Will Lee Hamilton examine the evidence?

This week, ABC's Nightline televised an excerpt from an interview with Lee Hamilton, former vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission. The purpose of the interview excerpt was to suggest that those who produced the official reports of what heppened on 9/11 are willing to openly examine all evidence related to those crimes. Since I've met with Mr. Hamilton privately before, I exchanged a few messages with him to follow-up on my previous attempts to get him to examine the evidence in a public forum.

Due to the critical nature of this question, I'm posting the exchanges here for the record.

From: kncryan@msn.com
To: lee.hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
Subject: Follow-up letter
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 16:21:45 -0400

Dear Mr. Hamillton,

Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us a few weeks ago. Attached is a letter with the questions you requested, and an invitation to join us at our next event.

We look forward to continuing this important discussion with you.


Kevin Ryan

From: Kevin Ryan [mailto:kncryan@msn.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 1:26 PM
To: lee.hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
Subject: RE: Follow-up letter

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

We now have dates and locations for our upcoming events. We're hoping you can arrange to join us for one or both of these.

On Thursday August 28th, our group will be presenting at the Monroe County Public Library, at approximately 7 PM in the auditorium. Speakers to date will include attorney Mick Harrison and Prof. Byron Bangert. We would be glad to give you half an hour or more, and include you on a Q&A session.

On Monday September 1st, the author and 9/11 Truth movement leader David Ray Griffin will speak at the Buskirk Chumley theater, again at approximately 7 PM. There will be a Q&A session at that event as well.

Please let us know if you care to join us, and if you would have any requests or conditions for doing so. We would do our best to accomodate you.

Best wishes,
Kevin Ryan
9/11 Working Group


From: [email snipped - Mr. Hamilton's assistant]
To: kncryan@msn.com
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 17:41:35 -0400
Subject: RE: Follow-up letter

Lee asked that I thank you for your invitation to these two events but unfortunately his schedule will not permit attendance at either one.



From: kncryan@msn.com
To: lee.hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
CC: [email snipped - Mr. Hamilton's assistant]
Subject: Request for a follow-up meeting
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 11:15:39 -0400

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

Thank you again for meeting with members of our local 9/11 group last May. We really appreciated the chance to discuss the ongoing search for answers about 9/11.

You might have heard that there is new compelling evidence concerning what happened at the World Trade Center. Can we meet again to follow-up on our previous discussion, and to review new evidence with you?

Please let me know if and when you have time to meet.


Kevin R. Ryan

From: kncryan@msn.com
To: lee.hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
CC: [email snipped - Mr. Hamilton's assistant and ABC's Nightline]
Subject: FW: Follow-up letter
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 08:50:13 -0500

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

Last Monday, March 8th, you were portrayed on the television show ABC Nightline. In that show, you were quoted in this way:

Reporter's voice over: "...that Truthers are better at producing theories than evidence."

Hamilton: "When they bring these theories about what happened forward, the
appropriate question is; what evidence do you have of that and if they
have evidence then let's examine it in the court of public opinion."

I'm writing today to agree wholeheartedly with you, and to remind you that you have been invited to examine the evidence in the court of public opinion but you actually declined several opportunities. Please see the messages below [now above] for confirmation of that fact. Hopefully you remember our meeting, in May 2008, in which three of my fellow citizens and I personally gave you evidence that the official reports on the events of 9/11 fall far short of the truth. This evidence included a peer-reviewed paper published in the Open Journal of Civil Engineering, as well as the book "9/11 Contradictions" by David Ray Griifin.

Now that you have publicly claimed your desire to discuss the evidence in public, I would once again like to offer you the opportunity to have such an open discussion with me. I've been looking into the evidence for nearly seven years, and feel that I can represent the "truthers," as some people call us, very well. With your participation, you would help to ease the growing public apprehension that our government cannot share the truth about 9/11 with the American people.

My background uniquely qualifies me to have this public discussion with you. Not only am I a member of the 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington, located in the largest city in the congressional district where you served for many years, but I'm also co-author of several scientific papers on the subject, co-editor of The Journal of 9/11 Studies, a board director at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and a founding member of other groups including the forthcoming Scientists for 9/11 Truth.

