to air them. If only that spirit of free debate extended to the bureaucrats in charge of PBS:


Please call

KBDI Tell them to pass on a thank you to Mr. Roland.
Wow ! Real news.

I recommend Zero

I recommend Zero as the next 911 truth documentary. KBDI rocks. I made a donation, even though I am not even in CO. We need to support this programming. I wish I could see it in LA.

"The New American Century"

would also be great.