Message From Bob McIlvaine: Join the “Building What?!” Campaign

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“Building What?!” is a phone and fax campaign aimed at helping the New York City Council become aware of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, The Salomon Brothers building, and amplifying the request from more than one thousand architects and engineers that a new investigation be opened into the destruction of this building.

To make this campaign a success we will need your involvement and the involvement of every American who refuses to stand for the unscientific report on WTC 7 handed down by NIST. For 17 business days starting on Monday, March 15, we will channel the energy and strength of our movement into one voice to ensure that every member of the New York City Council will no longer be oblivious to the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. Each morning, NYC CAN will send out an action alert asking you to phone or fax three city council members for that day until we reach all 51 council members. Thousands of phone calls and faxes will reinforce and pave the way for NYC CAN’s ongoing meetings with individual council members.

Go to the Building What?! page to learn more.

Please also consider donating a manageable amount of $25 to help NYC CAN fund a new Zogby opinion poll and to support our ongoing work with the New York City Council, the Vote For Answers ballot initiatives, and other important efforts. With the significant increase in media coverage, it is time for a new opinion poll to bolster our message to elected officials. It is only because of your tremendous support that we are able to continue our work.

Short, simple and powerful.

And as a violinist, I loved the music. :)

Kudos to Mr. McIlvaine.


This impacts!!

Professional Powerful Simple Seven

9/11 Truth sure has been upgraded recently. This video has a very professional look and feel to it. The video of WTC7 is breathtaking.

Thanks Bob!

Yes, Thank You Bob

We are behind you all the way.

Perhaps an effort to investigate the destruction of evidence too

I fully support these efforts to call for a new investigation of 9/11. To me, there was a huge crime committed in conjunction with the 9/11 terrorism which is well worth investigating in its own right. That is the almost complete eradication of the crime scene before engineering, arson and forensic investigations could be conducted. NIST claimed they had absolutely no structural steel from WTC 7 to study. But they don't seem the lest bit outraged about the fact.

The destruction of the WTC wasn't only a huge mass murder. It was the biggest engineering disaster in history. Not only that, it was irrefutably an instance of criminally set fires and thus probably the largest case of structural arson in history. The only kind of arson which would be of a larger scope would be an intentionally set wildfire.

I know Erik Lawyer of Firefighters for 9-11 Truth has raised this issue, as have Richard Gage and Steven E. Jones. I would like to see an independent effort made to bring charges against the people responsible for destroying the crime scene. One place to start would be to look into the companies responsible for removing the debris.

Now back to the NYCCAN petition. I am not a New York resident. Does that mean my signature would not be recognized?


I always address the destruction of WTC 7's research material.

I think the way WTC 7 was "investigated" is very powerful evidence about an inside job.

People need to understand that unprecedented highrise disasters do not begin to be investigated by destroying all the research material. That is important to bring up, in addition to the physical evidence of CD.

This is my summary of the case of WTC 7 (I posted that recently):

The 47-storey WTC 7 was destroyed in a way that rivals a highly skilled controlled demolition. Could office fires (=the final official explanation) replace the time-consuming and expensive practice of controlled demolition? Just light a few fires and expect a highrise to come symmetrically to its foundations into a neat pile of rubble a few hours later? Sounds quite economical to me!

The investigation of WTC 7's destruction was preceded by a rapid destruction of all the research material (NIST: "no steel was recovered from WTC 7"). Years of various theories and speculation followed, with the following statement in 2006 by NIST's lead WTC investigator: "... we don't really know. We have had trouble getting a handle on building 7". However, in 2008, they come up with the precise cause of the collapse: a "critical" column failing as a result of thermal expansion (hardly a feature missing in all the other skyscraper fires), and somehow causing all the remaining 80 columns to fail in seconds, and then somehow producing a very symmetrical, resistanceless collapse. According to NIST, thus, WTC 7 had ultimately been dependent on one column - the "critical column" - only!

Who can take such "investigations" seriously?

Three months before the final report, NIST said that WTC 7 could not have freefalled, as there was at all stages material that had to be broken during the collapse, which would take time and slow down the collapse; yet in their final report, due to pressure from David Chandler and others, they had to acknowledge a period of 2.25 seconds of complete freefall during the collapse. This means that *all* the resistance of the 80 support columns and other building material had to have been externally removed - as in controlled demolitions, where some floors are removed by explosives, allowing buildings to freefall during part of the collapses.

Humanity has little hope as long as people don't see a problem with the way in which WTC 7 was destroyed and in which the destruction has been officially "investigated".

Deeply touched

I'm always deeply touched by Bob McIlvaine. This man deserves Justice for his lost son. Being a father myself, I only suspect how horrible this can be.

This is broadcast quality video. Really impressive.


We're w/ You Bob

I just mailed out eight AE911Truth petitions today with the 1,000 names--- all 15 pages-- to Congressman Walter Jones and Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina (I have two addresses)... and to Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan. To both their District & D.C. addresses... in a big envelope with hand-written personal letters......

And next week I'll make the calls to NYC Councilmen. I love targetted campaigns. Let's wake these people up!

Check for correct AE911Truth petition

Hi RL McGee, I believe AE911Truth accidentally put out a 15-page version of the petition that didn't have all the names, and then they realized it and put out a new 21-page version with all the names. Check with them and make sure you have the right version before sending out any more. Keep up the great grassroots activism.

Bob M. "Building What?!"

Bob is truly an inspiration. Hopefully other victims famalies will begin to unite and their call for justice is heard. Im not sure what documents were signed by the victims famlies. Regardless of what they signed they should be able to unify in class action to demand a new investigation. In every way the families deserve better treatment.

"Building What?!" is absolutley spot on. Does anyone know where it stands between Scary Larry and Port Authority? Last I heard if they didnt soon reach an agreemnt on how to proceed, SLarry was going to lose the deal and control to the PA.


Put the traitors in JAIL! You don't support a real investigation then you are not a patriot! That's what I say and don't stand in our way. We want the TRUTH. We feel your pain Bob and I for one will not forget!

Stunning video

Thanks for everything you have done Mr. Mcllvaine. Your son would be very proud of you in your tireless crusade to find justice.
It also means so much to me as well as someone who has often felt the pangs of derision because of my beliefs about 9/11. I see how unimportant such discomfort is in the face of the kind of pain and opposition that you have had to struggle against in your fight for truth and for a real accounting of your son's murder.