TV Media Info Wars Strikes At Valley Forge ‘9/11 Truth’ Conference Nate Graham on Mar 9th

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TV Media Info Wars Strikes At Valley Forge ‘9/11 Truth’ Conference

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VALLEY FORGE, USA–(OiP)— Perhaps, there truly is no such thing as ‘objective journalism’ anymore– TV news media organizations have their own slant on every televised story. Unbeknownst to myself at the time, two separate TV news organizations, Russia Today (RT) and ABC News, arrived to cover the same 9/11 Truth conference here in suburban Philadelphia, but with different agendas.

After watching both clips numerous times, it seems one network was genuinely there to offer balanced coverage on the 9/11 Truther conference, while the other arrived conveniently after this past weekend when an alleged 9/11 Truther named John Patrick Bidell opened fire at the Pentagon, suddenly deeming the conference press-worthy. We’ll let you connect the dots…

ABC News Nightline’s segment was the first televised news story I had witnessed on the 9/11 Truth meet just before midnight. I had only begun watching their coverage at the convention in Valley Forge as soon as I heard the words “Nine-Eleven” uttered by Nightline anchorwoman, Cynthia McFadden. Later that evening, I saw RT America’s take on the same 9/11 Truth conference, but couldn’t help but notice they were profoundly different.

This weekend at the Valley Forge Convention Center, minutes away from Valley Forge National Historic Park, a two-day conference was held called ‘Treason in America’ organized by Betsy Orr Metz, which brought in hundreds of “9/11 Truthers”, as they’re called, from all over the nation. ABC News showed up to report on the 9/11 Truther conference with reporter Chris Bury and producer Katie Hinman for a TV segment on their nightly national news program, Nightline. So did news channel RT America, which broadcasts from studios in Washington, DC, who sent their own Correspondent, Marina Portnaya, to cover the conference.

“Our presence was met, as you will see in tonight’s segment, with some resistance. For obvious reasons, the “truther” movement has clashed with many in the mainstream media,” wrote the ABC Nightline ‘Where We Fit’ blog, although the ‘obvious reasons’ were never explained.

RT acknowledged ABC News’s presence at the conference, “The consensus among all those who attended is that the mainstream media has essentially ignored any questions for about 8 1/2 years, but ironically as this conference got under way, one news channel did show up–take a look,” said RT correspondent Marina Portnaya, introducing her own clip from the Valley Forge Convention Center.

When ABC News focussed their attention on the ‘truthers’ themselves, ABC correspondent Chris Bury sat down with a couple of filmmakers of the Loose Change documentaries, as the RT cam took notice, focusing in on ABC’s interview.

“What do you think about the fact that someone like John Patrick Bidell, who shares some of these beliefs, and tries walking in the Pentagon loaded with ammunition and a shotgun?” Bury asked Filmmaker Dylan Avery.

ABC News's Chris Bury

“Well, first of all, we don’t know exactly what he believed. We know that the news said that he might have been a “Truther”, but that’s it. That’s all we know. I don’t support violence.” responded Avery, the Director of ‘Loose Change’.

His fellow ‘Loose Change’ film producer, Korey Rowe, then accused the mainstream news reporter, “You’re trying to already equate us with this man and trying to say that the 9/11 Truth movement is a militia, gun-toting, anti-government conspiracy theory. It couldn’t be anything farther from the truth.”

As seen on ABC News Nightline’s late-night segment, Chris Bury denounced the claims made in the 9/11 Truth documentary “gospel”, as he referred to it.

“Their film pedals some largely discredited arguments claiming that jet fuel was not hot enough to melt the steel structures, that the buildings pancaked down in controlled explosions, that the hijacker of American Airliners Flight 77 lacked sufficient training to fly the plane. All of it pointing ominously to a shadowy, government conspiracy,” ABC’s Bury said in the hit-piece.

“The truthers not only distrust the government, many also believe the mainstream media, including Nightline, are somehow complicit. We were followed by cameras wherever we went. And the makers of ‘Loose Change’ clearly didn’t appreciate our questions.”

“Anything that we try to put out, you guys just simply just knock us down. We already know what the piece is going to do,” Loose Change Producer Korey Rowe stated on camera.

“We already know what you guys are going to do,” added Director Avery, aside his fellow producer. “Just by the questions you asked us, it’s very clear what your agenda is.”

The same truther interviewees then spoke with the RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya about ABC Nightline’s hidden agenda,“The reason they were here was because of the Pentagon shooter. You know, I think it’s funny that we scream from the rooftops for years about needing justice and accountability and we never get coverage, but the second someone decides to pick up a gun and go into the Pentagon metrostation, all of a sudden we’re press worthy,” said Avery about ABC News.

