Russia Today: 9/11 truthers find home in New Hampshire

9/11 is on the ballot this spring in 12 towns in New Hampshire. People throughout the region are encouraging their neighbors to "vote for answers." They want the federal government to launch a new inquiry into what happened on that day now nearly 9 years ago.

Twelve New England towns demand 9/11 reinvestigation

A new movement to reinvestigate the 9/11 attacks is gaining pace in the US. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe.

New York is dubbed as the Empire State for its wealth and resources and is rightfully regarded as America’s most famous city, a beacon of fashion, finance and fast paced action.

New Hampshire is the Granite State of so-called self sufficiency. Less flash and cash, most famous for hosting the first U.S. presidential primary.

New York and New Hampshire are more than 200 miles apart, but for all that distance, the two US locations intersect on one issue: the 9/11 attacks. While it was in Manhattan where three buildings fell, the people of Keene, New Hampshire are pushing for a new probe to find out why.

At 81 years old, Gerhard Bedding devotes nearly all his time to the Vote for Answers campaign. Though the movement for a new 9/11 investigation began in the Big Apple, it’s seeing more success in New Hampshire.

“This is so central to the future of this country. There is no future, as far as I’m concerned, if we do not get to the bottom of this, because we steep in lies upon lies, and soon we do not know what is what anymore,” Bedding said. “I do believe truth matters.”

Apparently, so do thousands of others. Twelve towns are making a new 9/11 inquiry a ballot box issue this spring. Voters heading to the polls will vote on a non-binding resolution that supporters hope eventually sparks momentum and legislative power nationwide.

Hundreds of citizens are expressing a desire to find out “the real truth” and are attending meetings where local experts, such as physicist John Wyndam, present alternative 9/11 theories, specifically surrounding the collapse of World Trade Center Seven and the Twin Towers.

“Basically it is impossible for the top 12 stories to have crushed the lower structure with acceleration. Physically impossible and yet that is what you observe,” claimed Wyndam.

While most elected officials have ignored cries for a 9/11 probe, former Keene mayor Mike Blastos is an exception.

“The two biggest tragedies I can recall other than world wars concerning America was Kennedy’s assassination and the attack on 9/11. And they both remain completely unanswered,” Blastos said.

The 9/11 commission, like the Warren Commission, left millions of Americans doubtful over the official government’s version. Bedding withholds accusations, but demands answers.

“I do not like to speculate who did what, or who let something happening. That should be found out. Building 7 was not even mentioned in the original report. But I do know that a building that has not been hit by an airplane, such as Building 7, does not come down like perfectly controlled demolition.”

New Hampshire was the first colony to declare independence from England in 1776. Only time will tell if the first sovereign US state will be where the push for a new 9/11 investigation could prevail.

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That's encouraging!! Thanks New Hampshire!!

I would love to see this happen in Texas.

Thanks again to Russia Today for the fair coverage of such an important subject. It appears that there is a growing momentum.

Today in Texas... News article on 9/11 and Bill White

Me too Rob! I would love to see this in Texas! AE911Truth is having an event in Austin on March 20th...

Today, The Texas Tribune had an article entitled: 2010: Bill White's No Truther

Pentagon shooter driven by hatred, conspiracy theories

A bitter Californian consumed by hatred towards the U.S. government and conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorism attacks and other perceived government coverups opened fire on Pentagon police Thursday night, wounding two before officers cut him down in a fusillade of gunfire.

John Patrick Bedell hated the government and the American military and was convinced the government, not terrorists, destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers in New York and faked the attack on the Pentagon in Washington.

Pentagon police chief Richard Keevill said Bedell walked up to police officers at the entrance to the Metro subway station at the headquarters of America’s military and opened fire.

Vote For Answers New Hampshire

If you wish to help or if you wish to be placed on their mailing list to receive updates about the campaign, please email

Practical implications

What are the practical implications of this? How might it play out? Odds?

Thank you New Hampshire and Russia Today

Thank you New Hampshire and Russia Today.

Time to speak to even more people.

Wow! We've got to spread THAT video far and wide.

From the perspective of the perps, that was a rather disturbing piece of news right there, a scary development.

Go 9/11 Truth Movement. Hang in there. History will get this thing straightened out, sooner rather than later. Like that smart man said, it's IMPOSSIBLE absent the use of explosives. it's a very simple and straightforward physical reality, and TRUTH. There's really no getting around it, in the final analysis. Just go to Youtube and search the videos of those buildings being destroyed, and it's right there, recorded in real time, when it happened, and that record, the ACTUAL record of the occurance of those building's complete destruction, have been PRESERVED, while those Twin Towers of the WTC remain forever conspicuously absent the New York City Skyline.

Everyone will come to see the official story, as rendered here for example

defies the laws of physics, whereby the plane strikes and fires could NOT have been the sole cause, but were only a RUSE to sell the NOTION that they were in fact the sole cause ie: we were attacked, where to even begin to question such a narrative may then be attacked as nothing more than "theory" - but that's insane! We've got to get this thing straightened out, and our Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are doing a bang up job, as is everyone. Good work everyone - but now's the time, in 2010, to take it the rest of the way and bring it home.

VERY encouraging story - and for a perp, very frieghtening I'd say. Maybe even enough to finally stop Cheney's heart dead in its tracks..?
On the 11th day, of every month.

