Yukihisa Fujita Comments on Circumstances of Washington Post Editorial

Below is a statement made by Yukihisa Fujita today about the interview with Lee Hockstader, Editorial Writer for the Washington Post.

The Statement

March 10, 2010

Comment on Circumstances of Washington Post Editorial Dated Mar 8, 2010

Yukihisa Fujita
Member of the House of Councillors
Office Tel: 3508-8205

At 10:30 am on March 3, 2010, Lee Hockstader, Editorial Writer for the Washington Post, visited myself (Yukihisa Fujita, member of the House of Councillors, and Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) International Department Director General) having made an interview request on the subject of “Japan’s stance on and shifting attitudes toward immigration” via the Foreign Press Center, Japan. (original interview request and questions in Japanese available on request)

1. The requested interview time of one hour was spent discussing the current situation relating to Japan’s response to immigration and my opinions on this issue. During the interview Hockstader typed my comments into his laptop computer, as he had requested. However, once the one hour interview had ended and Hockstader had closed his laptop, he mentioned as an aside that he had noticed from my resume that I had raised the issue of the 9/11 terror attacks in a Diet committee, and asked whether I had some doubts about this issue. In response, I explained the circumstances that led me to become involved in the 9/11 issue and pointed out a number of points that still remained unexplained about the events of that day.

2. In other words, after answering questions on the agreed upon theme for around one hour, I naturally responded to this question as being separate from the interview itself.

3. Ms. Fukasawa of the Foreign Press Center, Japan also attended the interview (DPJ International Department Manager Ms. Uchida and Deputy Manager Ms. Burnicle were also in attendance), and she confirmed that during his visit to Japan, Hockstader did not conduct interviews on any other subject than immigration. (following the interview, I received a letter of thanks from Foreign Press Center, Japan President Terusuke Terada). The entire interview was recorded and I intend to disclose the content of the entire interview in due course.

4. As stated in 1. above, this was an informal chat regarding 9/11 following the actual interview itself. At no point did I draw the conclusion that 9/11 was a conspiracy, and I clearly stated that the collapse of the Twin Towers could not be judged to be a result of a controlled demolition. Rather, I stated I had made my speech in the Diet from the stance that it was necessary to investigate the origins of the “War on Terror” from the perspective of assisting the relatives of the victims of 9/11, and in relation to the war in Afghanistan and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

5. Furthermore, I have many American friends from various walks of life, and have worked for many years to serve as a bridge between Japan and the United States, including by providing assistance to former US POWs held captive by Japan.

6. I currently serve as Director of the Research Committee on International Affairs and Global Warming Issues in the House of Councillors, but I was introduced in the article as “the head of the Research Committee on Foreign Affairs”. Moreover, the article describes me as “a Brahmin in the foreign policy establishment” of Japan, while in fact, as Director General of the Democratic Party of Japan’s International Department, I am not involved in policy matters. I find it totally regrettable that this kind of biased article should be published in the Washington Post.


Do not be mistaken Fujita supports a new investigation into the events of 9/11, but this is not what the interview was about. Yukihisa's views on the questions about 9/11 are well documented. His current role in the government of Japan requires him to represent his country and his party, so his views during interviews on behalf of the government are just that, the governments.

Regards John Bursill

They want to pigeon hole Yukihisa Fujita

It is important that public figures such as Yukihisa Fujita to not allow themselves to be pigeon holed as "9/11 truthers". Indeed none of us should allow that to happen.

With this in mind, I like the message he is sending with his statement. There should've been protocol followed, not to mention courtesy, by Wash Post to Fujita. In this instance, Fujita was working for Japan, and if he had known his words were to have been inlcuded in the interview, he likely would have not spoken them at that time.

But as John Bursill notes, do not be mistaken, Fujita has spoken clearly in the past, and is not disavowing those words, just fighting back against those who would have him do that (a la Van Jones).


Who translated this?

9/11 Truth Australia

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I think it's really unfortunate

that this site is automatically spammed with CHEMTRAILS stuff every time you make a post. This is a 9/11 news site and some of us would like to be able to refer average ordinary people here for news (such as this very blog) without them being bombarded with fringe topics. I realize a number of people here think it's a legitimate topic, but it's OFF-topic to the site. Would you please consider keeping your signature line material related to 9/11?
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Show "I do not understand..." by Aus911Truth

"So, why do you wish to protect the criminals?"

