Ventura: ‘You’re not allowed to ask’ about 9/11

This video from RT was posted at YouTube on March 12, 2010.
By Muriel Kane
Friday, March 12th, 2010

Former Minnesota governor and one-time professional wrestler Jesse Ventura has run afoul of the Huffington Post's no-conspiracy-theory policy, and he's not happy about it.

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"I can't believe the Huffington Post today will practice censorship," Ventura says in astonishment. "I've got news for them. ... I won't ever write for 'em again."

Ventura had posted an item on Tuesday which took note of a recent conference at which "more than one thousand architects and engineers signed a petition demanding that Congress begin a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11." He also quoted a few paragraphs from his new book, American Conspiracies, to explain why some of those experts see signs of controlled demolition.

The item was featured on the front page of Huffington Post when it first went up, but after a few hours it vanished. All that appears now at its original location is an editor's note saying, "The Huffington Post's editorial policy, laid out in our blogger guidelines, prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories -- including those about 9/11. As such, we have removed this post."

The note is followed by three pages of comments, enthusiastically arguing the pros and cons of controlled demolition and other 9/11 theories, that were posted during the couple of hours before the entry was deleted and comments were closed.

Huffington Post's own guidelines for its bloggers state, "We must -- and do -- reserve the right to remove objectionable, inaccurate, or inflammatory material and, if necessary, suspend or revoke blogging privileges. This also includes propagating conspiracy theories and blogging about behind-the-scenes housekeeping issues that are not of interest to the general public."

Anastasia Churkina, a correspondent for RT, interviewed Ventura about the controversy. "He's a man who doesn't mince his words too much," she reported on Thursday. "He was pretty blunt."

"I can't believe the Huffington Post today will practice censorship," Ventura told her angrily. "They asked me to be a contributing editor and they said, 'Write about anything you want.' So it was the second time I did something -- and they removed it?"

"Well, I've got news for them," he continued. "I won't ever write for 'em again. ... I won't do a thing for the Huffington Post because I don't like it when people censor what I have to say."

"All I do is ask questions!" he exploded. "That's what bugs me about 9/11. 9/11 is an event you're not allowed to ask a question about. ... Clearly they don't want any questions on it."

Ironically, Ventura had to go to RT, the English-language version of a Russian news channel, to tell his story. Although polls show that large numbers of Americans believe in a broad range of conspiracy theories, and a majority entertain doubts about the official story of 9/11, few of those questions ever appear in the mainstream media.

As Raw Story recently reported , "In November of 2007, an online article noted, 'Nearly two-thirds of Americans think it is possible that some federal officials had specific warnings of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, but chose to ignore those warnings, according to a Scripps Howard News Service/Ohio University poll.' A national survey of 811 adult residents of the United States conducted by Scripps and Ohio University found that more than a third believe in a broad smorgasbord of conspiracy theories including the attacks, international plots to rig oil prices, the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the government’s knowledge of intelligent life from other worlds. The high percentage is a manifestation, some say, of an American public that increasingly distrusts the federal government."

Even liberal websites, however, discourage questions about 9/11, to the point where BooMan of the Booman Tribune had to preface a post at Daily Kos in 2005 by writing "I know this touches on verboten conspiracy theories, but this is a front-page NYT article."

"It's kind of hard to tell whether or not a new investigation will be launched," Churkina concluded. "Many people don't think this is going to be happening any time soon, even with such public figures, like Jesse Venture and other, calling for it."

Annoying Troll

There is an annoying troll there writing as "Eric Van Bezooijen." Time for another can of "Troll Be Gone". Other than that, the thread is very long and active and there are lots of people who are awake there.


She is right

There will never be another investigation on what happened on 9/11. If there was an honest investigation, plenty of people high up would hang. As we all know it was an inside job.

This movement is doing a

This movement is doing a Helluva Job Investigating 9/11 considering the circumstances.
We may never see another "Official" investigation. We still need to get the majority of Americans and the world to know it was a complete deception and covered up by our media and politicians. That in itself might do the trick.

I agree. There is a "turning point" which will come to pass.

Already, within the past 4 years we have witnessed a huge shift of attitudes by the masses on a variety of subjects. ( Examples: vaccines, health related issues, Ron Paul, The Federal Reserve.) I was amazed how dramatically Aaron Russo's film had such a ripple effect throughout our society in only a few years. Personally, I think that "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" will end up causing a huge shift of attitudes about 9/11.
"Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" is a literal juggernaut. The next four years will be like a steamroller of truth. Even the politicians will have to take notice.

My friend had never heard of Loose Change till today

I work with a guy in his early thirties who seems pretty up on things. I've been trying to get him to look into 9/11. Today I asked him if he had heard of Loose Change. I was quite surprised when he told me he had not.

I have to wonder if people even talk to each other in real life anymore? What ever happened to word-of-mouth as a means of spreading information? The Internet is great as a way of networking and sharing information with people who are looking for it. It is not so good as a means of reaching new audiences. The work of Richard Gage, Steven E. Jones, Kevin Ryan, David Ray Griffin, etc., is essential. They are getting the word out to a wider educated audience.

I guess Jesse Ventura is doing his part in getting some airtime in the MSM. To some extent I would like to see the MSM completely excluded from the movement and have their negligence exposed as the truth gets out through back channels. OTOH, the MSM has a voice that nothing else has.

The 9/11 truth movement

has always been about educating people one-on-one, one at a time and getting more people to do that every day.

Truth seeking is an individual journey, but there is no reason why we can't encourage others to do it and talk about what we all find along the way.

This is how a collective consciousness is formed (what used to be called common sense).

Modern American society has been engineered to isolate and alienate us from each other, the truth movement is all about transparency, openness and demanding and getting answers to basic questions that affect everyone (sounds like democracy, eh?).

The corporatocracy does not want this, so they task their msm minions to shut us out and ridicule us when we stand up and point to the purple elephants in the room.

But the slumbering American masses know that all is not right in the republic, are getting very restless and are asking about the elephant poop on the carpet. More and more are seeing the purple elephants every day and not sitting down and being quiet.

The second American revolution is approaching, our challenge is to keep it non-violent and not let it get co-opted by the same old sociopaths wearing today's latest fashions.

The truth will out, brothers and sisters, let's stay alert and get even busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I've been meaning to tell you...

"The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward." is the best signature quote EVER.

I think about it every time I see it and it moves me just as much each time.

Thank you, Mokeyboy

I had a series of epiphanies when I was 11 and 12 which had a profound effect on me, even to this day.

Of course, I also had the great good fortune to have two very loving parents who were/are very sharp critical thinkers.

I'm the youngest of five and learned quite a bit from my siblings.

I've been told more than once that I should be a pastor...(and a comedian...LOL)

I can honestly say that I love everyone. I may not like or want to hang out with everyone, but I truly want the best for everyone, as that is the only way we will succeed in creating the world we all really want to live in.

Probably the best thing about being in the 9/11 truth movement are ALL THE GREAT PEOPLE you meet and work with in it.

We are all brothers and sister on this big, beautiful blue ball.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for.

I better end this sermon before I get carried away...(the men in white coats are always not far behind, a wee pun there).

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"Purple Elephant" LOL

Laughing out loud, Hope you don't mind if I save this one LWright! Good to bring back out when I need a good laugh.

Feel free to frame it

and put it on your wall, if you like.

I happen to really like all shades of purple, but come on people, HOW can you NOT SEE that herd of purple elephants pooping all over the place, especially Washington DC and the network studios.



Royal Purple (off-topic elephant)

It's the color of emperors (when dressed) and popes. It's also (from wikipedia):

Magic (cryptography)
Magic was an Allied cryptanalysis project during World War II. Magic's efforts were directed at breaking Japan's diplomatic cryptographic codes (PURPLE), allowing Allied policy-makers to read Japan's diplomatic messages.