Russia Today took this opportunity to cover the irony of the mainstream news channels not-so-welcome company at the event:

“Marina, let’s talk about that exchange between that ABC News Correspondent and the filmmakers. It looked a little tense.” RT anchorlady Kristine Frazao asked in the aired piece.

RT's Marina Portnaya
“It was tense, indeed. The filmmakers of the 9/11 Loose Change documentaries were pretty much offended they told me by the questions that the ABC News Correspondent was posing. They told me that their documentary has been out for nearly 5-years, and yet a few days after an alleged 9/11 truther opens fire near the Pentagon, ABC News is interested in speaking with them.” Marina Portnaya informed from the New York RT studio.

“They told me that based on his questions, that based on the ways he was posing them, that he was trying to equate the 9/11 truth movement with essentially a radical, Pentagon shooter or somebody who may not be mentally stable, trying to discredit the movement.”

ABC Correspondent Chris Bury who interviewed several other attendees asked other questions that made it on the air such as, “Do you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist?”, “A lot of the people here believe that the government helped murder innocent American’s, do you share their belief, the belief of the people at this convention?”, and most notably, “A lot of people are going to look at this and wonder, are you part of of a, kind of a lunatic fringe?”

“What these young guys actually said to the correspondent is ‘Why don’t you go interview the family members here that want a new investigation? The engineers. The FBI Whistle-Blowers.’ They pointed out to him that the 9/11 commission didn’t have an engineer on it, did not have a physicist, no family member, no first responder. They gave him a list of grievances that they had, but they did not think that the correspondent was listening to them. I did ask the the ABC Correspondent [Chris Bury] if I could interview him on camera, but he declined,” Portnaya reported.

So, while the pieces of both news stories differentiated, it is apparent which ones the 9/11 Truthers appreciate more:

“Here’s some actual balanced coverage of the conference to pre-empt ABC. Many thanks to Russia Today for continuing to do their thing,” wrote Loose Change Director Dylan Avery on his Facebook page, posting a YouTube link of RT’s coverage at Valley Forge Convention Center.

There is clearly an information war at stake, and we should choose what we watch and listen to very closely, or we might just be spoon-fed misguiding information. As for which of these networks you should continue watching– the choice is yours.

Yes this is brilliant.

Yes this is brilliant.

Go to the link and compare and contrast the two pieces, side by side. Given what we were taught growing up about the free-ness of American media versus the censored media of that "evil empire" over there, this is truly The Orwellian Experience.

Thanks for the overview!

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Good looking out Joe

Im almost glad that ABC showed up a step behind their bias .. evidencing once again that corporate media tend toward the cowardly and untrustworthy. This is why becoming our own media is so important; hell, the interview with Dylan and Korey was posted in its entirety before ABC's editors had their stab at it.

Dahlia Wasfi said, "I think it's funny that his name is Chris Bury. If you're a reporter, change your name to "Expose" or something."

And then there was this:

When people like Bob, Charles Giles, Russ Baker, and Cindy Sheehan are all in the same room, I sure find it curious why Mr. Bury would want to talk to film makers with lead in questions about the "9/11 truther" Pentagon shooter. Well, not really. But I'm more polite than he is.

The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.

The Nightline piece was GREAT!!!

Yeah, yeah, they said, "...theories mostly discredited, blah, blah, blah."

They gave the topic HIGHLIGHT status.
They put it in a HIGH PROFILE show.
They gave it a lot of TIME.
They left in comments by Dylan and Rowley, et al, CHALLENGING the interviewer.

They're either secretly on our side or they're complete idiots. Hey, either was WE WIN!

That old fart at the end who said, " will be a hundred years before, blah, blah blah" is pissing into the breeze as the howling wind began to stir long ago and only increases in strength. ...and they think that HAARP can whip up a big storm!!

I was sorry that the woman who funded the conference, Betty?, said "...yes there is a lunatic fringe..." She might have had some strategy behind that comment but it seemed like she didn't know what to say and did the best she could. Following up with the housewife bit was a good "save" but I wish she hadn't said that first part. Look, just because people are crazy doesn't mean they're stupid.

There are a lot of people on the lunatic fringe we should be grateful to have within our ranks. I get a kick out of a group considered the lunatic fringe (us) defending ourselves from a lunatic fringe!!! Ironic, don't ya think?

Better if she had said, "Lunatics are in the eye of the beholder." or "There are lots of people paid to infiltrate the movement and act like lunatics so reporters like you will ask about them."

Anyway, I liked it.

It spread some info and aroused some curiosity to many still waking up and it gave the rest of us a great laugh.

I'm tellin' ya, we're winning.