READERS IN COUNCIL - An interview that ran off the track --- by Yukihisa Fujita

Title: An interview that ran off the track
Source: The Japan Times
Published: Sunday, Mar. 14, 2010


Member of the House of CouncilorsTokyo

As a member of the Diet's Upper House and as director general of the Democratic Party of Japan's International Department, I wish to comment on the circumstances of The Washington Post editorial "Poisonous thinking in Japan," which The Japan Times published on this page March 10. [The editorial referred to my ideas about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks as "bizarre."]

On March 3, Washington Post editorial writer Lee Hockstader visited me for an interview — requested through the Foreign Press Center — on Japan's attitudes toward immigration. The requested interview time of one hour was spent discussing the current situation relating to Japan's response to immigration and my opinions on this issue. Hockstader typed my comments into his laptop computer as he had requested.

After the interview ended and Hockstader closed his laptop, he mentioned that he had noticed from my resume that I had raised the issue of the 9/11 terror attacks in a Diet committee and asked whether I had some doubts about this issue. In response, I explained the circumstances that had led me to become involved in the 9/11 issue and pointed out a number of points that remained unexplained about the events of that day. I assumed that this question was separate from the interview just ended.

Although this was an informal chat regarding 9/11, at no point did I draw the conclusion that 9/11 was a conspiracy. I clearly stated I had never concluded that the collapse of the Twin Towers had been a result of a controlled demolition. Rather, my speech in the Diet had emphasized that it was necessary to investigate the origins of the "war on terror" from the perspective of assisting the relatives of 9/11 victims, and in relation to the war in Afghanistan and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

I have worked for many years to serve as a bridge between Japan and the United States, including by providing assistance to former American POWs held captive by Japan. I currently serve as senior director of the Research Committee on International Affairs and Global Warming Issues in the Upper House, but I was introduced in the editorial as "head of the Research Committee on Foreign Affairs." The editorial also describes me as a "Brahmin in the foreign policy establishment" of Japan when, in fact, I am not involved in policy matters.

I find it regrettable that this kind of biased article should be published in The Washington Post.

The opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are the writer's own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of The Japan Times.

this is certainly generating huge publicity!

I think we should all heartily thank WAPO and its staff of clowns for providing us with this exposure and a platform from which to expose not only the possible criminal insider elements that may have planned the attacks themselves, but the treasonous liars who have participated in the cover-up as well! We see them here in action in the person of one Lee Mr. Fajita has now revealed the source of this vile "editorial"...
"On March 3, Washington Post editorial writer Lee Hockstader visited me for an interview"

How to contact WaPo toolbox

Given the record, how they (or some mole inside WaPo) set the whole affair up, and only under preasure backed off a little allowing rebutal printed for Fujita, I'd remain alerted and on the watch. You can thank them but also stress the facts, how they grossly manipulated it in the first place and how damaging to their reputation this continues to be.

--- here is your how to contact Wapo toolbox ---

With due respect to all who participated on that WaPo comments section, now step back for a while and think, who cares about comments section on several days old article, this is bordering on waste of energy. When you have the tools to directly contact the editors and exces via email or phone of this news corporation..

!Contact WaPo at desk directly - phone numbers and emails inside the link (incl. Ombudsman's):

!Plus there seems to be a key to their email system:
e.g. Editorial Page Editor's name: Fred Hiatt => email:
The emails suppose to work for most of the head honcho executives listed bellow, lets try..

!The Washington Post Co. - List of Directors ("interesting" personal bios and "Langleyesque" profiles hah):

202.334.6000, The Washington Post Company, 1150 15th Street, NW Washington, DC 20071

Ann McDaniel – Senior Vice President

Rima Calderon - Vice President – Communications and External Relations

Kris Coratti Director – Public Relations/Communications

David J. Jones – Manager, Community Relations & Contributions Washington post Media

Get crafty, there is always a way to get over their secretaries etc., refer "Fujita's fantasies" to hard core evidence at or Griffin's books or still better yet "Jersey Girls" Steering Committee report on the Congressional 9/11 Commission aka the famous 70% unanswered questions for the victim families:


I've been informed that these following executive email address are working as suggested above. For their bio and full title again here (however I'd suggest using phone contact to their office):

Thanks for the info

Here is the link to a page called : Contact The Washington Post reporters, columnists and bloggers


Also, if you notice in the email addresses of those that you have posted you should be able to apply this format to anyone's email at the Washington Post. Their email naming system appears to be the last name and the first initial of the first name. (EX: Fred Hiatt's email address is ) If the last name is longer than eight characters just used the first eight characters of the last name and the first character of the first name.

Mr. Fujita

Via the Japanese newspaper I sent mr. Fujita a humble apology and praising his efforts for truth and justice. I also informed the American people stand with him.

You are correct. The msm has clearly taken their positions. They are at minimum aiding and abetting a cover up and possible accessory to murder.

Washington Post Directors are well known people

The Board of Directors for an organization like the Washington Post bears a very real responsibility for this attack on Mr. Fujita because the Board establishes broad policies and objectives for the organization.

From this perspective there appears to be a broad policy and objective to actively challenge the 9/11 truth movement and people who contribute to the movement. This policy and objective also appears to not require challenges to 9/11 truth to be fact based, and further, that they can be ad-hominem in nature.

This is very important because three of the Washington Post's Board of Directors are some off the richest people in the world and are owners of some of very well known businesses.

In a very real way, the owners of Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Expedia, Ticketmaster, and Xerox are the ones who are attacking Mr. Fujita via the Washington Post.

Washington Post Company Directors
Warren E. Buffett - Chairman of the Board, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Barry Diller - Chairman and CEO, IAC and Chairman, Expedia, Inc. and Chairman, Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.
Melinda French Gates - Co-Founder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Anne M. Mulcahy - Chairman of the Board, Xerox Corporation
Donald E. Graham - Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Lee C. Bollinger - President, Columbia University
Christopher C. Davis - Chairman, Davis Selected Advisers, LP
John L. Dotson Jr. - Former President and Publisher, Akron Beacon-Journal
Thomas S. Gayner - Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Markel Corporation
Ronald L. Olson - Attorney, Member of Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP