Jesse Ventura tackles ‘American Conspiracies’

Jesse Ventura tackles ‘American Conspiracies’

March 9: Jesse Ventura, former wrestler and one-time governor of Minnesota, discusses his theories about government cover-ups, included in his new book, “American Conspiracies,” with TODAY’s Ann Curry.

with friends like these...

Folks like Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura might or might not be sincere, but I still am convinced that they hurt our movement by their antics, their exhalted voices and demeanor, by their clear desire for sensationalism. It is folks like these two which kept me *away* from the 9/11 Truth movement and folks like Richard Gage or Steven Jones who finally opened my eyes,

Alex Jones and Jessa Ventura are excatly the kind of 'truthers" which the "debunkers" and other government agents love to see out there, being lound and all worked up. Anybody listening to how these guys make their point almost instintively lumps them together with the "Illuminati, UFO and Roswell" crowd.

There is absolutely nothing good from these two getting on the national TV news channels.


Way back in 2002, reading Jesse's book "Do I stand Alone?", written in 2000, turned me on to politics. Like Michael Moore, Ventura has a knack for taking complex issues and breaking them down for the common man.

The Illuminati, UFOs and Roswell are NOT among the subjects in his new book which I just purchased. In fact, the very first words in the introduction are:

First of all, let's talk about what you won't find in this book. It's not about how extraterrestrials are abducting human beings, or the Apollo moon landing being a colossal hoax perpetrated by NASA, or that Barack Obama is somehow not a natural-born American citizen.

He starts by showing us that even according to orthodox history, there were eight co-conspirators arrested and jailed/executed for the assassination of Lincoln. So why did I never hear anyone else's name other than John Wilkes Booth? Anyway, Ventura offers opinions and the beginning and end of each chapter, but the facts in between are 100% documented, sometimes from the government itself. Much like AJ's film "Terrorstorm" focused largely on false flag ops that were not debated, where governments had openly declassified acts of mass deception.

As far as the sensationalism thing goes... well, it's just different strokes for different folks. We live in an entertainment driven society; The hip hop soundtrack on Loose Change was probably what made absorbing the hard-to-swallow facts of the film more digestible, and of course, the over-the-top, sometimes guerilla journalism tactics of Michael Moore made him the highest grossing and overall most successful documentary filmmaker in history.


I agree with you re: Ventura. I think he just is who he is. He could be all over TV giving us the Fetzer/Barrett treatment, but instead he's doing a pretty good job of remaining credible. The talking heads are often so taken aback by Ventura's brutal honesty that they often don't even know how to respond to him.

However, I think Alex Jones is a whole other beast.

The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.


I'm following your beastifying of Jones with interest. Here's a link to another recent comment you made that may provide context to anyone confused by your unexplained ad hominems.


Tag along. There's a fine thread over at Truth Action.

Why should I have to explain myself? His behavior is self evident.
The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.

ad hominem per factum

Like most people around here, you do not understand what an "ad hominem" is and you are using the term incorrectly.

Assett to the movement...but drop the word 'conspiracy' !!

Ventura is indeed an assett !

He's media friendly, and the big talk shows keep having him back. He's not shy about using his celebrity to open doors and to raise awareness.

Ventura is also smart enough to dance with the line of what "he can say, and what he can't say". What I mean by that is....what he can/can't say in 2010 and still be invited back on Larry King, and not be branded in the MSM as a tinfoil-hatter. As we all know, its still a crazy world where speaking the truth is perceived the way it is.
There's some self-preservation going on, and that's fine. Ventura needs to keep leveraging his celebrity status as coming years unfold, and not close doors.

Having said all that, Jesse Ventura could be an even greater assett by dropping the word "Conspiracy" from his vernacular and media products. Now both his show, and a book include this perjorative term. The MSM loves to brand the movement with the C-word, and Jesse perpetuates that. This is one piece which hurts us.

However, perhaps his use of the word "conspiracy" is what gets him invited for his media appearances..that he uses the MSM's language.

I noticed how the interview with LooseChange was covered in the MSM as the guys from "the Truther movement" (as opposed to "the 9/11 Truth movement"). On the one hand, that's indicative of some sloppy journalism in that they didn't get the nomenclature correct, but how convenient for the MSM that they got to apply a label (and in the MSM's view, "truther" is a pejorative label, analogous to calling someone a 'fascist' or 'conspiracy theorist', or 'socialist').

The simple phrase "conspiracy theory" has been the biggest asset for those who work to keep Truth under wraps (pick any historical example of SCAD's..state crimes against democracy). Just label anyone who questions a sotry as a "conspiracy theorist", and they're an automatic nut-bar ! This is a pattern which needs to be broken.

