The discussion carries on to Facebook

I posted the new Deception Dollars on Facebook, and my friend Meridith, who lives in NYC, wrote.

You will not let go of this, will you?

To which I replied:

Well the murderers would like me to, but the crime has never been solved. Murderers usually like it when the investigation of a crime is covered up, and that fact itself is largely ignored. I'm not interested in doing things that mass murderers would approve of, even if it occasionally annoys people who, like them, would rather the matter be quietly left to drop.

If it weren't for the fact that the 9/11 crime led to two other much bigger crimes (wars), where people continue to be killed without justification every single day, while we sit here comfortably in the seat of power that's causing all the mayhem, than maybe I could "let it go".

But no, Meredith, I will not let go of the unsolved mass murder that most people call 9/11. The dead deserve our vigilance. The survivors deserve our clarity. The criminals deserve our resolve.

The first casualty of war is truth.... See More

War is the real crime.

We're involved in TWO major wars right now, killing people and their families in their homes every day.

Since there is what I consider overwhelming evidence that there was a coverup of the crime perpetrated by high ranking US Government officials, I demand that these people be brought to justice. If they can ultimately get away with this, then no one is safe, anywhere on earth, from their depredations.

That's not the kind of world I want to live in, so I fight them with every means at my disposal. There are mass murderers out there walking around free, profiting mightily from the brutality and carnage and environmental devastation, and telling us that it's just fine that they're doing what they're doing.

I disagree. N'uff said.


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Don't ever "let it go".

Thanks for your work. I've posted so many 911 videos/information to all my facebook friends and it can be very discouraging. Thanks for your post. I would like to say something more profound or important, but mainly I just wanted to comment to continue to encourage you, and let you know that people like you motivate me. Thanks again. Funny how the people with the "Never forget" bumper stickers etc are often the one's not engaged on this issue and often anti-truth. Very sad, and pathetic. Cheers.

Not let go of this??

What if someone murdered her husband? Would she just "let it go"?
What if someone murdered her sister? Would she just "let it go"?
What if someone murdered her father? Would she just "let it go"?
What if someone murdered her mother? Would she just "let it go"?
What if someone murdered her friend? Would she just "let it go"?

People like Meredith avoid examining the truth about 9/11 because IF they did the moral imperative to DO something about it would be undeniable.
Stop being a coward, Meredith.
Wake up and face reality, Meredith.
Grow UP Meredith.

Seriously: Lead. follow, or get the F*&K out of the way, 'cause the TRUTH is comin' whether you like it or NOT!

cowering cowards comfort the criminals

cowardice is the ally of the criminals and the coverup of 9/11

The criminal cabal behind 9/11 rely upon the cowardly and the corrupt among us to carry on their criminal agenda with impunity.

Silence is complicity ... the cowards who refuse to think about 9/11, who ridicule and deny the truth, they provide cover for the criminals, they help protect the criminals, they encourage the criminals, they ensure future criminality by the state against the citizenry.

Speaking of Facebook...

The group

now has


Well done !

......... Let it go? Unbelievable! Exposing the truth about 9/11 is what this country needs to wake up Americans to how corrupt our government has become, and how controlled our main stream media is The future of our country rests with the truth.
Thank you for standing up and passing it on !