Bob McIlvaine, Treason in America Conference, 03/06/10

9/11 Victim family member speaks at the Treason in America Conference in Valley Forge, PA.

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My heart really goes out to him.

We're just like Winston in the story 1984 by George Orwell, but for him, it goes all the way to the core.

I wish he would write to Philip Zelikow, the mythmaker of 9/11, perhaps that might ease his pain and help him to mourn his son's loss.

I just don't know what to say, because this generation isn't going to see a new investigation, and traditional justice..

We can however bring about what I call historical justice, whereby that which hurts instructs.

It hurts to hear a mourning father

Everytime I hear Bob McIlvaine, I cry. This man has suffered so much since 2001. He deserves to see Justice be done. You can see how much this man loved his son.

He is right: war is sanitized day after day. Show every night the dead civilians on our TV screens and you'll see the wars end in less than a year.

Iraqis and Afghan people know what war looks like, day after day.

When will the population understand?

Peace of the Action - Camp Out Now

Is our best action right now, as a truth and anti-war community. Whoever can go there, go, and it's even better if you are prepared to get arrested for peaceful civil disobediance, and pull a Ghandi. Whoever goes, go in the name of this man and his son.

It's time to start throwing our bodies on the machine. It's time for a real anti-war movement, and 9/11 truth movement, as the movement of the truth about 9/11.

We must hold their feet to the fire, and bring about a transformation, not in military affairs, but in human affairs. There's so much possibility on the other side of the sorrow, suffering and sadness, maybe even the possibility for a renewed and revitalized joy.. that is my prayer for him, that he might come to find the joy somewhere on the other side of this nightmare and horror, and there his son awaits with open arms I believe.

Media created stigma

I don't believe it is possible to post there (at site, of which, I offer the link for below), but I was quite disturbed by this article, and we at least need to send Robert Perry, the author some letters, if nothing else, and ask him an apology for his "mistake", and put before him, our sources, and of the plethora proof the government lied. The manner in which he presented us was wrong, saying no witnesses to explosions. Of course there were, not to mention......yeah, you know. It's off the scale, all the ample, naked evidence. And they are still playing the "emperor has an invisible new clothes" game. One must conclude he was either paid or scared to death of the stigma. We keep opening it all up, with light shining on this horrible act , this violation upon our country. The ones that have to live with knowing they perpetuated the crime's free ride out of scrutiny, and plainly have to face themselves for its continuation will have so much more emotional burden than any of us to carry.

This was the piece at "Smirking Chimp" who I used to like. Chances are you will be deleted though if it goes far, because there has been some discussion.

Bob continue to make sure that we also do not become COMPLACENT!

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
as Bob says if he turns the page he will be complacent and thats not possible because his son should not die for nothing.. This is the first time I have heard his emplanation and I join him in his courage. And he is right : Never let us forget all these people murdered. The crime should be punished so that it will not be done again.

Bob, please continue to make sure that we also do not become COMPLACENT!



Only two people need to be arrested

Larry Silverstein and Guilliani,,,then the house of cards would tumble.However,,, the good folks of the US have been mass castrated and are now impotent,powerless and at the mercy of the powers that be,,,,all potential lambs for the slaughter.