ABC interviews Coleen Rowley at the Treason In America Conference - 03/06/10

The bulk of the interview is here, except for the first couple of minutes:

Absolutely ...

... incredible.

Coleen is incredible

& this guy might be the biggest scum on our planet.

Thanks Coleen

I met Coleen Rowley several times. She was present at many peace marches where MN 911 truthers and I were carrying a sign ‘Real 911 truth will bring real peace’. She is very nice and very dedicated to anti-war causes. She marches through the snow, rain carrying huge peace banners.

You know it's not just the case she worked on that is evidence of a cover up. Collen please mention the stolen bottled water (internet search for FBI+ bottled water+ Minnesota) if you get a chance.

Sorry but, I also can’t help but wonder was Wellstone the first prominent Minnesotan to speak out for truth?

Thanks again Coleen

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.

I wasn't aware

I wasn't aware that Wellstone ever publicly questioned the official account of 9/11. If I'm mistaken on that, I'd love to hear about what he said.

What I do remember is that he was the most prominent critic of the Iraq war resolution that the Bush administration was trying to ram through Congress in October 2002, prior to the mid-term elections. They were successful, despite the efforst of members like Wellstone--and then, somewhere between the vote on the resolution and Election Day, he was killed when his plane crashed.

You are right.

I don’t have any evidence he did question 911. However, the atmosphere of the entire state changed. The Lino Lakes stolen bottled water story is the best single example of how, suddenly, there was no rule of law here.

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.

How many times does the ABC

How many times does the ABC clown ask her, "Do you believe there was some kind of conspiracy?" All he was after was a sound bite with which to paint her a "conspiracy theorist." If I got to interview him, my repeating question would be, Do you actually believe that you are a journalist?

Avoid the answer

As I wrote elsewhere, the best way to handle an irritating question that the reporter keeps repeating is to say I've already answered that sufficiently, and then go on to give real answers about the topics you want him to feature about 9/11. So, change the subject on him and don't take him seriously or get annoyed. Just keep chipping away at him.

They cover protests

ABC often shows up when we peace protest. I've seen their reporters talk to counter protesters before the protest.

Excellent job Coleen.

Clearly the ABC guys have the same agenda as the Washington Post and many, if not all of the rest of the mainstream media.

These tv people are hired for their voices, their appearance, their ability to read a teleprompter and their lack of personal integrity.


Boy he's sure looking for that word "conspiracy", that magic catch all term the MSM use to explain away anyone who doesn't swallow the government version of 9/11 or anything else for that matter

That's a

wild moment at 2:30 on video one!

Yes, indeed

ABC was there as a guest to do what turned out to be a hit piece, and this "reporter" is trying to order US around! He might as well have said, "You're making it more difficult for us to discredit you!" :-)

ABC Lies then Targets Truth group

"ABC News obtained the comprehensive military study of Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism on Tuesday. Read the report's executive summary HERE."

"The study, which was due to be released Wednesday, found no "smoking gun" or any evidence of a direct connection between Saddam's Iraq and the al Qaeda terrorist organization."

That's from a ABC News Blog. Not quite the same as front page news and lead story is it?

Their lead story when they were gleefully being used as a propaganda tool to implement Government plans instead of being a watchdog for the people. Was a little different.....

"All of those factual claims -- each and every one of them, separately -- were completely false, demonstrably and unquestionably so. There is now no question about that. Yet neither ABC nor Ross have ever retracted, corrected, clarified, or explained these fraudulent reports -- reports which, as documented below, had an extremely serious impact on the views formed by Americans in those early, critical days about the relationship between the 9/11 attacks, the anthrax attacks and Iraq."

"(1) How can ABC News just let these Saddam-anthrax reports -- as false as they were consequential -- remain uncorrected and unexplained, even through today?"

"(2) More importantly, Ross claimed at the time, and there is no reason to doubt it, that these false reports -- clearly designed to blame Iraq for the anthrax attacks in the eyes of Americans -- were fed to him by "at least four well-placed sources." Who were the well-placed, multiple sources feeding ABC News completely fictitious claims linking Saddam Hussein to the anthrax attacks, including false claims about the results of government tests? What possible justification is there for concealing the identity of those who manipulated ABC to disseminate these fictitious claims?"

"Who were the well-placed, multiple sources feeding ABC News completely fictitious claims linking Saddam Hussein to the anthrax attacks, including false claims about the results of government tests?"

How can we get you to tell us ABC? Why are you protecting the people who lied to you and us? How can we get you to talk?

"Well, there is always waterboarding" -- ABC News reporter Chris Bury at the 5:25 mark second video above

"Stay classy San Diego" -- Ron Burgandy


Chris Bury got schooled.

We know what they showed on national TV. And then we have this, the unedited version.

I'll say again...

Just WOW.