WTC 2 core severed below 68th floor

"This is probably the most important photograph taken on 9/11" - Gordon Ross, Engineer

This photograph, taken by Aman Zafar from his apartment in Jersey, clearly shows that the core of the South Tower was severed well below the level of the aircraft impact and therefore could not have been severed by the aircraft.

The lower 60 plus floors of the inner core survived the initial collapse front and came down moments later. It could not, therefore, have collapsed, as NIST claims, under the weight of the falling upper section of the tower, which had already disappeared.

Gordon Ross presents a plausible and coherent explanation for the observed destruction of the Twin Towers.

Testimony to Ross's explanation

I came across something in "Grand Illusion" by Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins, a book about Rudolph Guiliani, that pertains to Gordon Ross's explanation of the collapse of the twin towers. My understanding from readiing Ross is that he thinks the inner columns were severed first, and then the external walls, with the entire weight of the building supported by them, were severed, resulting the entire building shattering. I also think he mentions that the inside supports were cut at a diagonal, allowing the severed segments freedom to slip past one another.

Here's the quote from page 6 of the paperback edition:
"Eric Levine, a Morgan Stanley employee whose office was on the 64th floor of the South Tower, fled immediately after the first plane struck the North Tower, He had reached the 50th floor when his own building was hit, A tremendous explosion knocked him down a flight of steps. "I then tried to stand up but the building was still shaking and the lights were flickering on and off. It was terrifying! Then the building began to sink. That's the only way I can describe it. The floor began to lower under my feet and all I could think about was that it would crack open and I would fall hundreds of feet to my death," he recalled."

Is this not exactly what one expect if Ross's explanations are true?

Ross, I believe is basically

Ross, I believe is basically correct in his analysis. It's likely that the attack of the outer core columns.. especially the four corners of the outer core took place simultaneously and then belt girders around the cores were attacked as well and the floor structures had not support at the cores.

He's right about the attacks of the corners as well. The were not columns with foundations, but more to join the facades together. Releasing the corners enabled the facades to topple or be pushed over by explosions up and down the core which destroyed the many of the slabs and pushed the facades apart and over.

There was actually very little sequencing involved probably the same amounts of incendiaries and explosives were placed throughout but they took less time to attack the upper parts as the steel was thinner. So the top reached the point were enough were destroyed and could no longer support the mass above... and that crushed... but the lower parts were weakening at were less resistant and failed an instant latter and so on down the tower which is why it was slightly longer than actual free fall acceleration.

Once the top went above the crash zone it indicated that the entire structure was about to fail and the one huge explosion was set off which created the canopy of dust and was supposed to give the illusion that the top was crushing down through the tower. This surely took apart much of the top of the core remaining, but the core perimeter was already hardly able to support the floors and blowing some of them apart and many of them came crashing down. The 36' tall columns sections didn't fail - their joints were destroyed... same with the perimeter membrane made up of the 36'x10 prefab sections.. their joints could not support the lateral forces of the shock waves coming through the floors... they block apart toppling over.

The central core did not hold much up the two perimeter rows 2 x 8 columns at each side of the core provided the main support for the floor system and acted like a huge vertical trusses and contained diagonal bracing. When those were destroyed only the central core remain which supported very little and was the last part to remain and it simply feel because it could not stand without the lateral support of the perimeter core columns around it.