Cindy Sheehan invites 9/11 Truth to "Camp Out Now "in DC

The Anti-War Movement needs the 9/11 Truth Movement

Because we're bigger right now. Therefore, of the 5000 campers she's supposed to get there at the mall, surely we can field HALF of them no?

That puts our movement on the map imho, and dovetails us with the anti-war and anti-establishment movements, building bridges because of the historical implications and effects of 9/11 as the first cause in this whole mess and due to the inauthenticity of the governments own investigation 411 days after the initial attack.

What an opporunity. Thanks Cindy!

Sure we will join you there, thanks for making us welcome. We are FOR the exact same things after all when all is said and done.

There it is!


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Bravo, rock on Mrs. Sheehan

The 9/11 Truth Movement is bigger than the "mainstream" anti-war movement because it is the only thing that can explain the so-called peace candidate Obama, who the anti-war movement supported, being as bad or worse than G.W.Bush.

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference . posted 17/03/2010 on YouTube

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 1 of 5 – Cindy Sheehan

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 2 of 5 - Ray McGovern

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 3 of 5 - Col. Ann Wright (Ret.)

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 4 of 5 - Kevin Zeese

Camp OUT NOW Press Conference 5 of 5 - Brian Becker

Camp out March 2010 Promo

Camp OUT NOW - Lori Perdue Slam Poetry

Camp OUT NOW - Set Up (March 15)


Thanks for posting. I think I will join them in June.

Thank you, John,

for taking the time to post all these videos. It is greatly appreciated.

It is worth noting that Brian Becker's brother RIchard is responsible for keeping 9/11 truth speakers off the stage at the March 20 ANSWER rally in San Francisco.

The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance fulfilled all their requirements by endorsing the event and donating money in support of the event, but they will not allow a 9/11 Truth speaker on stage for even a two minute speech.

I suggest that anyone attending the ANSWER events in DC, LA or SF on Saturday bring some signs that say " Cindy Sheehan supports 9/11 Truth" on one side and "9/11 Truth Supports Cindy Sheehan" on the other side as a peaceful and non-confrontational way to expose ANSWER's obvious hypocrisy and egregious gatekeeping.

Chants along these lines would also be good.

Let's win over the rank and file peace activists, brothers and sisters, and let the ANSWER "leaders" continue to marginalize themselves.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

If the video below doesnot convince ANSWER send Jon Gold to them

Bonsoir ,

Cindy Sheehan needs us and we need her. And America and the world need the 911 truth to bring an end to the Afghanistan and Irak war.

Perhaps the people from ANSWER will see things differently when they have heard the excellent video of Cindy Sheehan at the Treason in America Conference.

I think I would be in the Jackass group described by Cindy. But I strongly beleive that exposing the 911 first war lie will give us the means on not only stopping the actual wars but also the others to come.
However I have to admit that after 8 years in all my close connections ( family, friends colleagues ~ 200 ) there is only 8 who think that the Bush government lied on 911. I do not think that I am being very successful on this subject and I am in the same situation as Bob McIlvaine where the people in my entourage are feed up with me talking about 911 and will only invite me to their evening events on condition that I do not talk about 911. So Cindy's explanation on how it took her so long to join the 911 truth movement has not fallen on death ears.
I will have to study and learn the Jon Gold method if I want to win over people like those in ANSWER.



ANSWER Censors 9/11 Questions

for the better part of a decade now... it's despicable.
Good job stopping the 9/11 wars, ANSWER!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

On the main ANSWER March 20th DC site there appear to be only two (2) 911 groups that have endorsed it.

Make that one. (I don't think the 2nd site is a dedicated 911 site. I found only one blog entry on 9/11 there.)

(Love Light 9112001. Love Light Community)

Last week(?) I blogged about this, asking why there weren't more 911 group endorsees and suggesting maybe there should be.

Anyway, I don't think that blog ever made it to the light of day.

Great work, once again, Chicago!

Today POTA leadership had me arrested at their encampment

Polly Miller told me to leave as I as down under the tent. I invited her to call the police. She said I was intolerant of other people's views. I asked why she said that. She said I was insisting they use Gandhian tactics. I said I was merely calling for dialog. I note here that signs I used in DC in January called for discussion and the sign I used in Valley Forge in March called for dialog. I ask now when have you heard of nonviolence advocates who DIDN'T seek dialog? While waiting for the police a woman about my age engaged me in discussion.Polly was good enough to not prevent this. She turned out to be comparably lacking in knowledge of nonviolence as most truth activists. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on you folks.

I explained that the power of the protest should be seen as more in going to jail than in the arrest part. She objected to the word "should." Looking back I wonder if she would object to saying the US should withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan? She said that the main need is public education. I wonder now why she came to a civil disobedience action instead of working on a legal rally. She said going to jail did no good. I noted that in one episode of "Eyes on the Prize", the great documentary of the civil rights era, MLK thought that momentum was lost in one city when someone bailed him out of jail. I said I was encouraged that Cindy had said she could see herself doing a stretch in jail. The woman continued by saying things like "No one will care if you go to jail.". I said people would care if Cindy went to jail. She countered that most people didn't know who Cindy was. She eventually asked what I felt the difference was between Gandhian resistance and civil resistance, my primary argument. I said that Gandhi called for suffering to touch the heart of the adversary and that Gandhi was concerned with the spiritual progress of his adversary. I noted civil resisters seek legal means to avoid or minimize their sentence and just want to appeal to their supporters. Another man overheard me. He said he's heard that discussion all too much. I don't know anyone but me who says that. I didn't call him a liar. I just said I was surprised at his remark. The one person there from Oregon with whom I had had an interesting conversation about nonviolence on Monday said nothing.