UGH... just pathetic
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Aus911Truth -

We're not protecting any criminals, so knock off that nonsense please.

As moderators we make editorial decisions, one of which is to maintain the focus of the site on the events of 9/11/01 and topics related to those events, as we feel that this focus will better enable us to help build a movement that will be more likely to succeed in exposing the corruption and criminality that led to the 9/11 crimes and remove the perpetrators from positions of power. The increased transparency that would come from said exposure and removal will also allow real investigations into things like chemtrails, vaccines, etc.

This site also happens to be one of the "marquee" sites for 9/11 truth and, as such, it is often one of the first places people look at when first investigating 9/11 truth and the 9/11 truth movement. If these people are immediately hit in the face with a whole range of possible conspiracies, many will simply dismiss the site and the movement as one preoccupied with every "conspiracy theory" (in the true pejorative connotation) on earth. This does not benefit anyone truly interested in getting to the bottom of these crimes and restoring our constitution and the rule of law, so that we may get on with creating the world we all want to live in.

Finally, chemtrails, peak oil and other issues not directly related to the events of 9/11/01 often act as wedge issues within the 9/11 truth movement and thus only serve those who wish to divide us against ourselves.

Please note that I am not passing judgment on the validity or importance of these other issues, only on the wisdom and efficacy of throwing them all together here.

Feel free to create a site of your own to explore these issues and link to it from your own 9/11-related site, which you are free to put in your signature here. In this way you can indirectly lead interested readers to these subjects. I think that this is a reasonable work around, don't you?

The alternative to this is to find yourself in moderation, as we reserve the right to craft the site as we see fit.

I know that this may seem like public relations b.s. to some, but winning the hearts and minds of our fellow brothers and sisters is very much about the politics of perception and I, for one, have no interest in beating myself on something as simple and obvious as common sense message management and public relations.

Thank you for your consideration on this. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the site.

Be well,

John W. Wright


John, your reply was upstanding, courteous and constructive. Cosmos, your reply was, as you say, 'pathetic'. Try to put just a bit more thought, if not caring, into your words.


How about putting some thought into this:

I think my comment to Chihaya (and to you, in the link I just posted) was quite thoughtful, caring and courteous. To which she responded by accusing me of "protecting the criminals". I'm somehow not surprised that you don't have a problem with that.

Not surprised.

Cosmos, your comment confused me, so I had to edit this reply a couple of times once I figured out your different references.

First, using words like "spammed" "bombarded with fringe topics" (fringe is a debunker term) "think it's legitimate" will usually put someone advocating truth into a defensive mode. Your comment was anything but courteous and constructive.

Second, if someone infers that you are "protecting the criminals", then I am sure you can handle that by yourself. I suggest you stand on truth and you won't have much to worry about. No need to play the victim. You did go on the attack after all.

Third, who said I don't have a problem with that? Please explain how you came to the conclusion that I don't have a problem with that.

Fourth, why would you say you are not surprised?

Fifth, even if your comment had been a good one, that would not excuse you or anybody else for making insensitive, uncaring comments at other times. We had someone that was doing that a lot on 911blogger, and they are no longer around <-- gotta say that 911blogger has become a much more pleasant experience since their departure.

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I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

An email

might be a better way to conduct this dialogue, perhaps?

A certain amount of tension around ideas makes the site more dynamic and interesting.

Tension created by personality differences just brings everyone and the site down, imo.

Let's keep our eyes on the prize, brothers and sisters, there is still much work to do.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

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John -

What would Yukihisa Fujita like us to do, or not do, to support him?

I certainly don't want his courageous personal support for 9/11 truth to injure his career in any way.

I there anything we can do to bolster his status within his party?

Please let us know.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I will ask him....

I am fortunate enough to correspond with Yuki from time to time, and he did directly alert me and a few others of this article as it was being released. I will ask him!