Please consider this offer. To make sure that you and others have seen this request, I will post it publicly and submit it in letter form to the Bloomington Herald-Times.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kevin R. Ryan
Bloomington, IN

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 14:24:04 -0500
From: Lee.Hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
Subject: Re: FW: Follow-up letter
To: kncryan@msn.com

Dear Mr. Ryan,

Thank you for your email. Since you believe that the official reports on the events of 9/11 fall far short of the truth, presenting your arguments in public, with the strongest available evidence, and through multiple media outlets is probably the best path forward for you.

Best wishes,

Lee Hamilton

From: kncryan@msn.com
To: lee.hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
CC: [email snipped - local media representatives]
Subject: RE: Follow-up letter
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 08:50:47 -0500

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

This week you said to the American people, on ABC Nightline, that if evidence was available -- "let's examine it." Now you're saying that you will not examine the evidence. Why the sudden change, and will you correct your comments for all to hear? Will you make it clear that you have been presented with multiple opportunities to examine the evidence publicly but have declined in each case?

As FBI agent Coleen Rowley told ABC last weekend, belief has nothing to do with it. If it did, then the attached list of over 1,000 licensed architects and engineers, who are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the WTC buildings, would be enough. There are more building industry professionals on this petition than were involved in creating the NIST report, and these people are risking their careers instead of getting paid as was the case with NIST and the 9/11 Commission.

I've spent years presenting information in public only to find that mainstream media sources defer to the opinions and beliefs of authoritiative people like yourself. For example, two years after I was fired for publicly questioning the NIST draft report, you did an interview with CBC and said that the reason the WTC buildings fell was due to "the super-heated jet fuel melting the steel superstructure." This explanation was not only completely wrong, but was several false stories behind the curve. When authoritative opinions and beliefs about 9/11, like your own, are found to be egregiously wrong, the public is directed to another explanation that also turns out to be false. Meanwhile the many American citizens that are crying out for answers (over one third of the nation according to a 2006 Scripps-Howard poll) are ignored or ridiculed, and many Americans continue to die in the "War on Terror."

Won't you please reconsider and take the opportunity to meet with me publicly? As two lifelong Hoosiers who have spent years on this issue, and who both have deep concern for our own people, we owe it to our community to seriously and openly examine the evidence.


Kevin R. Ryan

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 11:19:09 -0500
From: Lee.Hamilton@wilsoncenter.org
Subject: RE: Follow-up letter
To: kncryan@msn.com

Dear Mr. Ryan,

As a point of clarification, nowhere in our correspondence have I expressed an unwillingness to examine evidence.


Lee Hamilton

Send him the Youtube video

"North Tower Exploding" and ask him to comment on it. That's my suggestion at this point in the exchange. Just please take look at this then Mr. Hamilton, what are your thoughts about that..?

Keep up the work work Kevin in all you do. We are starting to win this info war as I'm sure you are aware.

Lee Hamilton's Nightline commenets...

Hi Kevin!

Hamilton's words jumped out at me the minute I heard them, a rolled-out red carpet for all of us...

Have been in the process of drafting a letter for the NYT & Philadelphia Inquirer, basically saying, "Good point, Lee, let's do it, let's let the American public see the evidence (and not just the theories) that the mainstream media is complicit in not revealing, can you help us with that?"



Why the change now?

At least he is corresponding with Kevin. This would have been unthinkable even a few short years ago.
Why the change in heart/tactics????
Maybe he (they) are trying to shift the responsibility for outing the truth. If "they" suspect the truth will inevitably come out, why not say, "Hey these engineers and architects saw things we couldn't even imagine."
Keep pressing Kevin. The walls are starting to crumble.

You are onto something..

Exactly, this sudden attention to 9/11 Truth from all directions is rather strange in recent days. Yes, in large part it might be the sign of moving on the next level of acceptance, thanks to all that hard work of nameless thousands out there for years, basically a synergy from our past little successes. On the other hand, for example this clearly evident over exposure, daily 9/11T coverage from Russia Today sat channel seems a bit fishy..