Many police came in several vehicles. Polly said I was a counter protester. This despite I had no sign and no leaflet. The police asked me to step outside the tent. Like at Valley Forge I told them I would cheerfully go wherever they wanted AFTER they arrested me. The office said," So you refuse to follow my order, right?" I said, "That is correct." He said," Stand up. You are under arrest." They lead me away from the tent. They handcuffed me. They counted my money in front of me. One officer asked what the issue was. I replied I wanted to talk about a purer and more powerful approach to nonviolence. I added that those inside were nonviolent, too. I said it was sad we couldn't just talk.

One officer warned me that if they let me out that night, they'd keep my cash in the safe, which I would not have access to until business hours. He noted I would go to a station in a tough part of town and suggested I wouldn't be able to get a cab without cash. I was taken to the station in a paddy wagon. While waiting to be processed the officer asked if I knew what was happening Monday the day arrests will start. I said I'm sure Cindy would let them know and I praised her opposition to secrecy. I gave my info. One officer said to the officer with me that I was a DJ. They put me in a cell. I slept a while on a narrow wooden bench.

They called me out and told me they weren't pressing charges. I guess that's what DJ meant. That brings up the main lesson of the day.Much of police intimidation tactics are not to be accepted on face value. We counted out my money again. $55.60 and a European coin. They agreed to take me to the metro. I waited outside for a half hour. I buzzed them and asked if they had forgotten me.The officer who had arrested me drove me to the metro. I noted I was not surprised they didn't charge me, since I carried no sign or leaflet. Because this officer was African American, I spoke of Barry Jennings and gave him my card with the listed at the bottom. I said I assumed since he worked in law enforcement I'd hope he was curious. I added I didn't expect him to contact me.

I go to court at 9:45AM on Thursday, March 25 at 128 West 4th St in Bridgeport Pa for my 3 Valley Forge arrests. Call me 410-499-5403

POTA nonviolence trainer calls mayor of DC "a piece of s**t"

When I attended an in person meeting for POTA in NYC on 2/14/10, the person chairing the meeting, Robby Diesu, made it clear that he, a college undergraduate, would do the nonviolence trainings in DC prior to and during the action in March.

Weeks earlier during a conference call he had said he would write the nonviolence guidelines over the coming weekend. Since the meeting had arrived and I had not seen this work, I emailed Robby links to a variety of different sets of guidelines. I had no strong preferences. My only special concerns were no movement after dark, when those one encounters could more likely become afraid. it may be no problem. Cindy's judgment is often good.

My contribution at the beginning of the meeting was to request an evaluation at the end. I explained that meant people giving pros and cons about the process used rather than the substance of the issues.

My one comment about nonviolence was that Gandhi felt that the power of nonviolence was about suffering, as in jail, to touch the heart of the adversary. I noted that MLKing's version of that was his quote "Undeserved suffering is redemptive."

Later Robby criticized King as being less than nonviolent because of the time he sent children out to be arrested. A couple of older admirer's of King objected strenuously, claiming that hadn't happened. I knew superficially of the event and tried to say it had happened, but wasn't allowed to come to Robby's defense. Wikipedia does discuss the"children's crusade". It had happened in early 1963 in Birmingham. It came up because many adults couldn't afford to lose their incomes. It was controversial at the time. It was criticized by both Robert F Kennedy and Malcolm X. It turned out to be a very successful choice. No one, however, said it wasn't nonviolent. Here is the link.

Robby announced at the meeting that there would be only 2 nonviolence guidelines during the action. I was surprised because most actions have closer to 10. I liked both. One was that we will treat everyone with respect. Within minutes he referred to the Mayor of Washington,DC as "a piece of s**t." I remember agreeing that Mayor Fenty deserved criticism, just not name calling.

He announced there would be presentations at the encampment. I raised the idea of me giving one presentation and said all my concerns would be addressed if that could be arranged. He was clear that wouldn't be allowed because they had had problems with me. I noted he had violated his own guideline by calling Adrian Fenty "a piece of shit". Several people in the room became VERY angry with me. I asked for a discussion of nonviolence then and there. He said there was no time, even though there was an hour and a half left.

The rest of the meeting involved only Robby asking if there were any more questions. Some sectarian members expressed concern for democratic process, which i interpreted as meaning," don't suppress us". I smiled. I've never known leninists to be concerned with suppression of nonviolence advocates or competing sects. Clearly there had been time for a discussion of nonviolence.

One fellow said he normally was not attracted to nonviolence, but if that is what Cindy wanted, he would be cool. I was impressed. He agreed to let me speak to him at the end of the meeting. I explained that If he lost his cool at the action, there would still be some people who would not be turned off. However, many people who otherwise would be supportive would think less of the movement. He referred to his understanding of how cruel police in South Korea treated demonstrators. He was very accommodating.

Before the meeting was over I asked again if even one person would be willing to discuss nonviolence. None of the thirty or so people were interested.

At the end of the meeting I noted to Robby that he had skipped the evaluation. He was nice enough to apologize and asked for what I had wanted to say. I said that the facilitator asking for questions is not as democratic as presenting issues and asking for discussion.

The reason I post this over a month after the event is that i have been asking for discussion of nonviolence from the beginning. Polly Miller accused ME of being intolerant when she had me arrested at the Washington Monument on 3/19. I deplore the suppression of discussion and note the irony that I was the one being called intolerant. I continue to give Cindy and her close associates as much credit as I can.

Another lesson of note is that 911 truth activists are not the only people who have difficulty giving people they disagree with any credit.