Cindy Sheehan, Treason in America Conference, 03/06/10

Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan makes an important announcement at the Treason in America Conference in Valley Forge, PA!

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I imagine this is on the fast track to the front page?


Surely this is more important that Jesse Ventura's appearances!



This video is in part a call to action

for a very brave and important action that starts in DC on Monday morning. It needs and deserves the highest visibility on this site and any other concerned with stopping the wars. The video also contains some other important messages for the 9/11 truth movement.

A message from Jon Gold:

"On Monday morning, a new chapter begins. I hope that everyone is going to do your very best to support us, and tell your friends and family about what it is we are trying to do. There is too much blood on our hands for us to do nothing. These illegal wars based on too many lies to count must end now."

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Hey !

........ Were a team. Power in numbers, and Jesse is drawing a lot of badly need attention to the truth. with that being said we are all equally important. Cindy did a great job and showed the big picture. Ruling class vs. middle class and all the corruption in our puppet on a string government. However i disagree with her thought on 9/11. This is what Americans need to slap them up side the head and make them wake up. To show them just how corrupt our system has become. There is no such thing as taking just a peek in Pandora's box. We need to rip the lid off !
We have them by the short hairs on this one and they know it ! So ask yourself this question. If we can get the truth out about 9/11 and rally all Americans for change that is so badly needed what other topic could convince the masses more than 9/11?
And hopefully when that day comes we will demand the truth about everything !

P.S. And something needs to be done about our bought & controlled main stream media !

I love this lady however

911 is the crack in the power elite matrix! While I admire her courage and committment, I value the bravery associated with the leaders of the 911 truth movement. The folks who spoke and attended and organized this conference are all ultimate patriots. While I totally agree with Cindy and I plan on hopefully meeting her in DC, it is the 911 lie which must be exposed to wake up the masses to the point of social revolution. We have had hundreds of thousands march for peace before and the power elite always rides it out! We need millions of people to demand justice and truth from our elected officials. The big lie of 911 is the key to reaching millions of people. Yes I have been angry for along time about 40,0000 children starving everyday. I have been angry for along time about the US deploying weapons of mass destruction in the world. I have been angry for a long time about our government lying to us all my life. But 911 was the line in the dust for me and now I want real justice and real change. No excuses we have the smoking gun let's use it before it's too late.

Please put on front page. Important for Monday 15th March 2010

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Herblay FRANCE

bonjour Apollo304,
thanks so much for the video which I think should be on
the premier page. Courage to Cindy and hoping Washington will outpass the

ORANGE REVOLUTION in the Ukraine ( financed partly by the very Americans that
Cindy denonces),

green revolution in Iran 2009
1953 revolution in Iran
Orange revolution in Georgia

Cia sponsored Color
, etc

That this true people's revolution (certainly not financed by the CIA but by
the people )
will bring us the truth
on 911 and the change necessary in our institutions so that the crimes like 911,
assassination of Kenedy, CIA assassinations in the world etc never happen

Hoping that there will be a daily report with photos and video on this
revolution on the internet. Will the couleur be purple ? ( like the purple heart