High on Terror: 9/11 and the Illicit Drug Trade

High on Terror: 9/11 and the Illicit Drug Trade

I started writing this as a comment in reply to: Rahm Emanuel Helped GOP Sink 9/11 Trial. I realized it was getting long and potentially off topic. So I decided to produce a blog entry instead.

The dispute about trials for these alleged 9/11 perpetrators is a ploy to prolong the myth of al Qaeda involvement in 9/11. What sane and informed person believes that the people responsible for the mass murder committed on 9/11/01 are in custody? Even if al Qaeda had some role in the attacks — which I don't believe — they were no more than patsies for the people who orchestrated the attacks. Since those criminals have not been exposed by the MSM nor charged by law enforcement, they apparently have the power to prevent any criminal proceedings which would incriminate them.

I seriously question who is actually at Guantanamo Bay, and what they are doing there. Are they the people named by government officials and the MSM as accused terrorist detainees? Are they really detained there? If so, why?

There is reason to believe that Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is a staging point for government-protected drug running operations. For example, the plane that crashed on September 25, 2007 in Mexico with 4.4 tons of Cocaine on board had previously flown to Guantanamo Bay multiple times. See:Who owned drug plane that crashed in Mexico?

On a related matter, the DC 9 seized by Mexican authorities on April 11, 2006 with 5 metric tons of cocaine on board was owned by multiple entities including Royal Sons LLC, whose business address was once listed as a hanger controlled by Huffman Aviation, the flight school attended by alleged lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and alleged hijacker Marwan Alshehhi. Another part owner of the plane was Skyway Aircraft. A company owned in part by James R. Bath, former director of BCCI (AKA Bank of Crooks and Criminals International) and lifelong friend and business associate of George W. Bush. It was Bath who brokered the funding by the bin Laden family of Bush's first company, Arbusto Petroleum. See:'5 Tons of Coke' Plane Owners: Royal Sons, Tom Delay Appointee.

It's also worth mentioning that the owner of Huffman Aviation, Wally Hilliard had his Lear Jet seized by DEA agents who found 43 LBS of heroine on board shortly after Atta arrived. See:Terrorist Flight School Owner's Plane Seized for Heroin Trafficking. Atta did have connections in Afghanistan, the biggest opium producing country in the world.

It may, or may not be relevant that President Bush was 20 miles from Huffman Aviation when he read The Pet Goat on 9/11/01. But it seems worth mentioning.

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Daniel Hopsicker's work — which I have cross checked — has convinced me that Mohamed Atta was a drug runner and not an Islamic terrorist. He was working for a government-protected smuggling operation. Al Qaeda is, or was a group of CIA/SIS (British Secret Intelligence Service) assets originally recruited to fight the Soviets back in the 80s. Peter Dale-Scott makes a good case that al Qaeda was involved in the heroin trade, as were other CIA assets in Afghanistan, and the CIA knew it. Dale-Scott seems to stop just short of directly accusing the CIA of drug trafficking. See: Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the Northern Alliance, and drug-trafficking

The credible claims of Sibel Edmonds demonstrate that the illicit trade in opium and heroin is very relevant to what happened on 9/11/01. Not only that, the influence of this trade reaches all the way to the highest levels of the US power structure.

So why do I raise the subject of heroin trafficking in the context of accused 9/11 perpetrators awaiting trial? Because, if they didn't commit the crimes of 9/11 — which I firmly believe to be the case — then who are these detainees and why are they being held at Gitmo — assuming they are being held? Are "extraordinary rendition flights" a cover for the drug trade? Are the detainees people who got in the way of the illicit drug trade?

I've been told by a US Air Force veteran who worked security for nuclear arms shipments that some of the containers moved under that tight security contained drugs, not arms.

I was also told by a veteran of the US Coast Guard that he participated in a "drug interdiction" in which he "intercepted" a large shipment of cocaine, but neither saw nor heard the alleged speedboat, painted flat black and scheduled to receive the shipment. He said his commanding officers looked like the cat that ate the canary as the cocaine was off-loaded at Guantanamo Bay. He also told me that the drugs were dropped almost exactly where his reconnaissance boat was at the time, and that no effort was made to intercept the plane making the drop. The drop site was much closer to Porto Rico than to Guantanamo Bay, so he found it strange that the ship didn't make port in Porto Rico to transfer the drugs to law enforcement. It seemed to him that he had unwillingly participated in a drug trafficking operation, and not an interdiction. That happened in the late 1990's, before 9/11.

