Russ Baker, Treason in America Conference, 03/06/10

Author & Investigative Journalist Russ Baker speaks at the Treason in America Conference in Valley Forge, PA.

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Start Digging Russ...

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Where to start?


Investigate Destruction of the Crime Scene

Russ Baker says he wants a specific aspect of 9/11 to investigate and bore down on.

First of all, I will strongly recommend he take a look at the big picture so he has some appreciation of where the details fit, and what to look for.

I will suggest that he look into any of the following:

Who was responsible for destruction of the crime scene. He could interview people who worked on the removal of the debris from the WTC site, and also people who loaded the steel onto ships.

There has been a conspicuous silence from the "blue collar" folks who worked the cranes, drove the trucks, cut the steel, etc. Interviewing FDNY guys who were in and near the towers would also be worthwhile. He could start with the existing interviews made available from the NYT.

Another angle would be to talk to the rank and file of NIST who actually did the research. I have good reason to believe some of them are not pleased with the final result. Of course he should also talk to critics of the NIST Reports.

Yet another aspect of 9/11 which has been ignored by the press is the Urban Moving Systems, Odigo, Danny Lewin irregularities.

Still another topic in need of exposure is the privatization of the WTC in August of 2001. Tie in the Blackstone acquisition of debt on WTC7.

Insider trading is yet another topic worth investigating.

Who was responsible for making the office assignments in the newly renovated part of the Pentagon?

What role did Cheney play in all of this. Peter Dale-Scott did some work in this direction.

I suggest he start from the perspective that we don't know who or what caused the planes to hit the buildings. That is, don't assume there were suicide hijackers, and then examine the evidence such as the flight paths recorded by radar and flight data recorders. Examine the evidence for or against the presence of the accused hijackers on the planes.

I could go on and on and on.

He would also do well to look into the Bush-Clinton drug running operation in Mena Arkansas back in the 1980s. If he can rethink Watergate, then I'm sure he can rethink Hummergate. Consider, in particular the roles of Tim and Asa Hutchinson. His comment about the Bush Mob being in the White House for 20 of the 28 years between Reagan's inauguration and Obama's neglects the fact that the Clintons are defacto members of the Bush Mob.

Nixon was framed?

I wonder who would have done that?

Great guy, great talk!

I finally purchased the book today!

Regards John

happy reading!

definitely one of the most important book I have ever read in terms of understanding the past 50 years, and quite the addictive page-turner as well. enjoy.