That said DRG and Elizabeth Woodworth seem to be the ones with the ideas on what we should do from the e-mails I've seen. As Yuki is a member of Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth that is where we should draw our advice on this issue. So I suggest you contact them and possibly Senator Karen Johnson also.

If you do not have those e-mails please contact me at johnbursill@gmail.com

Kindest regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Link to original post?

John....Do we have a link to the original post? ...or is it 911Blogger?

BLOG: http://gators911truth.blogspot.com
WEBSITE: http://gators911truth.org
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/911Planet

I got it from the source.

Regards John


You can easily support him in three ways:

1. Send Fujita or rather directly to his Democratic Party of Japan a letter/e-mail of appreciation or call him in the office (voice-ip few pennies). From his rebuttal is crystal clear he had been setup-up/mislead by the WashPost bozos since the interview was booked and performed on completely different subject matter, Fujita has got the paper record and eyewitness, WashPost writer has got nothing in hands..

2. Send a strong disapproving letter to the WashPost editors and execs.

3. Inform other msm and alternative media about this bruhaha, include links of unbiased articles "in defense" of Fujita, which have been linked on this blog so far.

The addresses, phone numbers, and contact info has been published here on this blog numerous times,
or google it on your own in a minute..

PS chatting or commenting about it on the net is not enough..
I'm wondering why not any 911blogger regulars or mods didn't already prepare some sort of defense media package on this Fujita hitpiece. The ongoing blog posts here about how bravely we have done it somewhere in the memory hole of article internet discussion at the WashPost site are ridiculous, when Fujita apparently needs all meanigfull help he can get, now, quickly..

I have plenty of ideas how we can support him,

but the considerate thing to do is to ask him what he would like us to do, or not do, in support of him.

The last thing I want to do is make matters worse for him by assuming I know what is the best way to support him.

Patience and discretion are usually called for in these kinds of circumstances.

I assume you know what they say about the road to hell...(it's paved with good intentions).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

OK, great I agree ask him. I

OK, great I agree ask him. I just provided list of usual no-harm tactics, which can be applied immediately..

WHOIS Lee Hockstader III?

Who is Lee Hockstader 3rd, Editorial Writer for the Washington Post and Fujita's interviewer?

Evidently this guy was stationed by WashPost's H.Q. on several strategic hot spots during his "career" at quite interesting times, hmm. In terms of family background he is a son of L. F. Rothschild's investment bank partner and via marriage connected to major French nuclear utility industrialist from Framatome/AREVA (global giant corp. also supplying nuclear fuel in the U.S.). He has been recently vacationing at Standford on fellowship..

In terms of media-credibility of this guy, similar combination of personal/professional background usually pops up red alerts on any rudimentary intelligence data mining (background check) service there is, including that of Botswana hah. I don't care if this guy appears as role model for full-time/part-time spook or just a naive friend of spooks around him, he is just utterly not convincing..


Show "Answer me, John Bursill" by Aus911Truth

Fujita's original response released here?

Per quick google search, people from the various Japanese-US forums referred to the following "official" document from Fujita's team, so this has been likely prepared by some professional PR - media types around him. It looks as original one page long MS Word/OpenOffice type of document:


PS one Japanese blogger which predominately deals with combination of topics such as hairstylists for dogs, snowboarding pseudo-stars, evil westerners taking footage of some Japanese acts of animal cruelty (they don't understand us), posted in the line he agrees with the WashPost editorial critique. So, the drift is that official 9/11 story is these days enough only for complete fruit-cases.. It just made my day, lol.

Thanks Toten,

Thanks Toten, I wonder who uploaded that

Anyhow, I definitely see mis-translation in there.
His original:

4. ......9.11が陰謀だと結論したこともなければ、ツインタワービルが解体爆破などと断定したことはないと、明確に発言している。

Above translation reads:

At no point did I draw the conclusion that 9/11 was a conspiracy, and I clearly stated that the collapse of the Twin Towers could not be judged to be a result of a controlled demolition.

But the latter half must read:

... and I clearly stated that I never concluded that the collapse of the Twin Towers was done by controlled demolition.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE, you see.
Actually, that "I clearly stated" is there for the both, so it must have been

"I clearly stated that I never concluded that 9/11 was a conspiracy nor that the collapse of the Twin Towers was done by controlled demolition"

He "never concluded" but not denying it AFAIK, - because he is QUESTIONING!

For some reason, the other article somebody else posted here earlier,

Denies calling 9/11 a hoax


'But I clearly said I have never concluded that September 11 was a dark plot and never stated that (the collapse) of the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition,' Fujita said in a statement.
(end quote)

So this was slightly better - closer to the original.
Wonder what made that difference...
9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!

[edited by LeftWright, please see comment above]

I am encouraged by this statement.

This statement, especially with the Aus911Truth translation correction, is more what I would expect from Fujita. The earlier statement could have been mistranslated also.
I see Fujita as one who is committed to finding the truth through a new and unbiased investigation. He is still one of my heroes.

Thank you ROBinDALLAS,

AFAIK, and I did meet and talk with him on a few occasions in Sydney and in Tokyo, Mr. Fujita is a very wise and sincere man.

And he is determeined. ;O)

I posted the corrected statement to my blog on this site, so you'll see it soon hopefully.
9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!

[edited by LeftWright, please see comment above]

Why would I answer someone who attacks me?

Why would I answer some that calls me an agent, a shill and a lier?

Sorry Chihaya in my world you no longer exist and many wonder if your ok?

I'll tell you what, when you can apologise to me and state you think I am here to do good I will answer your questions.

How rude to say "answer me", and how do you know if I'm even on the web from day to day...or too busy to! I work and have a family and many other things to do...

Go back to your "Chemtrails" and your "no planes" and leave me alone!

And if I hear you are telling good people I am a shill again I will make it known to the world what I think of you....

Regards John

Show "Oh really?" by Aus911Truth

Hello Chihaya..

That seems like a fair record of what happened from your perspective.

The problem is that your paranoia is the problem...as if I would want your money for what? I have given many, many thousands to this campaign as you know and while you wish to bring argument here you won't allow any to talk to you by phone?

You are Japanese or are you Australian? Either way you should respect me the way I have respected you. Yes I have made mistakes and by accident I let you down once and yes I think the Pilots Group is disinfo. By the way the money you sent was Japanese Yen...not Australian currency? And as I said my two year old opened it....sooo....? The thousands of dealings I've had with the 9/11 world and you are the only complaint? Do you want me to send you some money?

I have seen many go your way to paranoia, it is a shame you tried so hard to be of help but in the end you are now without friends or influence:(

You will not see me answer another of your questions here. You have put forward racist material to your list and complete garbage often, you have mixed fiction with fact too many times now and this must come to an end.

I am happy to pay for you to see someone if you need to?



Show "It is not a "paranoia" at all," by Aus911Truth

Please take this disagreement offsite

or you will lose your posting privileges.

Thank you.

Is this the sorry state of 9/11 movement?

They say when students are ready the teacher will come.

As this very thread has shown, personal attacks, off topic comments and what have you..
Apparently, the "students" are still on kinder-garden level, how do you expect building broader coalitions including sitting politicians?

The WP's attack on Fujita was clearly planned action, I skimmed most of the top newspapers and magazines around this time there was large focus on the new Japanese government (after 50years the first not completely sucking to the U.S.) is now increasingly under attack because of the economic downturn, they are vulnerable.

I happen to notice that many, perhaps most of the people frequenting this and similar 911 sites are brave enough only to bitch among themselves. In recent days we had many tools and plenty of opportunities to fight back these morons from WP. But the actual outcome from our side was rather dismal, one can understand, how they laugh at us from their luxurious offices, our prevailing mentality is enabling them to rule over as the divine untouchables. I'm out of here for a while..

Show "Well, does anybody know?" by Aus911Truth

Unfortunate yes....

This is not a political organisation, there is little control.

Many people are not able to sort their business in private and or keep their off topic bents in order, yes it's unfortunate and it does disgrace us.

This is why posts like "John Bursill answer me" should be moderated and people who are righteous with their off topic views should be warned and banned if necessary. Any that don't care what the broader population think need not be part of a forum like this, unless our aim is to fail?

Regards John