Betsy's Uncut ABC Interview, Chris Bury, Correspondent (Recorded by Mark, We Are Change, Boston)

Great Job Betsy!

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I just want to say you handled yourself very well in this interview.
Take Care Matt

Yes, I second that completely

Betsy did a fantastic job!!

Now if only ABC had the courage to run that entire interview we would be well on our way to blowing this wide open with the American people.

That said, we need to learn how to handle the fringe question and when the msm ask us whether they are involved.

Regarding the fringe question, just cite the poll data. Credible polls show that less than 20% of Americans still accept the official story at face value. Over 50% of Americans think that the government is at least covering something up and fully one third suspect complicity on the part of the U.S. government, that's 100 million Americans, hardly fringe.

When someone like Chris Bury asks us whether we think the msm is involved in a cover-up just ask them why they aren't asking the questions we are, why they have to get corporate approval to show the video of WTC 7 going down on tv or why they aren't interviewing Sibel Edmonds.

We also need to stress the restoration of the constitution and the rule of law. Thus, when we are asked about a nutcase like the Pentagon shooter we can just reply that we support the rule of law and if the law had been followed then 9/11 would have been investigated like the crime it was and we would not have all these questions now.

It's also very clear that we ALWAYS need to record any interview with the msm, so we have a record of the interview. Getting it out on the internet before they show their version is also very important in keeping the record straight.

Betsy, thank you so much for your plain speaking wisdom and grace. You came across as an all-American common sense neighbor, just someone who loves her country and wants to know the truth, someone we'd all like to live next door to.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Rational majority

I swear I saw Chris Bury smirk when Betsy agreed there was 'absolutely a lunatic fringe', like he was thinking 'I've got my bite!'. That was the part they used on TV.

Aside from the poll statistics (which are the most important), 'fringe' meaning 'minority' does not necessarily mean 'lunatic'. Betsy's answer to the Bedell question had already defused that line of attack. The phrase 'lunatic fringe' is a form of social conditioning.

But, I think Betsy's calm personality came through. This was an excellent interview, thanks very much!

Betsy wonderfully emanates how many of us feel!

This was a wonderful, graceful interview. It was real! Betsy became the voice of many of us "ordinary citizens". Betsy, thank you (and your family) for putting this event on.

I am sure Betsy did an excellent job, but the video.....

doesn't want to play on my macbook computer. Maybe what I have is not powerful enough.

Is there another way to load it or another site that might allow me to see the interview?

I have confidence that Betsy handled the interview beautifully.

I don't, however, have confidence in ABC presenting it fairly.

Give it Time to Load

See you This Thursday Rob.

THANK YOU BETSY! You were great. Poised, elegant, TRUTHful.

Thanks for the conference which is getting well deserved attention.
I hope there are more videos of the presenters and presentations.

Maybe a DVD?!?!?

Conference getting Nightline attention is like national ads...

The conference getting attention, even by ABC Nightline. Betsy, in a way, you "paid" for national advertising because of the ABC and RT and YouTube videos and the news articles covering this event. The value in advertising dollars is tremendous.

Excellent, pity the volume is so low. Is there another copy ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
I tried the video on two computers and the volume is so weak.
When I push it to a maximum the background noise from the speakers block out the rest.
Is there an other copy elsewhere with a good volume level ?

Thanks for any link.

Yours John

PS loved the bit about "Russia Today": In the 70 ties they knew they were being lying to but us we do not.

I found these two YouTube links

Treason in America Conference.

Betsy. You did an awesome job with this conference. From the location to the speakers to the media coverage from both Russia Today and ABC News and all the offshoots that those are spurring on. Thanks for this huge step in the right direction of getting the truth out to the population. May the momentum stay with us. May history treat you kind. Everything. Thanks.

Thank you, Ms. Betz

for a moving event-

great interview!

She handled it very well. She was kind and genuine. Win them over with kindness. It's something I need to learn more.

Thank you all for your kind

Thank you all for your kind words. They're very much appreciated.

And TomT, yes, that is how I look at it: the money spent on the conference with the ABC Nightline & Russia Today media coverage was well worth it, not to mention the excellence of the speakers' presentations which are now recorded for history's time... And hopefully will be available on at some point...

A drop in the bucket as far as tv advertising runs (costs), lol... :)