It feels somehow as we are on the crossroads now, some people within the establishment are likely not suppressing the basic message as forcefully as they used to do, otherwise the mega Jesse Ventura explosion wouldn't be allowed. And going back to that Russian TV station, I wonder if this is not used as a tool to warn the Darkside, "guys, just don't even think about it" - perhaps another 9/11 type false flag event (or war in the Gulf) is being prevented as we speak.. If this is the case, [your] efforts to open the doors by a few inches for us is appreciated.

The RT campaign makes perfect sense... It is an InfoWar...

The RT campaign of exposing the US lies makes more sense to me. If countries like Russia wanted to wage against the US foreign domination, an effective campaign would be to expose the corrupt nature of the US government to its own citizens. Like "radio free Europe" during the cold war, we now have the paradox of "internet free Americas" during the PNAC war.

Peaceful demonstrations

There definetely is a great momentum right now. But how do we best capitalize on it?

I've always tended to think that without being backed up by large-scale, peaceful protests, this issue will not go decisively forward.

I've in mind something like ten thousand concerned citizens peacefully demonstrating in front of the New York Times and/or Washington Post. I think news organizations like these should be the target of protesting.

That number should be easily reachable from the U.S. east coast alone. This would be a perfect moment to start organizing such a demonstration, wouldn't it?

Lets do this century's work...not last!

Here is a better way to have effect with 10,000 activists...

...divide 10,000 by 5 equalling 2000 groups of 5...

...divide 2000 by 50 states and assign 40 groups of 5 into each individual state...

...send those 40 groups of 5 to the major and Indie media outlets in their nearest big towns setting up different groups of 5 at the corporate-Mockingbird-Indie media facilities...

...hand out DVDs and flyers etc to all the employees who work at the Indie-Mockingbird locations...

After a few hours, go back home and write us about what happened on you modernized day of activism...

This approach will stir up local and grassroots activists...especially if your are polite and have some fun peforming CI...Civil Informationing...

Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE that we get past the FAILED tactics of last century's activisms?

The HI PERPS have this old fashioned, out of date, stereotyped, no longer effective, inefficient and wasteful "big event" schtick completely under control...by them!

What they DON'T HAVE is control of 2000 groups of 5 doing their thing at media HQs all over the country.

Its 2010...and no longer 1968...can't we deal with this now?

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Wonderful idea Betsy!

And thanks for all that you do. You are amazing.

This is so great!

Kevin is keeping careful track of his attempts to wiggle out of having to actually take a stand on a real investigation and to admit he has seen the evidence.
He's not got much wiggle room now!

"How They Get Away With It"

I trust readers are familiar with this essay:

How They Get Away With It
by Michael Green
Version 1.2: June 28, 2006
Originally published: June 18, 2006


Read the whole thing, but here is a central theme excerpt:

"USGIC domestic covert operations do not come from nothing. They have a history, and Lee Hamilton has a history of covering them up. To be brief, and regrettably cryptic through summary: the 1980s were rocked by a series of gargantuan scandals about activities whose underlying purpose was in part the consolidation of power by the factions responsible for 911. These included: 1) October Surprise, the secret deal cut between the Bush-Reagan team to have the Ayatollah hold the Iranian Embassy hostages until after the November 1980 election, to assure a Bush-Reagan victory over Carter, in return for US arms delivered to Iran via Israel. Principals directly involved included George Casey, Donald Gregg, and George H. W. Bush; 2) Inslaw, the theft by the USGIC of William Hamilton’s PROMIS software, and its enormously profitable privatization by Bush41 cronies, to facilitate world-wide economic spying on competitive and allied countries. PROMIS and its successors also serves as the software foundation for the data integration of the growing police state, Poindexter’s TIA, and its privatized versions in Florida using the Matrix software provided by Seisint, a company founded after 911by Hank Asher and since sold to Lexis-Nexis for $750,000,000. Asher also founded DBT (Database Technologies), the company that rigged the 2000 presidential election for Jeb Bush in Florida on behalf of his brother by scrubbing eligible Democratic voters from the voter rolls. Hank Asher by his own admission spent the early 1980s flying cocaine and marijuana to and from South American but dismissed this major felony as due to “a hunger for adventure” and remarked of it “I didn't feel like I had done a crime.” The only persons I know of who do not feel that their participation in international drug running is a crime are CIA sponsored and protected drug-runners. 13 3) The Savings & Loan scandal, a deliberate scheme to de-regulate the thrifts so that the CIA, the Mafia and their friends in high places could buy up such institutions, commit gross fraud free from government regulation, and pass on the nearly trillion dollar costs to the taxpayer. 14 4) Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI), a CIA/military controlled bank that channeled S&L lucre as well as laundered drug and arms profits into covert operations throughout the world. 5) Iran-Contra, a keystone in the destruction of the Congress as an autonomous political body. The Secret Government, in which Bush41 played a major direct operational role during Iran-Contra, deliberately and flagrantly ignoring both versions of the Boland Amendment in funding the Contras by setting up secret training sites for the Contras in the United States and in Mexico outside the regular chain of military command. These sites trained privatized armies for covert military and para-military actions that were outside regular command structure but that had access to support and supplies from the US military, i.e., a privatized off-books department of covert operations. Financing was through CIA drug running, and the sale of illegal arms often obtained from military storehouses though such figures as Generals John K. Singlaub and Richard Second. Dick Cheney (ranking House Republican in Iran-Contra) played a key role working directly with Lee Hamilton (who chaired the Iran-Contra panel) to make certain that Bush41 did not have to testify before Congress, and was rewarded accordingly. (The “Iran” part of the scandal was a separate operation that was put into the mix to confuse the public by pretending that a patriotic motive of freeing the Lebanon hostages was involved; it wasn’t.) And, most importantly, recall that just before Bush41 left office, he issued a Christmas Eve blanket pardon to all his Iran-Contra co-conspirators, on the grounds of their “patriotism,” whose upcoming trials threatened to expose Bush’s central role in the operation. 15

Lee Hamilton played key roles in covering up two of these inter-connected scandals, October Surprise and Iran-Contra. Defrauding America provides an excellent account of Hamilton’s role in the October Surprise Committee, which he chaired, links particular players amongst all these scandals, and documents in detail Hamilton’s refusal to allow relevant testimony from whistle-blower CIA operatives, and concluded that October Surprise never occurred. As summarized by FAA whistle-blower Rodney Stich, whose offer to facilitate testimony of eyewitness participants in Iran-Contra was refused despite a long personal letter to Lee Hamilton detailing the evidence:

In July 1992, the Hamilton committee released an interim report stating there was no evidence that Bush was in Paris [to clinch the October Surprise deal] or that there was any support for the October Surprise charges. The Hamilton Committee didn’t obtain testimony of any of the parties willing to testify that would prove the existence of the scheme and Bush’s presence at the Paris meetings. 16

Though short on specifics, Michael Ruppert writes of Hamilton’s role in Iran-Contra:

Iran-Contra was effectively “managed” by Lee Hamilton in the House and John Kerry (among others) in the Senate throughout the late 1980s to conceal the greatest crimes of the era, crimes committed by a litany of well-known government operations. At the time, Hamilton was the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Ruppert quotes famed investigative reporter Sarah McClendon regarding October Surprise:

Congressman Hyde elicited and obtained a promise from Chairman Lee Hamilton, D., Ind. Of the House Task Force on October Surprise, that the group would clear President Bush of going to Paris to cinch a deal of weapons for Iran in exchange for retaining American hostages to be delivered to President Ronald Reagan and not to outgoing President Carter. …Hamilton held a press conference to clear Bush before the investigation into the deal between the Reagan-Bush candidates for presidential office and the Iranians had even started. Hamilton then admitted he had not interrogated witnesses or talked with his special attorney hired to investigate the matter.

