WTC flashes captured on 35mm film

These images were originally captured by Aman Zafar on 35mm film using a tripod mounted, high quality camera.

The images show flashes occuring inside the Twin Towers on numerous floors during the time the towers were burning. One flash in particular (shown below) appears to have blown out windows on that floor and smoke is later seen emanating from the previously undamaged portion of the building.

These bright, white flashes would seem to provide corroborating evidence that explosions were occurring inside the Twin Towers prior to their "collapse", as shown in this video ...

The flashes all have similar distinguishing characteristics. They all have about the same diameter, being approximatly equal to the width of the windows, they are all roughly circular in shape, they're all the same white color, and they all have similar luminance and granularity.

The granularity of the flashes is of particular significance, since it is consistent with the granularity of the rest of the image and clearly distinguishes the flashes from dust particles or other contaminents or blemishes that might appear as white dots on the image.

The following compilation of images shows the difference between a flash and a contaminant (speck of dust) on the surface of the scanned photo. Note the difference in granularity - the contaminant has a sharp edge whereas the flash is less sharp and consistent in sharpness with the rest of the image.

The next two images, showing a portion of the South Tower above the 78th floor, taken with the same camera from the same location, provide a comparison that demonstrates the camera's ability to capture light from individual windows of the WTC towers under varying light conditions.

As the saying goes...

Hidden in plain sight.

I've never seen this before.

Has it been around for awhile and I just missed it?

That particular 16 sec youtube vid

was only just today uploaded, but I was aware of and had seen those flashes before. Totally legit and not a hoax. The flashes haven't been the subject of intense scrutiny in the movement's history the way the actual collapses have been, and they weren't featured in any early movement documentaries like LC1/2E.

We know the flashes are not a photoshop disinfo hoax because their video existence is corroborated by testimonies of flashes from firefighters, released in the 2005 Oral Histories.

Visit Aman Zafar's archive

he has an extensive collection of high resolution photographs shot from his apartment in Jersy on the day of 9/11 ... follow link at top :-)

More flashes

If you carefully review all of the available footage, you will see many more flashes too. The ones shown in this vid are among the most scrutinized. In the very early days of my personal 911 research, I was fascinated by this and spent much time examining videos for evidence of flashes.

I still see new ones I hadn't noticed before. Just the other day, looking at some video of the South Tower just as the top part of it starts to lean over, I noticed some flashes in the North Tower I hadn't seen before, that were probably timed to coincide with the South Tower's demolition.