Obama threatens to Veto proposed second probe into 2001 Anthrax attacks.

Obama Veto Is Threatened on 2010 Intelligence Budget Measure
By Jeff Bliss
March 15 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama probably would veto legislation authorizing the next budget for U.S. intelligence agencies if it calls for a new investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, an administration official said.

A proposed probe by the intelligence agencies’ inspector general “would undermine public confidence” in an FBI probe of the attacks “and unfairly cast doubt on its conclusions,” Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a letter to leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence committees.

On Feb. 19, the Obama administration released a 92-page summary of a Federal Bureau of Investigation probe that said the late Bruce Ivins, a government scientist, was behind the attacks. Lawmakers including Representative Rush Holt, a New Jersey Democrat, have questioned the thoroughness of the investigation.

Anthrax-laced letters sent to lawmakers and news outlets nine years ago infected 22 people, killing five.

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Obama is complicit.

Goddamn Obama.


"A proposed probe by the intelligence agencies’ inspector general “would undermine public confidence” in an FBI probe of the attacks “and unfairly cast doubt on its conclusions,”

We Have a Government of Treasonous Con Artists.

Good to see you Rob.

You said it Rob.

Over the past decade, the criminal American political element has become increasingly more brazen in their butchering of truth, justice and transparency.


this story knocked me off my chair

i was an obama supporter. i voted for him.

i can't say that 'this is the last straw' because i decided that the 'last straw' ocurred several 'straws' ago - and at this point i view him as a full fledged player in the political SCAM that is american politics. he no more represents truth, justice, transparency or the public's interest than Dick Cheney. He's just more subtle about his crypto-fascist agenda.

this is one of the most appaling disgusting examples of obstruction i have ever seen.

Here is my view on how Presidents are placed into power...

As a 30 year New Hampshire resident and parent of two Ivy League graduates [on athletic-ish scholarships/grants], I have a very clear understanding about WHY the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is in New Hampshire...

Its the Boston Media...and the Ivy League connections to our governance...[Zelikow?]

After former Ivy Leaguers...Bush I [who baby sat Reagan when VP]...Gore...Bush II...Kerry...[and possibly Dukakis-at least an eastern Massachusetts guy]...had stunk out the White House of US Governement...and

...who are all descendants of the British Empire [FYI...BBC's World Radio is broadcast from Bush House]...the "powers to be" had a problem...PASTY WHITE GUYS as presidents...

...and that another one COULD NOT get elected i n 08' when considering the younger voters entering the political fray...the unhateful-unbiased-open minded voters...

So, what to do?

Place into position as finalalists in the Democratic Party some candidates who were NOT PASTY WHITE GUYS...the rsult:




[John McCain "took one for the team-military" was chosen to loose the 08' election...and when he STILL began to beat the PASTY BLACK GUY...they hired Sarah Palin to sink his ship...

The foreknowledge was that SOMEBODY had to be in place to take blame for the long planned economic collapse...and it surely wasn't gonna be anyone who was Republican...

Its the "fake difference" thing again...

Barrack OBOMBYA is a complete creation by the Ivy Leagues and its best friend the major financial institutions [sorta one-in-the-same] who was carefully groomed and eventually put/seduced into place beacuse the Powers-To-Be "knew' that their "pasty white guy" gig was over...

...yet they had to keep control as usual...as they have done so since the Kenedy brothers...

...and we know what THAT uppityness brought those two fellas.

EXAMPLE: The "quid-pro-quo" for John Roberts [appointed directly as the Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court] was that if he managed the appointment of GWB in 2000, he would get the choice position on the Supreme Court...just one of dozens if not hundreds of examples of the Ivy League's [and their connected friends] schemes...and then there is Alan Derschowitz...and his FAKE adversary...Noam Chomsky...doing FAKE battle on opposite ends of Massachusetts Avenue in the small city of Cambridge, MA...there is so much more...

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to talk directly to John Perkins and he told me POINT BLANK...that the corporatocracy [aka...the PTB] worry not one bit about the presidential elections every fours years...