Information carried in PURPLE

The Japanese used a cipher machine to encode their diplomatic messages. The machine was used by the Japanese Foreign Office, and was called PURPLE by U.S. cryptographers. A message was typed into a machine, which encoded and sent it to another unit. The receiving unit could decipher the code only if provided with the correct code settings. American cryptographers were able to build a machine that could decode these messages. The PURPLE machine itself was first used by Japan in 1940. United States and British cryptographers had broken some of its codes well before the attack on Pearl Harbor. However, the PURPLE codes were only used by the Foreign Office to carry diplomatic traffic to its embassies. The Japanese Navy used a completely different form of code, known as JN-25....cont

Good one

>>the 9/11 truth movement has always been about educating people one-on-one, one at a time and getting more people to do that every day.

Great quote. I've felt this way too. There's an inherent contradiction because the MSM is complicit in the cover-up by acting out the agenda of those defending the official story, so exposure literally cannot happen by that avenue. Yet.

Of course, if it reaches critical mass after being relatively under the radar and person by person all over the world for years, those defending it will have to make a choice, or risk going down with the real perpetrators. That will be interesting to see, when it happens, and it will.

The Why of Censorship

It's obvious that Jesse's article was censored because he included AE 9/11 Truth. To my knowledge, no MSM has mentioned it. These are not loony nuts, they're all professionals which puts a kabosh on FOX's take on the subject.

I sure

hope you are right Joe. Our movement can only do so much. As I said before we need more popular people like Jesse to step up to the plate with the truth about 9/11. The MSM totally sucks. Look at all the print Tiger Woods is getting and he is nothing but a pervert who needs help in my opinion. I am sure that the truth about 9/11 is far more important than Tiger cheating on his wife. When are people going to see that the future of our planet is at stake here? We MUST keep plugging away.

I agree ...

there won't be a proper investigation because the entire establishment is implicated, too many heads would roll, the system would need to acknowledge and confront such pervasive corruption that it would require the complete restructuring of the current political superstructure... this is not going to happen ... however, the demand for a new investigation is the best vehicle we have for advancing and enhancing public knowledge about the truth of 9/11

I disagree,

albeit respectfully. There will be a new investigation. It will probaby not happen as soon as we'd like; and possibly it won't happen for a very long time. But it is still perfectly possible, even plausible, that it will occur during our lifetimes.

The general progession (and this is crucial) is toward truth. I see it among Liberal individuals and Conservative individuals. It's often on the slow side, but the progression will continue in this direction. That is one of the reasons why there remains hope.

(I do agree, accordingly, with johnscriv that continuing to demand a new investigation is a good idea.)

To 9-11 Joe

I wanted to let you know I generally like your comments and can tell you are a good human being. What I am disagreeing with specifically is the phrase :"There will never be a new investigation." I am perhaps taking the statement too literally (sorry)--but I still disagree with the statement. Otherwise, I'm in agreement with you on the matters being discussed.

New Investigation? What We Can Do!

It is too late to avoid the reality to come out.. And if there will be no new investigation, martial law would have to enforce that desperate measure. The truth has to do with science and reality or bizarre spin tales, mind control, executions, and torture. This is really a battle of light and darkness. And don't underestimate the pull of 911blogger.. A grand jury investigation of 9/11 is crucial - The path to that result requires our continuing of speaking truth to power. Jesse Ventura does a terrific job. However, we need more than just patriotic celebrities, but a united public to stand up to such horrendous actions.

Evidence of Treason

The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) reported that World Trade Center 7 collapsed due to fire damage. If that is the case, it would be the first steel-framed skyscraper in history to undergo total collapse from fire alone. The fact that NIST refused to even consider explosive demolition when it is the most likely hypothesis and fits all of the available evidence is, in and of itself, grounds for suspicion of a cover-up. Fire doesn’t pulverize 90,000 tons of concrete to powder. Explosives do. Crucial evidence from the World Trade Center crime scene, including most of the steel from WTC 1, 2 and 7, was deliberately shipped away and destroyed before it could be properly examined.

The Twin Towers collapsed too rapidly and with too much violence for the NIST explanation to be even remotely valid;; the temperatures attained during the destruction were much too high; the acceleration of the buildings during their collapses was much too smooth. Well over one hundred first responders witnessed explosions at the on-set of the collapses. Small chips of nano-thermitic composite
materials – a highly sophisticated explosive, has been found and documented by an international team of scientists in large quantities in the dust of the debris at the World Trade Center.

