ABC 9/11 hit piece exposed

ABC News Nightline has an agenda ... to frame legitimate inquiry and scrutiny of the 9/11 crime as some sort of lunatic fringe obsession with conspiracy theories ... as this video demonstrates, ABC News Nightline has used highly emotive language and implied derision to provoke exasperated responses, then selectively edited footage to achieve the desired result ...

ABC News Nightline tried very hard to equate inquiry into 9/11 with lone gunman and lunatic fringe ...

ABC News Nightline is NOT journalism... it's propaganda, plain and simple.

Perhaps Bedell gave theme an excuse.

It may be a mistake to judge the producers of Frontline too harshly. Perhaps they really want to cover 9/11 Truth, but can't because of pressure from above. Bedell may have given them a hook they could use to at least give a little exposure. It remains tragic that the violent death of a mentally ill man served as the impetus to report on 9/11 Truth at all. The question is where exactly the blame should be laid.

I would like to know how much traction 9/11 truth is getting with the general public. Its the kind of thing that tends to go one way. Once people come to the understanding that 9/11 was an inside job, they are very unlikely to revert to honestly believing the OTC, though some may recant publicly. E.g., Van Jones.

ABC Nightline

not PBS Frontline.

My experience is that 9/11 truth is getting more and more traction every day. As people get repeated exposure to the facts and as things get worse in the U.S. people are looking for answers and are more willing to follow their gut instinct, which is telling them that things are really messed up.

That said, I would love to see a new Zogby (or other mainstream polling firm) poll done so that we have more current information. I guarantee that more Americans now know about WTC 7 and know 9/11 was a false flag than when the last polls were taken.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

New Zogby poll

The questions should be:

1) Do you believe the official conspiracy theory that Osama bin Laden and 19 Muslim fanatics are responsible?

2) Do you believe the Bush administration knew about it and let it happen?

3) Do you believe the alternate conspiracy theory that criminal elements within the government planned and carried out the attacks on 9/11?

Does Blogger have the money to do this? If not, could you do a chip in?

used to do the polls, but as they are struggling, it may be something we could take on.

Then again, many people would argue that we should do a chip in for Janice and before we commission another poll.

The media loves polls, so this is something that should be discussed and should be the subject of a blog and a full discussion.

There will, of course, be a near endless debate over the poll questions.

911Blogger just spent a bunch on the much needed site software upgrade (drupal, for those who care), so we need to do our share of fundraising, too.

Feel free to write a blog on this, if you want.

I hope that you and yours are well, Chris.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.