ABC Nightline Monday night broadcast of Treason in America

Unbalanced coverage of this past weekend’s 'Treason in America' conference in Valley Forge. Note the specific placement of pejorative keywords to condition the viewer. Many clues are given as to techniques used to marginalize open discussion of the subject.

Definitely a huge step forward in the right direction. By engaging the mainstream media with factually clear, rationale dialogue when the opportunities arise, we win the hearts and minds of more critically thinking Americans every day, all of whom have the potential to stand for the Justice and Accountability due us all.

Three steps forward...

...Two steps back.

Every time the official conspiracy theory gets set back by a shot of reality, the media attack dogs come out in force using every weapon in their propaganda arsenel to discredit the truth seekers.
But it seems every time the truth advances one small step.
As long as all the noise causes a few new people to do their own research, it is all worth it.
The good news it we still live in a world in which it is possible to question the highest authorities.
In other countries today and in other periods of history it would mean jail, torture and even execution.
We should be thankful for that.