This work is published in Open Chemistry/Physics Journal, "Active Thermitic Material
Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe." One of its authors, Niels H. Harrit in a German interview in May 2009, said: "There are no experts on nano-thermite without connections to the military…. This stuff has only been prepared under military contracts in the USA and probably in bigger allied countries. This is secret military research…It was not prepared in a cave in Afghanistan."

For additional evidence of treason, and references, and to demand truth and justice, see: 9/11 Crime - Misprision - Citizens Action.

Jesse Ventura and 9/11

I haven't read Jesse Ventura's book American Conspiracies so I'm wondering what information and subjects he discusses in relation to 9/11. His banned article in the Huffington Post mentions Richard Gage and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Currently, his book ranks #14 at Amazon. More people will probably read this book than all of David Ray Griffin's books combined so it is important that good and accurate information gets out to people.


He mentions Gage and ae911truth in the book. He also mentions David Ray Griffin by name in the 9/11 chapter, and several of his books are listed in the back under "further reading."

No. 14 at Amazon. Sweet!

And a whole stack of them was at the "new arrivals" shelf at the front of my local Barnes and Noble today.

2010 is on fire.

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RT America needs more stations like you. Awesome job & great reporting !

Jesse Talks About His New Book & a 2nd Season of Conspiracy Theo

1 of 7 1 hr 15 min interview with AJ

Oh. My. Goodness.

Listen at 2:00 - 2:35.


Many thanks for this!

I generally like Ventura,but

I generally like Ventura,but I do have some concerns about him. He seems to buy that Bin Ladin/Al Queada are real enemies rather than CIA
operatives which is pretty obvious. I'd like some clarification from him on this point. You out there Jesse?

Al CIA-duh ...

a proxy force of the CIA? probably ... co-opted by the CIA? almost certainly ... infiltrated by the CIA? definitely (we have DCI Tenet's word on that, it's no secret) ... al qaida terrorists recruited by CIA? again, definitely (ditto, according to Tenet) ... but does all that mean your average al qaida terrorist (if he exists at all) knows. realizes, understands he is run, manipulated, co-opted by CIA? ... probably not.

The liberal media, and alternative media, are the worst.

Seems that the very most liberal media outlets, and especially the alternative media sites, are the worst when it comes to censoring 9/11 truth.
We have GOT to break the criminal conspiracy to block 9/11 on alternative media, like Democracy Now, CommonDreams,, counterpunch, the Nation magazine, Mother Jones, Alternet, etc.
Some, like Alternet and Common Dreams and, have mentioned 9/11 in the past, but only in insulting articles bashing 9/11 truth.
We need to find out just WHY they are doing this. I think it is the money they take from big foundations, at the head of which are entangling webs of ownership and control by big corporations, the Israel lobby, or other organizations opposed to exposing the truth of 9/11. But that is mostly just an opinion. We need more information, and maybe then they can be embarrassed into having to publish 9/11 information.

It is ridiculous to expect the msm to publicize, say, the latest meeting of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, when Democracy Now won't touch it. We may have to work from the bottom (the smallest outlets) up.

most of the alternative media

has been infiltrated, co-opted or bought by mainstream interests ... none of them really challenge the status quo, most of them simply regurgitate mainstream news and views with the addition of some flowery, alternative trappings ... alternative media is generally pretty lame, though there are a few exceptions. To my mind, the litmus test for alternative media outlets is their treatment of 9/11. Any alternative media source that covers 9/11 fairly and objectively is, in m y opinion, truly worthy of the title "alternative media" ... otherwise, they're just a pale imitation of mainstream media, hence irrelevant.

The reason I still have hope

is this: The Liberal/alternative media is braindead on 9/11, but at least among Liberals I know personally, many are becoming increasingly open to 9/11Truth. That is pretty phenomenal, considering that they seem to half-worship some of their "leaders," such as, e.g., Chomsky.