I mention these anecdotal examples to show how reasons of national security can act as a cover for illegal activities, and drug-running in particular.

You might object that I started off suggesting that the dispute over the 9/11 trials is a means of perpetuating the myth of al Qaeda perpetrating 9/11, and now I'm trying to make the case that this is all about the drug trade. What I am saying is that it is both a means of perpetuating the 9/11 OCT myth and possibly a cover for other illegal activities. 9/11 and the illegal drug trade are closely related subjects.

If, as the evidence suggests, the real perpetrators are extremely wealthy and powerful controllers of major financial institutions, then it is reasonable to believe that they profit in multiple ways from the illicit drug trade. If we look at the typical African American crack dealer in the inner city, he doesn't own a Lear Jet. He probably has a hard time getting a paycheck cashed at the bank that issued it. He can't launder millions, or billions in US dollars.

It's reasonable that planes seized with tons of cocaine on board — such as those mentioned above — are merely the tip of the iceberg. Five metric tons is five thousand kilograms, or five million grams. According to the White House: From January through June 2007, the average price per pure gram of all domestic cocaine purchases increased 24%, from $95.89 to $118.70, while purity fell 11%, from 67% to 59% We'll assume the cocaine on these planes is pure. So let's say it's worth $100 per gram. So the street value of just one shipment is $500,000,000. That's half a billion dollars! Assume that it was wholesaled for 1% of that, it's still five million dollars that needs to be laundered.

That requires someone with a suit and an executive office at a bank or other financial institution. It also requires the complicity of high-level law enforcement officials.

But money is only one enticement. Influence may be an even more valuable return from this criminal activity. Larry Nichols who attests to inside knowledge of Bill Clinton's involvement in the illegal drug trade claims that Clinton wasn't interested in getting rich. He used drugs and money to influence people. Dan Lasater, a close associate of Clinton, actually went to prison for giving cocaine away as a means of paying people off or otherwise influencing them. This includes gaining sexual favors from under-aged girls. Clinton pardoned Lasater.

The New Clinton Chronicles: An investigation into the alleged criminal activities of Bill Clinton and his circle of power.
Please watch this video, and don't dismiss it as partisan propaganda. Instead, I urge you to research every allegation made in it. This is not about Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives. There is extensive evidence pointing to both George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton as co-conspirators in the importation into the US and sale of huge amounts of cocaine.

Another form of influence is that gained by having incriminating evidence against powerful people who become compromised by their involvement in criminal activities. Extortion and blackmail are not new arts. When this kind of criminal activity goes unchecked for decades — as it apparently has — the result is a government run by gangsters who have the goods on each other.

In his 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, Webster Tarpley makes a good case for believing George W. Bush was not directly responsible for perpetrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Tarpley argues that the perpetrators have sufficient power to keep Bush at bay.

Though the evidence pointing the George H W Bush's involvement in the illegal drug trade is much stronger, there is some pointing to the younger Bush, and his brothers. If the younger Bush really does have such a criminal past, he is certainly vulnerable to blackmail by thoes who know about it. Observe the conspicuous connections between Huffman Aviation — the 9/11 flight school — and the illegal drug trade. It's reasonable to assume Atta was easily framed because the people around him, who knew better, were so compromised that they could not contradict the accusations.

According to Daniel Hopsicker, Jeb Bush accompanied by federal agents seized all the records of Huffman Aviation less than 24 hours after the attacks. Loaded them into Ryder truks which were driven onto a C-130 that flew them to a location in Northern Virginia,with Jeb Bush aboard. That's a curious role for a state Governor.

But I don't want to get too far into trying to prove specifics about the illicit drug trade. I just want to call attention to the corruptive effect the global illicit drug trade can have on governments. Including our own. All of this is only possible because the mainstream media are either too intimidated or too complicit to report on the matter. Take the example of an article called The Crimes of Mena

This is the article which had been scheduled to appear in the Washington Post. After having cleared the legal department for all possible questions of inaccurate statements, the article was scheduled for publication when just as the presses were set to roll, Washington Post Managing Editor Bob Kaiser (Like George Bush, a member of the infamous "Skull & Bones Fraternity), killed the article without explanation. According to the sidebar which appeared with the Penthouse Magazine version of this story, Bob Kaiser refused to even meet with Sally Denton and Roger Morris, hiding in his office while his secretary made excuses.