AP: Pentagon Metro shooter was a "truther"

"The gunman who shot two Pentagon police officers was heavily armed and spent weeks driving to the Capital area from the West Coast, authorities said Friday. Resentment of the U.S. government and suspicions over the 9/11 attacks have surfaced in writings by the Californian identified as the man fatally wounded in a hail of return fire."

"Signs emerged that Bedell harbored ill feelings toward the government and the armed forces, and had questioned the circumstances behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks"

"The user named JPatrickBedell wrote the Sabow case was "a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions."

"Messages posted on the Web under the username JPatrickBedell seemed to share some biographical details with the shooter and pointed to a distrust of the military and the government at large. “I am determined to see that justice is served in the death of Colonel James Sabow, as a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions,” the user wrote, referring to the suicide of an Army officer in 1991."

“They said he walked up very cool, like there was no distress,” Chief Keevill said Thursday night, quoting the officers. “He had no real emotion in his face.”

If they are deploying Manchurians to discredit the Movement, the endgame would seem to be at hand.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

my home town

My home town in Massachusetts shares a border with Winchester, NH. I spent a day there trying to collect enough signatures for a vote there. I wasn't unsuccessful, but was thankful for being a part of this campaign with the Monadnock 9/11 Truth Alliance, and working with NYC CAN. At the very least, I added to a positive direction by conversing and sharing information with a few..

A couple years ago I spoke at my town's meeting before a vote in support of an investigation to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. I spoke to my town neighbors that winning or losing this vote, it was special that we joined with many other towns to cast the peoples' vote. Though our voices were ignored again. That was my favorite town votes. But everyone can take action in their home town by filing evidence of what clearly is a crime of September 11, 2001 and its cover-up. Especially now, following the irrefutable evidence disclosed at the February 19 press conference, we can join in the evidence presented by AE911truth, by responding to our going on record and reporting the crime of September 11, 2001 into the Court system, and to Governors, and to write about this to our fellow citizens by letters to the editor.

For more on this campaign, check out the working draft for
Misprision of Treason 9/11 Peace Action

Or download the text I plan to file next week into my local court house.
A Call for Truth Over Treason

I think we need to approach antiwar activists and ask them to join us to help stop war by exposing 9/11 deed and cover-up

This action goes to the root of what has been used as the justification for war, which is still going on. I hope we all take part in this transforming action.. Unity and individuality is key.

The evidence speaks for itself, but we need to keep placing this reality in front of peoples' noses.

Remember what George Orwell wrote: "Seeing what's at the end of one's nose requires constant effort."

- -

Granite State Rocks

But, like MF, I came here today to see what was being posted about the Pentagon shooter.

I think it is certainly possible he is some type of "Manchurian" case. However, we must consider the possibility that he was just a garden variety mental case who happened to have questions about our govs. explanation of 9/11.

The Truth has grown like crazy, as is it's want. Millions of Americans know or at least feel in their gut the OCT is unmitigated bullshit. Not every one of those people is going to be a perfectly balanced individual.

Our worry, of course, is that the media overblows the fact he had questions and tries to put the meme in the public mind that all with questions are dangerous. As the perpetraitors are rapidly loosing ground and feeling a ghostly tingling of a rope like constriction around their neck regions grow daily more ominous, desperation is most likely setting in. Their holy grail is to equate Truth seekers with terrorists.

We combat that attempt in many ways. New Hampshire's is a very promising one. Does anyone know what else is on the ballot that day? Exact date?

Odd tidbits on P. shooter Bedell: a press conference was held at 6 am this morning. Just seems weird. Also, he had been busted for growing pot(16 plants?!) on his balcony in Irvine CA. Not the most discreet fellow.

I was just watching CNN

I was just watching CNN this morning covering the news of the guy from CA who shot two guards at the Pentagon last night. This gunman was also shot and died last night. In the news broadcast the talking head (Kirah Chetry sp?) said that "the investigation is showing that he acted alone but that he may have had conspiracy theories about 9/11 and anti-government sentiments."

They are getting very scared and desperate.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Follow up stories on this

have excluded any reference to 9/11 views the guy might have had, which is also interesting in and of itself, that CNN is now avoiding making any reference to it.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Par for the course

Do you mean to tell me that details of initial reports are being dropped from subsequent reports? And not corrected, but simply omitted, and unacknowledged as ever having been reported in the first place (a la Winston Smith in '1984')?

Fitting. Sounds like the MSM's reporting of 9/11 itself.

I cannot help but think of

I cannot help but think of:

1) the recent report about the advisor to Obama (whose name escapes me at the moment) who spoke about the need to infiltrate and disrupt 9/11 truth groups,


2) the 'violent radicalization' bill that was before Congress in 2007, which attempted to link terrorism with 'violent radicalization'--an alleged phenomenon linked, in turn, to pretty much any citizen who thinks for themselves and questions what the government and media tell them. That bill stalled in Congress, but the mentality behind it is very much alive.

That this follows so closely on the heels of the Joseph Stack suicide attack on the IRS building also strikes me as pretty weird.

New Blog Entries on Gators911

Thank you RT and NH

I will definitely spread this video and news about Vote For Answers around to my email list.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow