Jon Gold on Peace of the Action's CAMP OUT NOW


On Monday morning, we are setting up Camp OUT NOW on the lawn of the Washington Memorial. I have chosen to partake in this because for 9 years we have tried to use the "system" to bring truth and accountability for the 9/11 attacks, and the "system" does not work.

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but 9/11 is not being allowed in the courts. So I don't know what option is left. Part of 9/11 Truth is being anti-war. That's part of the reason we do what we do... or at least I've always thought it to be the case. That we are trying to end the "9/11 wars" by exposing the truth. I can't think of a better place for 9/11 Truth to be than an event designed to end the wars. Knowledge is, after all, power. So... I will be using my knowledge of 9/11 to help end these hideous and illegal wars. We have too much blood on our hands to do nothing.

I hope that you will tell your friends and family to support what it is we are trying to do. 9/11 Truth will be represented at Camp OUT NOW. Cindy has already told me I will be speaking. Please come if you can, but more importantly, don't let people forget we are out there. Please.

Thank you for your time.


Jon Gold


I'm so glad you are participating in Camp Out Now. It's something that's been needing to be done for a long time. But it's also something that needs to be done by peace activists who are not being led around on a chain by co-opted sell outs, so I guess this action has been worth waiting for. Cindy successfully severed herself from the bought out fake peace movement years ago and her open embracing of 9/11 truth is just one fine piece of evidence of that. This is the right thing to do. I will be with you in spirit and if I possibly could I would definitely be there with you in person. I'll do my best to bring attention to this action. Best of luck, be safe, have fun and thank you for doing what you're doing.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy said: "we're gonna shut this f'kn town down". It needs to be done.

I was there yesterday

Jon's tent was the first personal tent up. The police insisted that the personal tents come down or else they would shut the whole thing down. Colonel Ann Wright came and noted there could be ways to get them set back up. Cindy and other central folk were running errands at the time. There were only a couple dozen people there besides passersby at most. It was too cold with the wind for me for how I was dressed, so I had to leave. Maybe better weather will make a difference as it will come soon.

Obama's 3 helicopters flew directly overhead returning from his Ohio trip. Someone said Bush used to use 4 helicopters.

Jon was sitting there with his bullhorn at one point saying " We're going to shut this town down!" I felt badly. That is part of the rhetoric of the action so I can't fully fault him, but it felt silly for a couple of dozen people to claim they're going to shut down the seat of government of the world's empire.

In the late 70's I was part of a mass movement to prevent the building of the nuclear plant at Seabrook NH. In 1977 there were 1414 people arrested and held in national guard armories for up to 2 weeks. We were covered on national TV the extensively. In 1978 the authorities intimidated the movement into calling off what would have been the largest civil disobedience in US history, turning it into a legal rally. In 1979 and 1980 a large minority within the movement organized actions where the fences were stormed. In 1980 900 police and national guard repelled 1300 activists wearing gas masks and helmets. This movement had been inspired by the resistance earlier in the 70's at Whyl Germany where 26,000 people occupied a proposed nuclear site on FOUR DAYS NOTICE. The plant was never built. Ignored by the movement was the fact that the subsequent year 100,000 activists tried to occupy a site at Brockdorf Germany. That action was repelled by military force including a moat and tanks.

The lesson is that you can't physically overpower the modern state. That in no way means POTA isn't a brave and valuable action. putting one's body in the way of business as usual is a legitimate idea and CAN be done nonviolently. Cindy's actions have no history of violence so her claim to be nonviolent is quite justified.

That doesn't mean rhetoric of shutting down the city is justified. You, dear reader, and I know that Jon Gold doesn't physically attack people. He's a big guy and he glowers, which is hardly a crime. He needs to recognize that the words "We're going to shut this city down." CAN be seen as a terrorist threat, particularly from such a small group.

Jon, sadly, continues to refuse to talk to me, as does Cindy.

I was speaking with a couple of college age guys there who had traveled from hundreds and thousands of miles away for the action. They were not against discussing nonviolence with me. I noted that Gandhi was actually concerned with the spiritual progress of his adversaries. They were honest enough to admit that they were under the impression that the point of protest is to intimidate those in power.

The above exchange provides me an excellent opportunity to show the difference between Gandhi's approach and that of most people who do protest. Gandhi considered those who hated their adversary and engaged in nonviolent protest to be practicing "nonviolence of the weak." For those of you who hate the perpetrators of 911 and those committed to the coverup, the reason to at least consider the Gandhian approach is that it has greater potential for strength.

The 2 days I spent in jail in Pennsylvania for holding a sign at the entrance to the Treason Conference pleading with Cindy,Jon and Betsy to engage me in dialog, were part of my attempt at a Gandhian approach. Sander Hicks advised me the night before that Jon is not the enemy. I repeat now that neither is Bush or Cheney. Those who oppose me are all my adversaries. No one is my enemy. I said that as the keynote speaker at the conference Sander organized last September. Bush and Cheney are just several orders of magnitude more misguided than Cindy, Jon and Betsy.

The simple argument for why this is a stronger approach than seeing anyone as the enemy is the same simple argument I made against Cindy's demonstrating angrily outside Cheney's House. Even if Cheney is not afraid of us, how do we know that his supporters and sympathizers, the vast majority of whom had no involvement in perpetrating 911, may worry that we will come to their private home and hurt them or their family? What would you think if an angry crowd was outside your home?

I want our movement to be as honorable and strong as we can be.

Jail? In Pennsylvania?

Why were you incarcerated in Pennsylvania for a couple of days?

Why I was in jail

Cindy has been preventing me from raising the value of Gandhian resistance within POTA. I emailed her last fall when she proposed POTA asking to call me to address some issues I wanted to address privately, so there would be no need for public disagreement. Not only did she not call me, she gave me the wrong time for the first face to face meeting in DC. I thought it was a mistake at first. Now I realize it probably wasn't.

She came to DC in January and held an indoor event and then an outdoor rally at the CIA. I silently held a sign at the indoor event and outdoor rally reading "Stop Suppressing Discussion of Gandhian Resistance" I raised my hand during Q and A at the indoor event and was ignored. I never interrupted. The owner of the indoor facility, who has TWO pictures of Gandhi on the wall in the room we were in, took a leaflet and said to me he would read it. That fellow, Andy Shallal, is a mainstream leftist born in Iraq, who allows truther events on his restaurant, but he is not politically supportive of truth movement efforts. Jon, on the other hand, saw the banner which I held silently at the CIA rally and notified me he refuses to work with me any more.

I contacted Chris Greuner, secretary of Boston 911 truth and a licensed counselor, agreed to mediate with Jon. He refused. I asked Betsy Metz to ask him to mediate. She said he wouldn't.

I posted Jon that I would silently hold up a sign similar to the previous one when Cindy and Jon speak at the Treason conference and I would contact the media about the problem. Jon said he wouldn't let me in, but I can stand outside with the sign.

Upon discussion with truthers I respect, I decided not to contact the media. I spoke to no mainstream media while I was there. I also decided to change the wording of the sign to make it milder, the words becoming similar to what I described in the earlier post above.

I never tried to enter the conference and spoke only to those who spoke to me. The situation with Betsy particularly saddens me since she has Gandhi's term "satyagraha" tattoed on her wrist. Chris Greuner has agreed to mediate between Betsy and I. We've received no response.

My court date is 3/25/10. I hope to do more time in jail to touch the hearts of Cindy, Jon and Betsy who are basically quite admirable.

The basic issue involved for me is my longtime complaint that truth activists in general stand strongly against working things out with those with whom they disagree. This is the behavior of "true believers". Since that is one of the accusations made against us, it's important to distance ourselves from such behavior.

I do have another motive for doing what I did. I intend to approach respected leftists for a video interview on the hard questions of 911. My interview with Howard Zinn can be seen at from 3/9/09. The simple argument against their assertion that 911 is a distraction can be countered with Paul Craig Roberts point that we can't expect people to oppose the current wars while they hold Arab Muslims responsible for 911. (see my Some of the top leftists will probably grant my request, but others may refuse. When I move to civil disobedience against them, I'll be able to honestly point to the Valley Forge NVCD and claim to be an equal opportunity opponent of any act of hiding from the truth. The principle will be my same approximation of Gandhi's approach, minimum disruption/ maximum self sacrifice.

Please understand that Gandhi, more than any other nonviolent activist, is concerned with honorable behavior of those with whom he works. Cindy, Jon and Betsy' refusal to dialog is not high on the scale of dishonorable actions, but refusal to work things out within our movement is terribly holding us back.


Still don't understand why you spent time in jail. Can you explain what got you there?

Thanks for asking

Saturday morning when I first lay down at the rooms entrance holding a sign reading " Please encourage Cindy Sheehan, Jon Gold and BEtsy Metz to engage me, David Slesinger, in dialog" , Betsy's husband asked me to leave. I advised him to call the police. They came quickly and asked me to get up. I said I'd do whatever theybwanted once they arrested me. They arrested me for disorderly conduct. They escorted me out to my car. A facility security person told me if I came back he'd tow my car.

I returned around 1PM and sat at the room entrance with the same sign. Betsy's husband said he didn't mind if I sat at the entrance with the sign. The police still came quickly and took me to jail. In jail they warned me I would go to county jail if I didn't bail out. They let me out around 6PM without bail. I told them I'd come back.

On Sunday I arrived around 1030AM and sat at the entrance. Betsy's husband said hi. I said hi back. The police came quickly and took me to jail. I had a hearing by video( way cool) with the judge that night. I got $1000 ROR (they only charge me the grand if I skip) and they let me out at 10:30PM

I'm charged with trespass, disorderly conduct, and third degree harrassment, all misdemeanors. I'd never heard of the last one until Saturday night when entered the Conference center and ran into William Rodriguez, Luke Rudkowski, and Richard Gage. William said he had used third degree harrassment against Troy Sexton. I also made a plea to William to weigh in with his friend James Randi to stop supporting the JREF'ers attacks on AE911Truth. William addressed the situation and showed he HAD made some progress with Randi. I thought William understood I acknowledged he had made progress. I hope he doesn't think I'm angry with him on that account.

BTW, Cindy Sheehan emailed me a few weeks ago asserting I had been stalking her and urging me to get counseling. Jon Gold has also suggested I had mental problems in one post. Shades of the old Soviet Union. Hey, I'm the one who pleads for mediation.

My favorite part of the whole experience was on Saturday they had a detective come talk to me to try to make sense of why I was there. I explained that I was only asking people I do politics with to talk with me instead of refusing to. He liked my situation to when his in-laws refuse to talk to him. He said," I hate that."

Pretty funny when the police are more understanding than my own movement.

Fitting actually, since during my trial for trespass on the 911 truth issue in 2006, I noted that in a democracy most people consider the police to be their friends, but under tyranny, relatives of law enforcement are ashamed of their relations.

You need to learn how to enforce your rights.

Everybody in the truth movement needs to learn how to enforce their rights. If you knew how to enforce your rights, the police would have walked away and left you there.

I don't want to encourage you to harass people at a 9-11 Truth event. I think there are other ways to communicate your grievances. Plus, why focus on Sheehan, Gold and Metz? Why not just show by example instead of trying to get others to do it the way you insist on doing it?

Would rather hear about you holding a sign promoting 9-11 Truth instead of focusing on individuals.


You misunderstand my goals

I am the only advocate of Gandhian resistance in the US. Gandhi's term satyagraha means "holding fast to the truth" or putting your whole weight on the truth."

My goal is minimum disruption (which is why I sat in a chair for the second 2 arrests) enough to get arrested so I can serve time in jail to touch my adversary's hearts. That's hard for you to hear isn't it, my brother?

Trying to touch hearts is the opposite of enforcing rights. Consciousness is ultimately more powerful than using the law to create a revolution.

If you consider that my act of sitting nowhere close to speakers and not talking to anyone who doesn't speak to me harassment, I am sad for you.

If you consider arranging for mediation by a respected and qualified truth activist to be harassment, I am also sad for you.

If and when I get video interviews with editors of left journals that suppress us, will you call that harassment? If these current arrests make the difference in getting these interviews, would you prefer that they hadn't happened?

Sheehan is justifiably the primary symbol for nonviolent direct action against the current wars, The POTA action is potentially more daring than actions in DC have been for decades. The daring people who come are the best people to enlighten about how much more daring Gandhi's approach is.

Can you see how your claim that I insist others use Gandhi's approach is as much a straw man as the debunkers arguments? I only insist on being heard. It would be ridiculous to insist people be inspired to be more daring. Don't feel badly you fell into making such a claim. It seems almost impossible for old friends of mine to avoid this misunderstanding

I've given out 55,000 deception dollars. Did I set a good example that way?

I organized the 47 concurrent AE911Truth press conferences on 2/19. Did I set a good example that way?

I made my own leaflet and passed it out to cars waiting to turn to enter Andrews AFB outside DC in August of 2002 only to be approached within ONE MINUTE BY THE POLICE and told to cease. (Compare that to how long it took them to scramble planes less than a year before) Did I set a good example that way?

I passed out 1500 leaflets touting the citations made by the complete911timeline in conservative daily, weekly, and monthly print publications at the prowar rally Rumsfeld organized one September 11 on the national mall. Did I set a good example that way?

I asked for the stiffest sentence in 2006 when charged with trespass from an action where BBC Radio eventually broadcast my assertion that all I needed was building 7 to make my case. Did I set a good example that way?

It seems you, like the vast majority of truth activists, see no value in encouraging those in the truth movement to at least TRY to work things out.

Americans have a strong commitment to being ignorant. We're supposed to be better than that.

Thanks again for raising all these issues so concisely and without contempt. It was a good opportunity.

People's peace revolution not easy.Learn from orange, ... revolu

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
from Davidslesinger's reply below I can see that the camping will not be easy. Courage and learn from the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine


In march 2005 on the Khreschatyk street in Ukraine a "village of tents" ( some small indivual tents were orange) were set up so I am asking myself if the communists could accept small tents why cannot Obama also. Were the communists were more democratic than Obama is today ?
As we can see in the video the people were cold in the snow but they kept their place.

Courage to you all at the Washington Memorial and thanks Davidslesinger for the news on the campment.

Yours John

PS have not yet found a good photo of the orange "village of tents" but am still looking.

The 9/11 a really good bridge builder...

John has coined an important phrase here...the 9/11 Wars.

It bring larger picture focus to the events of 9/11.

For me, I am in the process, started before I read this blog, of changing one of my signs on my large banner to read:

9/11 was the FIRST

I really think that these perspectives are very significant.

And its really nice to read such a focused perspective from cosmos...after all, he/we have been on this approach since 2006 or so.

Soon, the uncorrupted peace activists will break ranks from their co-opted leaders and begin to think for themselves.

Good things will happen when that happens...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

I agree - 9/11 Wars

That's perfect.

With you there in spirit Jon, if not in person.

That's some valuable bridge building you are doing there, and if you hang in there, it will start to get a lot of coverge, hope you have lots of signs with 9/11 Wars on it - "Stop the 9/11 Wars - Re-Investigate 9/11, The Crime of the Century", something like that would be good..

Glad your out there. Thank you.

I intend to be there

I've been trying to participate in the building of this daring action for months, and still intend to be there, even though I'm not being allowed to explain how it can be even more daring.

To be very concise, blocking streets, sidewalks, and doorways is fine. Especially if we only have dozens at a time, it will be maximally powerfully if the activists are open to filling the jails. It's still worth doing if they are not.

My favorite quote from Gandhi is relevant here," The satyagrahi enters the jail cell as the bridegroom enters the bridal chamber."


I will be In DC over the weekend of the 20th with my middle son...I'll be checking the Camp OUT NOW website and 911Blogger for updates as to when you will be speaking. You will have supporters in the audience ...for sure!!!

We should get Jesse Ventura to visit..

While on his book tour - would make a good speaker there, and that would help get coverage, and coverage on OUR issue as well as the inappropriateness of unjustified pre-emptive wars of aggression, to whch he is also vehemently opposed. He's a popular figure right now in American politics, and represents something of that third party anti-establishment movement, as well as the 9/11 truth movement - so he'd be a good bridge figure, to get there in DC, if at all humanly possible.. I think he'd be thrilled to be invited..!

Just visited the Peace of the Action Website

More of us should make the journey there and do some camping, I think this is the boldest and more courageous sustained action we've ever undertaken, and I noted that Cynthia McKinney is visiting, and she's a "truther", and so is Ray McGovern. What a wonderful opportunity, for our movement, to so closely dovetail with the anti-war and anti-establishment movements. Amazing, incredible!

I'm very impressed with this Jon, this is big, very big, and it will get attention.

Making the trek there to camp out, would be kind of like taking a trip back in time to the anti-Vietnam protests back in the late 60's. Jesse Ventura will definitely want to be a part of this I think, as well as other celebs and known people.

Well done! Good work!

This is well worth it. Good for you for aligning us with this Jon, thanks again.

