Fujita's Defenders hit back hard at The Washington Post!

Hello all,

Here is a sample of what I've seen from 9/11 Truth Advocates defending the attack against Yukihisa Fujita by the editors of the Washington Post; see article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/03/07/AR2010030702354.html?hpid=opinionsbox1

Firstly here is a brilliant letter to the editor at the WP from an Australian Russel Park-Miller. This is one of many I have been cc'd on from Australia alone;

The Editor
The Washington Post
Washington, USA

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re your article of 8 March 2010: "A Leading Japanese Politician Espouses 9/11 Fantasy".
I write to express my disgust at the rude, arrogant and ill informed, attack on Mr. Fujita in your shoddy article.

For the intelligentsia of the world it is very refreshing to see a politician, any politician, especially one from a highly advanced country like Japan, finally display the intestinal fortitude to come out and speak frankly and honestly against the official story of 9/11, which is so obviously a blatant lie propagated by a bunch of pathological miscreants with the unswerving support of the almost unanimously compliant (and consequently complicit) US media.

It is with disgust that I note there is not a single politician on either side of politics in Australia who would dare criticise the world's "great" self appointed policeman. They have all bowed and scraped to the US for so long they have gravel rash. I do not support Japan on all matters but I certainly commend Mr. Fujita on his brave stand. In contrast your cowardly attack on him is just another nail in the US coffin. You seem to think the entire world population is comprised of morons, but as your propaganda rag falls into the abyss of inconsequence you would do well to note even the US public are going elsewhere for their news. You are simply too incredible!

Every half intelligent person knows why and how the twin towers (and tower 7) were blown up, and your government's official "explanation" only serves to prove it's illegitimacy and the total corruption that has overtaken the US. Your once great nation is now universally hated because it has become the epitome of evil and your "patriotic" denial will not save your sinking ship. The least you could do is afford a courageous man honest coverage, but you obviously consider your interests best served by continuing the endeavour to prop up the official fantasy. Shame on you.

Yours faithfully,

Russell Park-Miller
Melbourne, Australia


Then we have the excellent piece from the Foreign Policy Journal - http://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com see the article "The Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’".

Link to article: http://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2010/03/09/the-washington-post-on-lunatic-911-conspiracy-theorists/

And then we have also seen hundreds of comments posted at the Washington Post!

There is simply no more courageous man in Politics today than Yuki, please support him!

Kind regards John Bursill

My letter to WoPo

Dear WoPo,

Your article on Mr. Fujita of the Japanese Democratic Party seems to fly in the face of the very poll you yourself employed in September of 2006, when the question was asked, "Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories suggesting the United States Government was involved in 9/11?", in which a solid 67% answered "yes".

It appears that your attempt to categorize those that don't believe the official story of 9/11 as a "fringe" is demolished by your own poll.

Are we to take it from this badly researched opinion piece that the Washington Post looks upon a majority of its readers as some kind of lunatic fringe, when by accounts, of all major polls, find people questioning 9/11 official story to be vastly in the majority? Are you that much out of the lope? Or is there some other reason you'd wish to uphold a story that has so many holes in it any layperson could uncover them with little effort?

There must be a good reason why the main-stream-media is losing readership at an alarming rate, and it would be articles such as these that one could point to as the reason.

Or perhaps you could explain the contradiction of your own poll and this horribly written hit piece?

Source for the poll?

Googling the question you had in quotes just brought me back here.


WP was little more than an anonymous post

WP was little more than an anonymous post probably written by some "agent".

BLOG: http://gators911truth.blogspot.com
WEBSITE: http://gators911truth.org
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/911Planet

Michael Moore is taking questions too.

You can submit them anonymously here...

An Australian Free Lance Journalist Comment to WP!

The Editor
The Washington Post
Washington, USA

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Your article of March 8, 2010; 'A Leading Japanese Politician Espouses 9/11 Fantasy'.

The subject article was brought to my attention, as I gave up reading your rag, long ago.

It would appear that; in order to allow your piece of sycophantic, 'delusionary' 'fantasy' to be run, your fact check copy editors were given leave; or indeed the piece was correctly placed as fiction-entertainment.

Your pathetic, ad hominem attack of Mr.Fujita, has again drawn the issue of the credibility of your rag. Again justifying why it is not on my reading list, nor indeed on that of so many thinking people and why it is not regarded as a rigorous source of fact.

The mawkish sophistry of your attempting to jam factual elephants into politically homogenised matchboxes is cringe and aperient.

It appears as though someone has forgotten that you need readership, or have you chosen the path of splendid isolationism, as you whimper ever more feintly into the distance.

George Balos.
(Researcher for 9/11 truth).

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

...gravel rash!!! That's HYSTERICAL!

Thanks for posting the comment letter. It's concise, yet hard-hitting. TERRIFIC!

If I could only be half as articulate..

The comments have been taken over by shills.

There is now comment after comment by the same few people, clearly working overtime to make the comments section unreadable. Almost certainly this is an attack by professional trolls.

We need focus not comments..

With due respect to all who participated on that WaPo comments section, now step back for a while and think, who cares about comments section on several days old article, this is bordering on waste of energy. When you have the tools to directly contact the editors and exces via email or phone of this news corporation..

!Contact WaPo at desk directly - phone numbers and emails inside the link (incl. Ombudsman's):

!Plus there seems to be a key to their email system:
e.g. Editorial Page Editor's name: Fred Hiatt => email: hiattf@washpost.com
The emails suppose to work for most of the head honcho executives listed bellow, lets try..

!The Washington Post Co. - List of Directors ("interesting" personal bios and "Langleyesque" profiles hah):

202.334.6000, The Washington Post Company, 1150 15th Street, NW Washington, DC 20071

Ann McDaniel – Senior Vice President

Rima Calderon - Vice President – Communications and External Relations

Kris Coratti Director – Public Relations/Communications

David J. Jones – Manager, Community Relations & Contributions Washington post Media


Get crafty, there is always a way to get over their secretaries etc., refer "Fujita's fantasies" to hard core evidence at http://www.ae911truth.org/ or Griffin's books or still better yet "Jersey Girls" Steering Committee report on the Congressional 9/11 Commission aka the famous 70% unanswered questions for the victim families:


I've been informed that these following executive email address are working as suggested above. For their bio and full title again here (however I'd suggest using phone contact to their office):