3/14/10: A Message from Bob McIlvaine ....

Hello all:

Bob Mcilvaine asked me to post this statement:

"As many of you may already know, Cindy Sheehan and Jon Gold are in Washington protesting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They, along with many other anti-war activists, are camping out at the Washington Monument.

It surely is not easy to “keep the flame of protest’ when the media and special interest groups fight us at every juncture. But, as Cindy and I both know all too well, life is precious and we have lost too, too many young lives already.

Cindy and Jon, I cannot be with you, but I am truly there in spirit. May God keep you safe."

Bob McIlvaine
father of Bobby McIlvaine

Thank you,

Here is Bob talking to Jason Bermas -March 15

Part 1

NYCCAN.org. Join NYC CAN's coordinated effort to help the New York City Council learn about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. Go to NYCCAN.org to sign on to be among thousands calling and faxing the New York City Council to make them aware of WTC 7.

Part 2

If anyone feels like camping out in Washington...

Here is the resource you need and one you can spread as well.