Godspeed, Jon

Be safe, you're going to be in the heart of a very bad neighborhood. Lots of criminal types out there. You and Cindy and everyone else, stay strong and hold your heads up.

To anyone that can donate or spend some time camping, please do so. This is a watershed event for the peace movement, and 9/11 truth is but one facet. But the relationship between the two is growing into a powerful beast, even amidst the howls and cries of the neo-con/lib war mongers and their cheerleaders.

To our cowardly media who will without a doubt attempt to paint this action as limited, pointless, and crazy; you will be remembered for sure, but not as the white knights of empire you may fancy yourselves as.

Justice for the families, justice for the victims of imperialistic resource wars, justice for every American and citizen of the world struggling against empire in any way they can.


My best-

to be there from Philly

I support you Jon, though I am unable to attend.

Thanks for representing our cause there. I applaud your courage and commitment. Same goes for Cindy Sheehan and Dave S too. I wish I could be there but don't have the funds. Besides, I am probably on the NO FLY list.

Jon, what color will be the revoultion? Purple ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
for the last years we have seen CIA color revolutions in the world ( Orange = Ukraine , Rose = Georgia , ... )

What color will be our peaceful revolution ? What color our tents, our scafs etc at Washington Monument. How about Purple ? Cindy's son had a purple heart as many others.

Why not choose purple for our peaceful revolution to represent the courage of us all , the first respondeurs, the whistle blowers, Cindy's courage, thousands of AE911Truth architects risking their reputations and jobs, etc

Let a purple revolution represent all the patriots who are asking that the American governement be accountable for their acts of state terrorism.



PS is it possible to have a link(s) to video or photos on the camp. Thanks.

Purple would be good

It's also the colour they put on Christ according to the story, as a mockery of his claim to royalty. It would be significant in that regard as well imho.

You're doing the right thing

More and more of my war-protesting Liberal friends are becoming open to 9/11Truth. I've said that before and I hope to say it again.

Keep going, Jon. What you're doing is crucial.

I just can't get over how frick'n GENIUS this is!!!

This is precisely the type of action we had in mind, from the very beginning, from the earliest days, and we were CONVINCED that once the information hit enough people, that they would march on the mall, or camp out there and perform strategic acts of peaceful civil disobediance - but we never imagined in our wildest dreams, that it would have taken THIS long (almost a decade).

So now it's here - the opportunity to throw one's body on the gears of the machine, and to take a stand in the face of and in the midst of the true enemy of the people, which is a slithering slimy corporate plutocracy and oligarchy and empire, which has completely lost it's way, having committed, and then covered up, or justifed under false pretense, crimes against humanity, including war crimes, by waging unjustified pre-emptive wars, in the name of, and driven by the policy surrounding, 9/11, or Zelikow's narrative of that event, which is nothing but a crumbling public MYTH (the "investigation" was a FARSE!), and one which simply doesn't stand up under any amount of rational and scientific analysis, and therefore, historical analysis..

So we are standing up STRONG, relative to a very deadly, absurdity, and that's powerful!!!

"In times of universal deceipt, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Whoever goes, you are going on a journey, almost like a journey back in time to the Vietnam days. This is very exciting, and totally ingenious whoever came up with this "Peace of the Action" movement. Way to go Cindy Sheehan! Way to go Jon Gold and whoever among us happens to join him and Cindy. What you are doing is totally right and just, and therefore,

may the love and protection and care and grace of God Almighty, be with you all throughout this entire process. Amen.


Let a peaceful but extraordinarily dramatic uprising begin.

One of my closest friends is a staunch war protestor, and I am going to email her forthwith, and see if I can pique her interest in protesting the wars from a 9/11-centered standpoint--at least in part.

She has plenty of companions in Seattle (my city). I'll be glad to march in the Seattle rain, if we can take this approach. It is far more trenchant, far more informing, and stands to be far more effective at stopping the wars, and bringing back some semblance of justice, than protesting from an Iraq or Afghanistan War standpoint only. It gets at the root cause and the lie, and thus gets at the truth.

Exciting. This gives me enthusiasm. Thanks.

on the net: "Camp OUT NOW" Washington memorial 15 march 2010"

"Camp OUT NOW" Press Conference, now on YouTube 17/03/2010 19h19

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 1 of 5 - Cindy Sheehan

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 2 of 5 - Cindy Sheehan

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 3 of 5

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 4 of 5

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 5 of 5