Perhaps the best line, though short, is that Hamilton declared himself “satisfied” with the testimony of Lt. Colonel Oliver North in the Iran-Contra hearings. 17"

"What evidence do you have...?"

This is actually a good question to ask Lee Hamilton. In an interview with Evan Solomon of the CBC Lee Hamilton stated the following,

"What caused the collapse of the buildings, to summarize it, was that the super-heated jet fuel melted the steel super-structure of these buildings and caused their collapse."
CBC Interview with Evan Solomon, August 21, 2006

Evidence please???

Their only evidence, is the plane strikes and fires

themselves, as the sole cause, that's it. It's an assumption, which excludes any other possible conclusion, according to an erroneous use of Occam's Razor.

I took these quotes...

"As a point of clarification, nowhere in our correspondence have I expressed an unwillingness to examine evidence."


"Since you believe that the official reports on the events of 9/11 fall far short of the truth, presenting your arguments in public, with the strongest available evidence, and through multiple media outlets is probably the best path forward for you."

As being extremely positive and the most Lee Hamilton was willing to go as far as saying.. Keep doing what you are doing. I don't deny you are right, I just can't say so in exact terms or publicly at this time??

unwillingness to examine evidence

Lee Hamilton writes, "As a point of clarification, nowhere in our correspondence have I expressed an unwillingness to examine evidence."

Lee Hamilton did not need to "express" an unwillingness to examine evidence, his actions make it abundantly clear ...

Actions speak louder than words.

That's his out.

I'm beginning to realize that "evidence" is his out. He knows nobody can provide evidence because it was all removed and destroyed. Unless someone has saved samples of the dust that contains nano-thermite residue and could prove it's origin, he is pretty safe in his challenge. If there's any other evidence it's not in the hands of the general public.
I'm having a debate here (link below) with someone who insists it is reprehensible to question the official story without providing evidence to support your argument. My best response has been, "just because we can't imagine it doesn't mean it's impossible." I could use some support if anyone has something to contribute. There are only a few OCT supporters in this debate BTW.

Better responses

"'m having a debate here (link below) with someone who insists it is reprehensible to question the official story without providing evidence to support your argument. My best response has been, 'just because we can't imagine it doesn't mean it's impossible.' "

Why not refer to the peer-reviewed articles in Bentham's journal, in The Environmentalist, and in the American Behavioral Scientist?

"Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe"

"Environmental anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic materials "

Entire February 2010 Issue of the American Behavioral Scientist Devoted to State Crimes Against Democracy: The Case of September 11, 2001:


Thanks for the info

Don't forget the lack of deceleration

To overcome the reserve strength of the structure below in a natural way the falling upper sections of the buildings must decelerate at a high rate to cause an amplified load.

The Verinage demolitions show what happens when gravity alone is used to demolish the rest of the structure after removing the structural capacity of a couple of stories and allowing the upper section to fall and impact the lower section of the building. There is a large deceleration at impact between the falling upper section and the lower structure in those demolitions. The deceleration causes a force amplification well above what the mass applied to the structure in a static state does. F= ma and when the change in velocity with respect to time amounts to an acceleration or deceleration greater than 1g you get force amplification.

WTC 7 was in full freefall acceleration for the the first 2.25 seconds or eight stories (104 feet) of its fall.

WTC 1 was constantly accelerating at 70% of the rate of gravity for as long as its upper section was visible which was about 114 feet or nine stories.

No deceleration of the first eight to nine stories of the falls is proof that these weren't natural gravity driven collapses. It appears that those who performed the demolitions of the NYC high rises on Sept. 11, 2001 took out the structural strength of many more stories for reliability, as just allowing a one or two story collapse could easily have resulted in an arrest. Depending on the structure, it can occur with just a two story collapse, but it isn't easy to know beforehand that it would definitely be enough, so if high reliability was needed that wouldn't be left to chance.

Treason lives in America!

Thank you Kevin for presenting this correspondence "evidence". Lee Hamilton is an obviously unwilling servant of the people of the United States of America.

