Alex Jones Exposes Attempt to Demonize 9/11 Truth on Fox News Following Pentagon Incident

And CNN has Gov. Jesse Ventura on tonight.

Jesse Ventura is gong to be on Larry King tonight. Let's hope he doesn't hold back when it comes to 9/11 and isn't afraid to get into it.

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Tune in now!

Edit: He didn't mention 9/11 truth but mentioned other conspiracies and he made the exact point about our education system that made here in this comment.


I'm totally disappointed in Jesse Ventura. He has time to do an unnecessary and unscripted shout out to his wife in Mexico, which is great, but not enough time to make a strong statement in support of the truth about 9/11 or any evidence of that. He also tells Larry to never say never, and then he says Bush will never be held accountable. His priorities in these interviews are skewed and untrustworthy. He has the stage and opportunity to blast some truth about 9/11 and consistently fails when it comes to his appearances on the Larry King Show. Sad.

Positives are he is extremely well spoken and speaks directly and with clarity when he does speak. He connects with the average American. And he got out a lot of opinions on the election system in our Country. Hopefully the chapter on 9/11 in his book reaches a lot of people and is well written and sourced, because this TV interview did nothing for 9/11 Truth compared to what it could have.

To be fair,

in OTHER msm interviews, including his previous Larry King appearance, he has mentioned 9/11 truth and the demolition of the towers, but true enough, it was disappointing he didn't this time, because it's certainly a more urgent issue at this stage that Lincoln Assassination Truth.

Though he has consistently failed, including in his TV show episode, to mention RG and ae911truth. He finally mentions them in the new book though.

Who Really Killed Abraham Lincoln? a nutshell

Posted this back at your original comment, Adam.

Nice job Alex

Kick ass job Alex!

Go Alex

I'm not surprised Alex Jones won the talking points. But I am surprised that Geraldo folded so easily at the end. It was almost like Geraldo wanted Alex to win.

Last time..

..I saw Geraldo 'that evil guy from pinocchio' he was giving the finger to Alex Jones 'communist group' :)

Things are looking up!

Fox Bimbo's

Great job AJ.

Fox Mimbo

Great job, Geraldo!

I'm not being funny, here. Having AJ on, even like that, under ANY circumstances is HUGE!

It's entertainment. Go where the people are and there follows the advertising dollars.

People all think 911 truthers are pinheads, Geraldo gives WAC and AJ the bird - Live

Things begin turning around a little, have AJ on but be nasty.

Things really turn around, have Aj on and don't be nasty.

Things DO turn around, Geraldo says he spearheaded the entire 911Truth movement from the very beginning.

You may think you woke up

Jack Blood tells it like it is re: Brand Alex.

The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.

Brand Blood

A summary would have been nice.

Briefly, it seems Jack Blood is angry at Alex Jones because Alex doesn't support the Texas politician Debra Medina, because she said this regarding 911 truth:

“I have never been involved with the 9/11 truth movement, and there is no doubt in my mind that Muslim terrorists flew planes into those buildings on 9/11. I have not seen any evidence nor have I ever believed that our government was involved or directed those individuals in any way.”

It seems Blood thinks Jones should support Medina, because he supports her, and he thinks she's better than Rick Perry the Bilderberger. Obviously, Jones doesn't support Perry either.

Then he goes on about how he thinks Alex has 'blackballed' him and how Jones couldn't care less about Texas or 911 truth (even though Blood supports Medina, who is anti-truth), and how Jones has 'no conscience' and is '10 times worse than our current oppressors'.

Blood wants to 'take back Texas', and considers that more important than the truth about 911 etc.

He comes out with some strange stuff like 'You [politicians?] can't say George Bush blew up the WTC .. if that's even true'.


Your spin re: the Alex/Blood/Medina situation would be compelling to anyone unfamiliar with the facts.

As Blood says, this isn't really the country where you can come out as a 9/11 truther and be elected governor. If you think Jones is good for this or any movement, you are kidding yourself and your wallet.

The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.

I don't see

what my non existent wallet has to do with it.

Your allegation of spin is just that.. if you are someone who is familiar with 'the facts', why not simply make your point?

The main take home message

I got from that interview is, why was Jones ok with Ron Paul not supporting 9/11 truth while totally condemning Medina for not supporting 9/11 truth? Why the double standard? Jones knows it is hard for any politician to come out for 9/11 truth and not be completely taken down by media pundits like Glenn Beck. At the very least, why not wait for election day to be over before smearing her? She was still the best candidate as far as I can tell regardless of her 9/11 truth stance, just as I personally voted for Ron Paul even though he didn't totally support 9/11 truth. He was still the best pick out of the bunch. Also Jones has done some strange things lately like bullhorn over a pro-gun rally in Austin, and getting in confrontations with people who are supporting him. There is a clip of this on YouTube. Normally I would dismiss anyone smearing Jones as he gets attacked by anyone and everyone, mostly for ridiculous reasons, but Blood seems to have the credentials and knowledge to back up what he is saying. On the other hand I'll reiterate what Blood said, don't cancel your Infowars subscriptions over this. Time will tell what becomes of these recent revelations and I only hope these guys will just kiss and make up so we can all just get on with kicking some serious 9/11 truth butt.

Alex Jones is an Inside Joke!

... suggested variation on the ever popular "Alex Jones is an Inside Job!".

Best when shouted through a megaphone!

Alex Jones has never promoted 11th of the month street actions. AJ promotes David Icke (I was kicked of the Prisonplanet forums for stating that). AJ torpedos Deb Medina's campaign and disrupts a 2A protest recently.

I've come to a belated realization that it is AJ sitting in the punchbowl farting.

Seems like

we have a lot of haters in the house tonight!

I guess someone had to end the recent respite in ridiculously subjective attacks and turd/punchbowl level analysis. What fun.

Well done

I think Alex handled this well. What he perhaps should do next is to invite Geraldo for a dinner and have some friendly in-depth conversations with him.