Challenging Stephen Colbert

by JF Ranger

Public Challenge to Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report.

Dear Stephen,

I am publicly challenging you, sir, to invite Mr. Richard Gage, AIA to your show for an interview.

Mr. Gage is a member of the American Institute of Architects and founder of the “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” organization. Over 1,100 professional architects and engineers support his call for a new 9/11 investigation. He is also supported by NYCCAN, the coalition of family members, survivors, first responders and others as well as the Jersey girls, who are in big part responsible for the creation of the first investigation.

To learn more about the man, you can watch his presentation “9/11 Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction”, the most popular documentary on our website.

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i propose we go after Ali G

i propose we go after Ali G next.

Tell the Presidents political organization...

That we want more political documentaries sold in their online store:

Another place to press for the truth.

Very bad idea, IMHO

I like Colbert, but......

Colbert would skewer Gage and make him look like a babbling fool, like he does
to most of his guests.

Non issue.

It will never happen anyway. Colbert is a satirist and humorist and there is no comedy angle on 9/11 no matter how you cut it.

Dark comedy

There may be a comedic angle after all. It has to do with the absurdity of what we've been told about 9/11 by the government and media. Dark comedy, yes. About as dark as possible.

However, I think you're right, Phaedrus, because it's an angle Colbert probably would never dare, nor would he likely be allowed to.

That said, it is an intriguing, if dangerous, idea to have Richard up there with Colbert. Who knows...maybe it'd be a worthwhile gamble?

I also think this is a very bad idea

Perhaps there are other ways Colbert can support us, but lampooning Richard on TV is not one of them. This idea is worse than his decision to go on Kevin Barrett's show, which was a bad call. Let's support Richard's momentum instead, Gage has been doing very well!

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There are 6,603 fans now! (After only a tiny fraction a month or so ago). Does anyone else see the ENORMOUS potential of this?
Exponential growth. I like the Colbert Challenge because it creates buzz and plays well on facebook. I doubt it will be accepted, but if so, Richard would do just fine and get to plug his website. Everyone knows that Colbert is an act and tries to "hammer his guests"-- Richard has a good sense of humor and could make his case fine.

Manny Badillo just posted a message about the "Building What?!" campaign tomorrow. Sounds exciting. Let's do it.!/ae911truth?ref=ts

Why not have David Ray Griffin on "The Daily Show"?

It would be very interesting if he could even get on. DRG can handle John just fine. I would simply like to see if they would have him on. If they won't then we could start a campaign to reveal that they won't have him on. Something people, we have to be creative and bold while we have energy in this movement. I think they would have him on and I also think it would go well. Just my opinion. Feedback?


An interview with Colbert would be enormous, which could only help us. All Richard Gage would do is state the obvious.. And there is no controlling what Stephen may do, but just being there, highlighting into the Colbert nation, would be awesome.