...because they arrange and control the final two candidates anyway...

So, the only way out here is to keep informing the good ole citizens of the good ole USofA...

...and of course, 9/11 is the best "looking glass" that has ever come about to use when looking into ALL the malfeasances of the many corrupted elements of our country and government...and as we are now exposing...the world.

This is the only gift that the events of 9/11/2001 bring to the table...

So, its really the same group in control all the time...and they are almost always "pasty white guys"...one way or another...until the "pasty black guy" was ordained for election...

Sorry you were duped...

My last "personal involvement" verification of all this came about when I was at the Democratic Convention in Boston where protesters, including me, were corralled in a barbed wire cage while Barrack OBOMBYA was making the very speech he needed to make in order to ascend to the preordained role of future President of the United States...and he nailed that speech...and others in the meantime...indeed!

John, its REALLY this simple...for now anyway...people are rising up all over the place...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

If it was in Boston

then it must have been Kerry delivering the speech--the pasty white guy in '04 rather than the pasty black guy in '08. But I'm sure the conventions were both very similar affairs.

Candidates like Kucinich play a part in this too: By 'keeping false hope alive,' they help keep antiwar activists corralled inside their party's 'big tent,' even though its leadership winds up tramping on their collective face each time.




Barry Kissin spoke on the anthrax attacks at the We Demand Transparency attacks in NY last September

Obama's Veto

"A proposed probe by the intelligence agencies’ inspector general “would undermine public confidence” in an FBI probe of the attacks “and unfairly cast doubt on its conclusions,” Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a letter to leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence committees."

As a point of order on this issue - the simple fact that there is or maybe, a call for a new investigation or that it might make it into "any" piece of legislation...along with the fact that Mr. Orszag took the time to sit down and pen a letter, specifically addressing the issue of a new investigation and why we shouldn’t have one…

…Merely goes to the point - that the public has already lost confidence in the FBI and its findings. Subsequently, there is a call for a new investigation. Concordantly, preventing an investigation merely re-enforces the original belief - which is, that the FBI's findings are not to be trusted. And that would include their "story" about Dr. Ivans.

Obama's veto of any piece of legislation based on the merit(s) stated by Mr. Orszag would be pointless.

If, however, the point of Mr. Orszag's (flaccid) argument is to provide Obama with a smoke screen for what is really going on, which is obstruction of justice, then I guess, given the main stream we have, he will be successful; for I have no faith in the “fee” press.

Conclusion - The indicia would suggest that the fix is in. Hence, the question becomes at what point do we stop pretending and call them on it?

Muse - Is Obama not a member of the Bouillie Society? I seem to recall JFK gave a speech on the subject of secret societies and the danger that they posed to our very freedoms.

…just musing.

Suspicious Patriot

The official "story" of 911 is - dead.
911 Was "Another" Inside Job!

OK, Mr. President, but...

how did Cheney and the gang know on 9/11 that Ivins would go postal?


it's already backfiring!

In a bizarre, Soviet-style move, the White House has threatened to veto the intelligence budget unless everyone accepts the FBI frame up of Dr. Bruce Ivins.


Breathtaking outrageous impertinence of these people.

A probe would only undermine public confidence in the FBI investigation and conclusions if they were found to be flawed.
Therefore, Orszag is clearly implying this may be the case. So he is saying we must not have one because it is vital the public remain confident in the investigation and conclusions, however misplaced that confidence may be.

Obama is as fake as it has EVER come

& I voted for this guy.

Why is there no conscience?

I am truly baffled. If this were a movie, the hero would stand up and call bullsh-t on the prez. The hero would be more forceful than Holt, and would listen to his conscience and act upon it. The inner summons in the person's mind and heart would cause her/him to do this, and the audience would be captivated by the hero's bravery and the willingness to do what is right. Where did that go? To be sure, Cynthia McKinney has tried. But I am baffled as to the absence of self-sacrifice (which usually ends up helping the self when combined with wisdom). How can that characteristic be so vacant from these people?

What you expect from a company man.

He's ex CIA all the way!