It would be nice to see a reverse influence of the Liberal masses upon the popular Liberal leaders. I deeply hope that the increasing Truth-awareness among Liberals continues to grow. It seems that it must.

Russia Today

It’s as though the Communist demon was exorcised from Russia and jumped into the United States.


I strongly suspect that RT is reporting 911 truth for reasons other than journalistic objectivity, and for reasons other than capturing market share. They are "RUSSIA TODAY". It may not matter what their motivation is, but everything that we have learned about how the big players operate should alert us to the possibility of hidden motives. In any case, even if they are using us, we are able to make use of them. How sad, and cynical, I guess.

The Georgian false flag operation

made it quite clear to the Russians that they need to expose false flags committed by others in an effort to neutralize the obvious campaign to encircle and isolate them.

That said, we need to investigate and expose all false flag operations, no matter where they take place, as this remains the primary method for states to instigate wars and all wars are the enemy of humanity.

So, yes, RT's increased focus on 9/11 truth is driven by at least one obvious agenda, but it is quite useful to us at the moment.

Hopefully, we can leverage their more even handed coverage of 9/11 truth against American media outlets as a way to get less biased coverage from our msm and "alternative" media.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


And they now own and control ALL media...not just msm...
counterpunch Democracy Now Huffington Alternet all of it....with notable exceptions...but few and far between.
All lone lanterns shining out in the dark night of our nations soul....

39,900 hits for "left gatekeeper"

I just got 39, 900 hits for "left gatekeeper". There is one site out there that has a chart showing funding for major "left" media. It is quite eye opening. Go to

Here is the chart - a bit old now, but still eye opening.


Thanks MikeZimmer

This chart is new to me, and immensely informative.

We must demand a new investigation

we have come too far to compromise, our country, the world , yes all of humanity is at stake. The victims directly and all of us are victims indirectly deserve justice. 911 is a lie a big lie and reflects the manipulation of a cadre of criminals to determine our fate and the fate of the human spirit. This will most likely be our best and perhaps only chance in our lifetime and our children's lifetime to exploit the crack in the matrix and truly change our world.
We must not accept anything but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is not the 1960's we are the best hope for the human spirit to capitalize on the unlimited potential provided to us in the universe. If we do not follow thru on this I feel things can only get worse. We can win this fight if we truly want to win. Many brave people stood up for the truth and fought to get us this far. Many brave people continue to fight for truth everyday. Someday the wars will end by either real human potential or the new world order control grid.

Philip D. Zelikow (Chairman, of the 9/11 Commission..)

Philip D. Zelikow (Chairman, of the 9/11 Commission..)

While at Harvard Zelikow actually wrote about the use, and misuse, of history in policymaking. As he noted in his own words, "contemporary" history is "defined functionally by those critical people and events that go into forming the public's presumptions about its immediate past.

The idea of 'public presumption'," he explained, "is akin to [the] notion of 'public myth' but without the negative implication sometimes invoked by the word 'myth.'

Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community."

Here are Zelikow's 1998 words. Readers should imagine the possibilities for themselves, because the most serious constraint on current policy is lack of imagination.

An act of catastrophic terrorism that killed thousands or tens of thousands of people and/or disrupted the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, would be a watershed event in America's history.

It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented for peacetime and undermine Americans' fundamental sense of security within their own borders in a manner akin to the 1949 Soviet atomic bomb test, or perhaps even worse.

Constitutional liberties would be challenged as the United States sought to protect itself from further attacks by pressing against allowable limits in surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and the use of deadly force. More violence would follow, either as other terrorists seek to imitate this great "success" or as the United States strikes out at those considered responsible.

Like Pearl Harbor, such an event would divide our past and future into a "before" and "after."

The effort and resources we devote to averting or containing this threat now, in the "before" period, will seem woeful, even pathetic, when compared to what will happen "after."

Zelikow Conflicts of Interest

Youtube - "Who's Philip Zelikow" (check it out, you won't believe it)

In his new book, The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9-11 Investigation, Philip Shenon wrote: “The appointment of Zelikow to head the inquiry into America’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks was akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.”

The Family Steering Committee for the 9-11 Commission repeatedly called for Philip Zelikow’s resignation. The families, citing Zelikow’s close connections to the Bush Administration, were concerned that Zelikow’s appointment made a mockery of the idea that the Commission was “independent.”


Here Is A Chronology Of Zelikow’s Ties To The Bush Administration:
1989-91: Zelikow works closely with Condoleezza Rice as part of the National Security Council during George Bush Sr’s Administration.
1995: Zelikow & Rice write a book together.
1996-98: Zelikow & Rice are together again when Zelikow is Director of the Aspen Strategy Group, a Zionist foreign-policy strategy “think tank.” Rice, along with Dick Cheney & Paul Wolfowitz, are also members.
2000: Zelikow & Rice are reunited when Bush names Zelikow to his transition team for the National Security Council.
2000: Zelikow is briefed by former White House terrorism czar Richard Clarke about the growing al-Qaida threat.
2001: Zelikow is appointed by Bush to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
2003: Zelikow is appointed Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission. Thus it is no different than if Rice or Cheney had been running the Commission.
2004: Zelikow skews the investigation by deciding which topics would be investigated and which ones not. Bush’s comic book line for the motive behind 9-11 is taken by Zelikow: “Al Qaida hates our freedom.”
2004: Zelikow is secretly in contact with President Bush’s close adviser Karl Rove while the “independent” Commission is completing its report finalized on July 22 2004

To see History Bender and Public Myth Maker Zelikow in action.. describing at one point, of all things, how the transformative event need not even comply with the laws of the UNIVERSE! ..

Youtube - Zelikow Contingencies - and watch first two videos.

We would never have known or had access to this information, if not the for "9/11 truth movement". We've done history a service, and future historians and those who learn from history, will thank us for our work, which goes on unrelentingly, unto justice - even if only in the form of historical justice.

Zelikow as modern day prophet, complicit of Robert Gates

"if the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center had succeeded, the resulting horror, and chaos, would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catatrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life, and property, unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America's sense of security...
Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after."
~ Philip Zelikow
from Catastrophic Terrorism, Imagining The Transformative Event, 1998
participating collaborators, included Robert Gates..

The authors would like to thank the members of the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group:

Graham T. Allison, Jr.

Zoe Baird

Vic DeMarines

Robert Gates

Jamie Gorelick

Robert Hermann

Philip Heyman

Fred Ikle

Elaine Kamarck

Ernest May

Matthew Meselson

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

William J. Perry

Larry Potts

Fred Schauer

J. Terry Scott

Jack Sheehan

Malcom Sparrow

Herbert Winokur

Robert Zoellick



Google - Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy
A Report of Visions of Governance for the Twenty-First Century
A Project of the John F. Kennedy School of Government
Philip D. Zelikow

Cheney/Bush adopts vision - run with it as policy.

"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event � like a new Pearl Harbor..."

Proof of Evil: "And advanced forms of biological warfare that can �target� specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

-- from "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century," Project For A New American Century, September, 2000.

Contributing authors - Richard Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld

Don't neglect the co-author, John Deutch

I don't know much about Ashton B. Carter, but John Deutch has a reputation. Also have a look at The Aspen Institute were all of the authors have or had positions.

Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger

Journal Article, Foreign Affairs, volume 77, issue 6, pages 80-94

November / December 1998

Authors: Dr. Ashton B. Carter, Co-Director, Preventive Defense Project (on leave), Harvard & Stanford Universities, John M. Deutch, International Council Member, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Philip D. Zelikow, Former Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; Former Faculty Affiliate, International Security Program
Soon after Deutch's departure from the CIA in 1996 it was revealed that classified materials were being kept on several of Deutch's laptop computers designated as unclassified. In January 1997, the CIA began a formal security investigation of the matter. Senior management at CIA declined to fully pursue the security breach. Over two years after his departure, the matter was referred to the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Janet Reno declined prosecution. She did, however, recommend an investigation to determine whether Deutch should retain his security clearance.[4] President Clinton pardoned Deutch on his last day in office.