No other conclusion can now be drawn by him flaunting his ignorance than he is a servant of a treasonous cabal of evil doer's!!

To be a patsie is one thing, but to use your influence to dismiss "hard evidence" in the public as "theory" is another, and when it prevents the truth being known regarding mass murder it is simply a crime.

Lee Hamilton now qualifies as a prime suspect in in the murder of 3,000 innocents by way of clear support of the criminals.

A message to Hamilton......Hamilton you may not have too long to live in this life, but mark my words you will go down in history as an exemplary example a treasonous coward, that supervised and defended the cover up of the greatest crime this century.

May your god have mercy on your soul.

Are You Kidding?

Will an elephant grow wings and fly?

Oh yes there will

be a new investigation. It's only a matter of when.

Reverse domino-effect

God bless you Kevin for your efforts and the truth you bring to light.

It must be frustrating dealing with guys like Hamilton. But if one of these Official guys can be made to turn toward truth, then a reverse domino-effect is likely, whereby others in Official positions regarding 9/11 will also make a stand.

I sure hope

I sure hope your right about a new investigation but as far as LH coming clean, that will be on a cold day in hell. He would be killed before that would happen and he knows it.

Kevin, I admire your skillful tenacity.

I am a big fan of your work. Thanks.

Lee Hamilton

is, like the rest of his ilk, a liar, a cheat and a fraud ...

Lee Hamilton and co have nothing but contempt for truth and justice ...

This clique of corrupt politicians use the privileges bestowed by office to conceal their criminality and advance their illegal agenda in secrecy, without regard to the consequences for the nation as a whole.

These corrupt politicians must be confronted and exposed before there can be any remediation or improvement in the current state of affairs

Will Hamilton publically criticize the lack of MSM attention?

The questions Kevin raised are good ones. Since Hamilton claims that he is not unwilling to examine evidence, I will assume that he has looked at some of it. The man would have to be an idiot to accept the OCT. Will he go on record criticizing the media for not giving 9/11 Truth due coverage? I find his stance encouraging. He doesn't dismiss the possibility that we have credible evidence. He actually encourages people to look at it.

My question is when will the MSM participated in this examination?

April Surprise

There is clearly no one who has investigated the George H.W. Bush cabal more than Lee Hamilton.

In the mid-80s, he investigated the October Surprise holding of the hostages, and said it wouldn't be "good for the country" to have another impeachment.
Then he led the Iran-Contra investigation, along with his friend and co-chairman Dick Cheney.
He led the 9/11 Commnission of course.
He also led the Iraq War Study Group for George W. Bush, working closely with James Baker.

It's interesting to me that Hamilton worked with Norman Augustine on the Hart-Rudman Commission and he was was also co-chairman of the "Commission to Investigate Certain Security Issues at Los Alamos."

Related to the October Surprise was what I would call the April Surprise, which led to the creation of the special operations branch US SOCOM and also dictated the Presidential election outcome in 1980. This was the failed April 1980 rescue attempt in Iran. The failure seemed to be very convenient for those who wanted to unseat Carter. If you read Dan Briody's book The Iron Triangle, you might have noticed that David Rubenstein, the founder of The Carlyle Group, had access to the secret plan for this operation, when he was "shuffling through some papers in the president's inbox." He was actually in the president's office by himself one night, ostensibly looking for a memo he wrote. The book says "President Carter questioned Rubenstein about his late-night foray into his office, asking him pointedly and repeatedly what he had seen while he was there (p 4)."

The rescue operation appears to have failed through a hard to believe sequence of mechanical problems with the helicopters. It was a difficult plan to accomplish, for sure, but it never really got off the ground at all. See this link for a description of the events.
First, one of six helicopters failed due to rotor blade malfunction, then a second failed in a sandstorm (the common notion is that all of them failed in this way), then a third helicopter failed by way of a faulty hydraulic pump. Finally, a ground-based refueling accident resulted in the deaths of nine people. The article suggests that it was at this time that "Carter's presidency did not recover."