I agree with Adam in this case!

Ventura has done a hell of a lot of good for the "common" TV watching Jane and John Doe!

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Ventura is a contribution

Hm, the problem of your little theory that Ventura is supposedly damaging the cause, is that when he speaks he makes genuine sense afterall, which can't be even said about most of the former U.S. presidents.
Is it a bit unfair when the msm exploits it like in the opening of this video, showing him in cheasy Wrestler's outfit, possibly, but in the end this is all more than being offset when he speaks.

Would I prefer interviews with expertly 20top authors on the JFK etc.?, definately, but they won't air it, Ventura is allowed because of his past governorship and colorfull personality. Is he going to persuade the overpaid establishment lackeys sitting in Washington Post, no, and they don't care in the first place, but he will persuade the mass of people at large, who will not pay attention to these infotainment clowns and one day ultimately kick their ass out of their flashy building. And that's what matters in the longterm for political - social struggle.

Everybody brings their own piece to the movement.

In general, RG, SJ, DRG, et al, do not appeal to the same demographic as a Jesse Venture or AJ.

EACH piece that each of them brings is EQUALLY important, as is EACH piece that each of us brings.

As a matter of fact, even the disinfo. folks (Spot the Dingoes!) have their part to play. They keep us on our toes and keep our blood boiling. That keeps us sharp and without any false sense of security. Who knows, we may even be converting a few of them!

He acquitted himself well

I just watched the interview. He acquitted himself well. The man is media savvy, blunt, plain spoken, fearless, highly intelligent, and an American original. On his show on conspiracies, he played to his audience. He certainly is an extrovert, and learned to ham it up for the audience during his days as a wrestler. I imagine he was trying to appeal to everyman, not the intelligentsia. I suspect he succeed very well in that regard.

Jesse is a solid

and sincere truth advocate. His blunt and fearless style is both media savvy and intimidating to the mockingbird types who would like to push him around and throw him off.

Their tactics don't work. And though of a slightly smaller body frame, Dylan is no push over either.

ABC even pulled out a "Jihad Jane" story tonight, about a woman in Pennsylvannia. Hmm, what just happened in PA? These birds are flustered.

How often has 9/11 Truth been mentioned on The Today Show?

I think Ventura is a key figure in the 9/11 Truth movement. His credentials speak for themselves. He served the country as a member of the Navy Seals, his specialty being in demolition, no less. He was a governor. This résumé immediately strengthens his credibility with the general public. He is intelligent and can convey the message in an understandable manner. His passion for 9/11 Truth is unquestionable. He recently stormed off of a radio show after the host employed the usual verbal assault and repeatedly interrupted him. His motives are pure. He has money and is semi-retired. I had issues with the title of his television show and book until I realized his purpose, indeed, our purpose as a group - to awaken the masses to the blasphemous actions of the U.S. government. I think a lot of us are a little touchy with the 'conspiracy theory' label. I know how sick I get of this insulting designation. But I recently remembered how I learned of the 9/11 fraud. I had heard a bit about the theories and bought The New Pearl Harbor, which I thought would be a fun 'conspiracy' read. Curiosity about the latest 'conspiracy theory' lead me to the book. About 3 pages in, the strength of the argument surprised and frightened me; the experience has been life changing in the most positive of ways. Those of us who frequent this site know how solid the case against the official account is. Awakening others is a big goal for many of us. Ventura avoids the 9/11 'truther' pigeonholing and spreads the message at the same time. If he stimulates nothing more than curiosity about 'conspiracies', a popular subject for many Americans, then he has achieved a hell of a lot. We all know just how convincing the case against the official account of 9/11 is, if people will only look. Let us all support this valiant patriot. Thank you, Mr. Ventura.

He didn't

He didn't user the phrase "9/11 Truth", in that interview, or on his conspiracy TV show. He avoids it like the plague. And he apparently has no idea that AE911Truth exists, and neither do his "cracker jack investigation team" from the show.

Thanks for posting this.

I would have missed it completely as I threw my TV into the garbage long ago.

Maybe, it's an interviewer's technique to sound uninformed and SO incredulous but it's darn funny! Even if Ann Curry isn't vacuous, she sure puts on a good show.

Millions watched the show and will buy his book - moi among them. :o)

ps: the more the term "conspiracy" is used the better. In that way, it becomes part of the common lexicon and therefor less "biting". A word's overuse renders it less powerful - in this case, hopefully soon impotent.