Huffington Post's Ventura Censorship Backfires

Huffington Post's Ventura Censorship Backfires
March 16, 2010, 9:47AM

Did you know that Adam Lambert has a bulge in his crotch? Were you aware that the world's shortest man recently died? Are you informed enough to know that Jessica Simpson says men are "undressing her with their eyes"?

Sorry, let me rephrase all that: Do you give a shit about any of that retarded "news"? I sure as hell don't, but these were among the many absurd storys I found on the front page of a tabloid called the Huffington Post.

As far as genuine news goes the Huffington Post has some bizarre standards. Jesse Ventura honored the ragsheet by writing a great piece for them. The former Navy Seal and former Governor explained why over 1,000 Architects and Structural Engineers have come together to demand a new investigation regarding the collapse of three high-rise buildings on 9/11. It was a fact filled article that clearly explained the main technical issues that motivated the experts to demand a new investigation. Unfortunately, Ventura was informed that the article did not meet the high standards of the Huffington Post's editorial policy.

Jesse Ventura blew it. He probably should have talked about the Engineers crotches, and included some bulge pictures. Maybe that would have put the article in line with the pathetic tabloid's standards. Who knows. Maybe the Navy seal needed to include some discussion of a deformed midget Architect who was dying. That might have made Huffington's day.

Either way, the censorship backfired and blew up in Arianna Huffington's puffy face. Thousands of web pages have proudly stepped up to the plate and printed Ventura's excellent article. Good websites. The article ended up getting way more exposure. Maybe the best thing is that Huffington's censorship is now well known, and they have been fully exposed as the pathetic rag-sheet they are.

All is well that ends well.


"the best thing is that Huffington's censorship is now well known, and they have been fully exposed as the pathetic rag-sheet they are."

With you in the struggle,

The first thing I thought was

that this thing would backfire on HP, as these things so often do, in general.

The Law of Unintended Consequences dictated that It was going to be a coup for our side on both sides, as you mention:

Viral exposure of JV's article
Viral exposure of HP censorship. (... did anyone really ever doubt that?)


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