Hugh Shelton was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Oct 1997 until 2001, replaced for the day by Acting Chairman Richard Myers during the 9/11 operation. But Shelton, who was a Special Ops soldier himself, had run US SOCOM at the time that the 9/11 operation was finalized (imho) that time period being 1996 through late 1997.

Small world, isn't it?

I didn't realize Hamilton had such an august reputation as an investigator into nefarious activities in high places. When I think of the Iran-Contra "investigation", John F. Kerry (Skull & Bones) comes to mind. I didn't realized Cheney had a hand in it.

The discussion of the Rubinstein incident in the White House is available as part of an on-line preview: http://books.google.com/books?id=-y5pk0LJ4CoC&pg=PA4&lpg=PA4

I did a bit of quick digging on Rubenstein and discovered that he has some very interesting connections. One of them is: The David Rubenstein Foreign Policy Forum of the American Academy in Berlin

The David Rubenstein Foreign Policy Forum was begun in 2008 and is an annually funded Distinguished Visitorship supported entirely by David Rubenstein of the Carlye Group. The Foreign Policy Forum focuses on international politics, inviting five to eight Distinguished Visitors per year.

Years ago I had a friend suggest that Operation Eagle Claw (Terran hostage rescue attempt) had been sabotaged. I haven't examined it closely enough to judge. It does look conspicuous. I would be surprised to find that Bush Sr. betrayed Delta Force. It's not that I think he's too loyal to do it. It's that betraying Delta Force is probably not a healthy thing to do if you plan on being in the White House.

I haven't read The Iron Triangle, but I did watch a documentary based on it. That was before I started looking into 9/11. That was my first exposure to Cynthia McKinney. I immediately recognized that she is a straight-shooter. My respect and admiration for her continues to grow.

You ought to write a book Kevin

There are never enough books on the real history. You might want to collaborate on it with Dr Nafeez Ahmed who really knows his stuff.

Give it a great title, and it will sell, and the more the merrier, and you also deserve to make a few bucks given what you've gone through for the sake of the truth about 9/11.

All the very best,


Yes please...BEST SELLER for sure!

Great idea!

Kind regards John

The world is ready for such a book

I have to say, Kevin, it was your work that lifted me from being 95% sure 9/11 was an inside job, to being essentially 100% sure. I hope you will write such a book. And I hope it sells well--very well.

Daniel Pipes says October Surprise never happened

Remember Ronald Reagan's October Surprise? It Never Happened. Daniel Pipes When a guy like Pipes tells me it didn't happen, I am more likely to believe that it did happen. I'm still looking at this. Turns out that one of the people claiming to have been on the flight crew taking Bush, Casey and Greggs to Paris was also a pilot for the CIA working the Mena crime scene: RICHARD J. BRENNEKE. That is on the site dedicated to finding and bringing to justice the killers of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two Arkansas teenagers who apparently stumbled upon the CIA drug running operation. Small world, eh?

lee hamilton plays the game.

Dear Kevin Ryan.

Thanks for a look at these. Your work is tireless and extreme.

My read on the interaction would have it Hamilton saying the courts are closed . He told you/us that much.
It is true, too, that Hamilton never actually said' "I am unwilling to study the evidence". he just "clarified that he never expressed an unwillingness to examine the evidence", although he wouldn't be able to because he is a very busy man.
It is a trick, of course. the only avenue open for proper result, is through the LAW courts. The courts of JUSTICE . Public forum means everywhere outside the places of real LAW.

Which is a revelation, really. ? Since this was a major crime, in which three thousands of people were directly murdered-and a million or so 'collaterally'. Yet the evidence cannot be tested in a courts of LAW. Only the 'court of public opinion', where the edward Bernaise/Cass Sunstein model of media bias is open, obvious, and odious.
Very Professional.
If I read consequent politics right, after BUSH, the COURTS of law are no longer in the hands of the just, and I suggest Mr Hamilton knows already full well the 911 truths held in the hands of you and compatriot 911 activists .
The key for him and his peers is at all cost NOT to let the information be tested in the courts. NOT to acknowledge the veracity of the evidence being presented.