Also consider the fate of heroic journalists such as Gary Webb who wrote a series of articles exposing CIA involvement in the illicit drug trade. Webb was killed by two bullets through the brain stem. The death was ruled a suicide.

Yet another reward from the drug trade to be had by the rich and powerful is the indirect profit made on selling the tools and services used to fight The War on Drugs. An example of a company that does business in this market is Intelligence Technologies Inc. The sell products for "Voice Stress Analysis, Night Vision, Bug Detection/Electronic Counter Measures, Armor & Personal Security, Encryption & Voice Privacy, Audio Surveillance, Video Surveillance, Contraband Detection / EOD, Tap Detection & Phone Security, Defeat & Jamming Systems, Radio Communications and Tracking / Recovery". The owner is Michael D. Farkas, the founder of Skyway Communications Holding Corp. The parent company of Skyway Aircraft, who was part owner of the DC-9 carrying 5 tons of cocaine with connections to the flight school where alleged 9/11 hijackers took flying lessons.

Another question we should ask is how much evidence and information regarding ongoing criminal investigations into the illicit drug trade was destroyed with the WTC and the impacted section of the Pentagon.

There was a time when I completely rejected the idea that the American drug lords were working through the CIA and major banks. It took me a lot of rethinking to get my mind around this idea. If these ideas are new to you, please don't simply reject them as irrelevant or half-baked. Investigate. I believe this is a major key to understanding how the terrorist attacks of 9/11 could have happened.

Oh! And look who bought Huffman Aviation...

Dan Boone's Last Stand (for Art Nadel)


Friday, January 16, 2009:
News broke on CNBC that Nadel and a whole lotta cash are both missing. Within hours, the news was all over TV and the internet. The first mention of the story by the Gondolier or their parent company's web site wouldn't come until Wednesday, January 21.

In between those dates?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009:
On the day before Nadel started his excessively expensive vacation, his attorneys, Jeff and E.G. 'Dan' Boone, angrily and desperately tried to get council to agree to let Nadel build two hangars at Nadel's Venice Jet Center.

The Venice Jet Center -- that's the same building that formerly housed Huffman Aviation, the notorious flight school that trained Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah how to fly into buildings and such. Thus, for the second time this decade, an otherwise nondescript building at the Venice Airport has become a major crime scene of national and international importance.


Why was this voted down without comment?

I noticed that someone voted down my comment about Ponzi fraudster Art Nadel becoming the owner of what used to be Huffman Aviation. According to this article Art Nadel 'Ponzi Pal' Linked to DC9 5.5-ton Coke Bust: Nadel has been keeping company with people involved in organized crime which leads back to players in the 9/11 OTC, including the Bush Mob. Bear in mind that the DC9, tail number N900SA, has another connection to "terrorist flight school" Huffman Aviation.

Notice the mention of "the Kovar family of business fraudsters" in the article linked immediately above. Here are some thought provoking images. The plane is the DC9 that was busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine:

Just as an aside, note:

Argyll Equities' only funded three deals. Their third plunge into the world of investment banking-- after SkyWay Aircraft and Louis Paulino--was arranging a $17 million loan for a Mexican businessman, who then provided "significant capital," according to Chilean news accounts, to “Chilean narcotics trafficker Manuel Vicente Losada."

This news came out after Losada was arrested in the Chilean capital of Santiago. He had been “linked to a shipment of five tons of cocaine which U.S. drug enforcement officials in Miami intercepted over six years ago on the MV Harbour as it headed toward Guantanamo Bay.

Article: "rendition" flights as cover for drug smuggling

I was trying to find independent verification of Hopsicker's report of a ship being busted with 5 tons of cocaine on its way to Guantanamo Bay. I didn't find that, but I did find that someone else has come the the same conclusion regarding "rendition flights". The author of the article CIA "rendition" flights as cover for drug smuggling: Did the Inspector General discover the Agency's dirtiest secret? adds some good information to what I already knew.

Strangely, other than a cursory glance at bookstore shelves, he doesn't seem to site the ample evidence of the decades long involvement in the drug trade. Some of it is even a matter of the official public record.

Here's one example. If Terry Reed were alone in what he reported, we might be able to dismiss it. But there are literally dozens of witnesses whose accounts corroborate each other. Even the Congressional record acknowledges there was cocaine smuggling consistent with what Reed is attesting to: