Rahm Emanuel Helped GOP Sink 9/11 Trial

From Consortium News: http://consortiumnews.com/2010/031110b.html

WH Chief Helped GOP Sink 9/11 Trial

By Jason Leopold
March 11, 2010

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has collaborated behind the scenes with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to oppose the Obama administration’s plans to use federal civilian courts, not military commissions, to try alleged Islamic terrorists, according to sources and press reports.

Emanuel’s back-room dealings with Graham represent a little-noticed element of President Barack Obama’s gradual retreat from promises to rely on traditional civilian and military courts as the best way to bring alleged terrorists to justice and to close the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Though Emanuel’s defenders insist that he has been loyal to the administration’s decisions once they’ve been made, some evidence suggests that he continued to encourage Graham to resist politically sensitive judgments, such as Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try five alleged 9/11 plotters in civilian court rather than before military commissions. ....

This doesn't make any sense

Instead of getting a real story we get soap operas. "Scheming CoS betrays the President and the country by plotting with Lindsey Graham."

The real story is that nobody in D.C. is honest about anything. Why on earth are we talking about 9/11 trials in 2010? That is absurd.

It is not possible for the Obama administration to be more inconsistent in their approach to detainee policy.

He is the problem with the Obama Administration.

But enough about him.

Is everyone here aware that Jesse Ventura's new book American Conspiracies - is shooting up the charts on its way to number one or in the top ten, and it's already there on Amazon..!!!

This is an extraordinary development for our movement, and he's hitting the talk shows, and we just came out of a slew of MSM coverage in a black op psy-op, the Pentagon nutcase being in some undeclared manner, motivated by his understanding of the alternative version of September 11th - so I'd say that

Our movement is on the move, BIG TIME - and we as participants and activists, had better sit up and take notice of that fact, that we are now moving to a highly offensive and wholly optimistic posture - as we move forward. In other words, it's time to pick it up a notch maybe - and make lots of new Youtube activism movies - that's an idea for one.

We need to boost our creativity and innovation and actual ACTIVISM by a few orders of magnitude, as we reach the historical turning point, or in Zelikowese, the transformative event.

And in this case, the transformative event - is the rejection of the Zelikow narrative and STORY about what happened on 9/11.

The publc is no longer buying it, and so the myth falls, at about the rate of absolute freefall, to the ground - and then finally, from the point of ground zero where all those people died, a new world may then begin to come into view, and all future generations, will thank us, the "9/11 truthers" for keeping thisd issue front and center on the table and for all the independant research and collaboration that went on.

This is our moment in history.

And this present administration is fast becoming irrelevant, in the grand shceme of things.

There is a movement underway - and our movement is now dovetailing and reenergizing anti-establishement and third party movements.

And we are highly sophisticated people many of whom no longer even need to watch TV at all.

We are becoming the norm, and they, the official story myth defenders and promulgators, the crazy people, for believing in impossible things.

One world, one view, coming in to replace the old, outmoded view of contemporary history. A transformative event. We're THERE now. Let's factor that into our aims and goals.

9/11 Was An Inside Job

9/11 Truth Actions - not just on the 11th, but whenever and wherever possible. It's time to move.


I was at a conference this morning on the subject of the "alternative" underground press...one of those self congratulating academic exercises in which oldtime onceuponatime peace activists have a panel and present their colorful pasts back in the good ole days of Nixon etc to the adoring young.
I handed out THE DEMOLITION OF DESTRUCTION dvd's and only had a few hostile or negative responses. People were excited to get them.

Wow good for you!

And thanks for the feedback of your experience. This is what we all need to start getting back to, and now is the time to do that. 2010 is our year, the year before we enter a new decade, and leave the 1st decade of the 21st century behind. Everything is conspiring in our favour right now. We have definitely now moved to a wholly offensive and optimistic posture. What a wonderful thing! Thank God - all those sleepness nights working away now justified many many times over. We done good. : )

I Love the Optimism Robert


In times of Universal deceipt, telling the truth

is a revolutionary act.

Yes, it's nice to see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel, and an awakening from this Orwellian 1984 Winston Smith type nighmare.

It's also occured to me, that the byproduct of all this, as we and as our movement (which is nothing but the movement of the truth and awareness about 9/11) continue to charge and motivate anti-establishment movements - is that indeed, it's a revolution which contains the possibility, of the formation of a true third party movement in the USA and thus the eventual reformation, of the US government itself - because once you get one whole generation, which we are doing, then it's a whole new ballgame in as little as one or two generations, as the old guard passes away, which in Cheney case can't occur fast enough.

The whole thing was an info war and a psychological war from day one, a propaganda machine for shaping policy, and we're starting to see that machine sputter and run out of gas, while the American people start to awaken to the horrors which have been done not only in their name but TO them also, and to their neighbor.

It's a quiet revolution, not a violent one. And it's realm or domain is one that operates within the psyche of the American people in terms of what they've come to believe about their present form of government.

The founding fathers would be proud of us, you know, and future generations WILL thank us immensely for our tireless and unrelenting efforts to set the record straight.

9/11 Truth is a loving discipline when you really think about it. A very powerful tool for bringing about a transformation and revolution.

Mine is a realistic optimism, based on what's actually happening, and the changes we're already effecting, at all levels, right across the board.

We and the internet are dangerous in a very peaceful and loving way in other words. But there's no need for violence in any of it - that's THEIR bullshit game that requires massive amounts of blood and violence, sorrow, strife and suffering.

I suppose what I'm driving at in this little thesis, is that the first/last cause of history itself is in alignment with us simply because we are in alignment with the truth and what is right and just.

So you could say that 9/11 Truth activism is even Godly, and hey if there is a God, and a first/last cause of love which moves mountains, then that's kind of powerful.. to say the least.


not demoliton

I have an idea!

I thnk we need to start mobilizing our forces and sending out whole legions of videographers, and blanket Youtube with our activist efforts, like highway blogging, interviews, public discourses, events, and whole new documentaries, compiling all the evidence, which doesn't even fit in one film.. and get the debate about what happened on 9/11 up and into the public sphere at the highest level of civil conscious awareness we can muster as a movement of concerned people, who only want for things to perhaps return to a certain innocence lost, but with the wisdom not to repeat the same mistakes, and not to get fooled again. Our awareness about recent history, germinates, from within itself a whole new realm of historical causation and possibility, and so the end game is wholly optimistic, not abysmal and apathetic in the least, because it's filled to the brim even to overflowing, with hope for better things yet to come, and better things in store for humanity than what these so-called "elite" have given us on the whole, according to what amounts to nothing but a lust for power, and money.

We can now begin to change the whole game, and the entire historical frame of reference, in a decisive manner, and bring about a transformation, not in military affairs, but in human and yes even global affairs, and so our motive force is really love, love for ourselves, our country, our fellow man, and for all people and even the world at large - now that's a powerful movement, with such an authentic, idealistic, just and noble historical pursuit, and one which just happens to be in diametric opposition to the one "they" gave us - this must terrify them, to be on the defensive to this degree, while the "MSM" stand around like dynosaurs looking up at a meteorite. We are that meteorite, and it's there fault, for losing all integrity, and for becoming nothing but a propaganda machine - so the whole thing represents not only a loss of complete confidence in the US government, in its present form, but also in the "mainstream media". They are also now ON TRIAL for their willful complicity in their flat out refusal to look into any of these allegations being put forward over the course of the last 8 and a half years, allegations we've been shouting from the rooftops - and now the American people are starting to take heed and are beginning the process of researching it for themselves on the Internet.

And so the public therefore requires MORE content for consumption, so let's give it to them, and each do whatever we can, to provide them with it, and gather in yet another 10-100,000,000 people, while crossing over the 50% threshold in the court of public opinion.. what would be the implications of that in history..? Contemporary history then becomes a point of great learning where "that which hurts, instructs" (Ben Franklin).

"'Every real happiness for man can arise exclusively only from some unhappiness - but also real - which he has already experienced."
~ Gurdjieff

The whole dispute seems like a psyop to me

It is very likely that the dispute about trials for these alleged 9/11 perpetrators is a ploy to prolong the myth of al Qaeda involvement in 9/11. What sane and informed person believes that the people responsible for the murders of 9/11 are in custody? Even if al Qaeda had some role in the attacks - which I don't believe - they were no more than patsies for the people who orchestrated the attacks. Since those people have not been exposed by the MSM and charged by law enforcement, they likely have the power to prevent any criminal proceedings which would incriminate them.

As long as the MSM keeps talking about the undie-bomber, Jihad Jane and 9/11 terror suspect detainees, the "war on terror" gets free advertisement. We debate for years about whether terror suspects should be water-boarded, given legal representation, etc. The whole time there is an underlying assumption that their detention is at least marginally legitimate, and that they actually did have something to do with 9/11.

Campaign promises

This is just a very cynical and not at all surprising way for Mr. Obama to back away from more of his campaign promises while saying "Hey, I wanted to but they wouldn't let me".

Unfortunately for them, this is all too transparent to any critically thinking person.

It also maintains this as an emotional distraction and keeps the war on terror meme alive in the msm, thus pushing the fear button as often as possible.

The alleged "hijackers" were clearly patsies; KSM (if he is actually still alive) is either a dupe or an agent; Abu Zubaydah is an admitted agent and Osama bin Laden was the bin Laden families sacrificial son, playing his assigned role as founder of al Qaeda and lead bad guy. Ayman al-Zawahri is the more reliable agent who took over after Osama bin Laden was either killed for not playing along anymore or died due to kidney failure.

In any case, the war on terror is a complete fabrication and fraud, dating back to its creation in 1979.

Psyops on top of psyops. Mr. Obama as president is a total psyop, after all.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

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The attorney general made a mistake in our favor!

Or maybe he just did his Job!

It's that simple and recently proposed bills and amendments introduced in Congress would prohibit the use of Justice Department funds to prosecute accused terrorists in the civilian justice system. Does that make sense?

People like Israel's homeboy in the white house and dick cheney know it! The mayor of NY know's it's a mistake. The torture people know it's a mistake. And most likely Obama will roll over and take real change off the table and overule the attorney general. I am going to an ACLU meeting next week to help protest. Call the whitehouse at (202) 456-1414 to urge President Obama to hold firm and keep these prosecutions in federal court—where they belong. The trials of the defendants alleged to have had roles in the September 11 attacks are the most important terrorism trials in the history of our nation, and the world will be watching to see whether we stand up for due process, justice and the rule of law.

More smoke

regarding 9.11

pursing bin laden......HAVING the trial for a suspect..

So much smoke, I don't get how anybody believes the propoganda.

No "discovery" allowed

I think the drive to keep these terrorists' trials behind the closed doors of the military system is to cut down on or prevent any further cross-examination, investigation or "discovery", or the follow-on that can and should proceed from any of that, from venturing too far into Mossad activities inside the US, its role in numerous false-flag adventures -- including 9/11 --, or the degree to which unknown and unspecified Israeli entities are involved in trans-national criminal enterprise(s) and the entire "war on [of] terror", to say nothing of other illegal financial adventures. [Note that it has been rumored that the White House Chief of Staff is the long-sought mole named "Mega".]

The entire house of cards that is the US-Israel relationship may be on the verge of collapse from increasing concern and scrutiny from within the US, within the US Jewish community, and even perhaps within Israel itself. There is at least one article out there that suggests that Netanhanyu's position may be tenuous. The international brouhaha about the Dubai assassination lends further energy to this thought. [Most recently, see "Dubai: Debacle or Dangerous Prelude?", By Conn Hallinan at http://www.counterpunch.org/hallinan03122010.html ]. Behind the massive propaganda screens constructed within both countries lies an awakening populace. The effort toward military trials is just part of a wider scheme -- including the war crimes defenses and efforts to attack the "de-legitimization" of Israel -- to cement the cork in the throat of the bottle for a while longer.

Rabbi Rahm

Im sick to my stomach. Its so disgusting and obvious who and what runs this country. The gitmo guys had nothing to do with 9/11. Their 'confessions' were under torture and inadmissable in court. Its extortion, pure and simple. The aledeged proof the feds have is all fabricated, false documents. When that 'info' gets into the hands of a defense attorneys, judge and jury the prosecution will be laughed out of court and the innocent gitmo guys go home.

The gitmo guys are one of the critical keys to directing the finger at who are the real killers.

If Obama fails his duties, its overly clear he is a spinelss Bush protege.

No wonder tricky Dick had his '5th heart attack'. He is freaking at the possibility the gitmo guys are tried in a civilian court.

Rahm.. working to prevent vital evidence from becoming public..

It's not realistic to expect anything remotely diplomatic, or even approaching normal relations from a man whose father, Benjamin Emmanuel was a former killer in the hardline Zionist "Irgun" terrorist organization (or for the politically correct crowd, the "militant Jewish" group), and has openly expressed hatred and racist views as regards Arab peoples. Just after the 2008 US presidential election, Emmanuel Sr. said in an interview with Ma'ariv that he was convinced that his son's appointment "would be good for Israel". "Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel," he was quoted as saying. "Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House." Just imagine the outcry in the media if the tables were turned and Obama had appointed a Muslim man whose dad had slandered Jews as "not worthy of anything more than janatorial work". The duplicity is breathtaking.

Benjamin Emmanuel's extremist views are congruent with those expressed within the hardline Zionist cadre which comprised a large portion of the Bush 2001 administration, and Rahm appears to be following suit ... 'the acorn doesn't fall far from the oak'... in working to prevent those (falsely) accused of organizing the 9 /11 attacks from receiving a fair trial, in a real court of law. Rahm, and most of the pro-Israeli US establishment are frantically opposed to a genuine trial with normal legal proceedings, in favor of a phoney, secret, Saddam Hussein style "military tribunal", with prewritten "guilty" verdicts. If the accused get anything approaching a fair trial, all kinds of evidence that the US Government would prefer to remain under wraps might just surface... and that is in addition to the fact that *all* the evidence against the accused has been garnered illegally using torture, for example, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed who was waterboarded 180 or more times while at Gitmo.

That's right, to give him a fair trial

might open up a whole can of worms..

so off with him to the Kangaroo Court.

Which makes this administration an ever greater reflection of the Bush regime.