DPJ lawmaker given warning over views on 9/11 terror attacks



A ruling Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker who was criticized by The Washington Post for what it described as a ‘‘bizarre’’ conspiracy theory on the Sept 11, 2001, terror attacks received a stern warning from a senior DPJ lawmaker on Thursday.

DPJ Administration Committee Chairman Tenzo Okumura told Yukihisa Fujita, who serves as director general of the International Department of the DPJ, to watch what he says given the importance of his post, according to a participant at the meeting.

In its editorial dated March 8, The Washington Post presented Fujita’s views on the terror attacks, including his argument that some hijackers remain alive and that ‘‘shadowy forces’’ with advance knowledge of the plot profited from stock trading.

The U.S. daily described his views as a ‘‘bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus’’ conspiracy theory and said they ‘‘seem to reflect a strain of anti-American thought that runs through the DPJ and the government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.’‘

The warning was not based on the DPJ’s ethics rules and differs from official discipline, according to party officials.

Looks like a few phone calls were made.

The perpetrators and their protectors have long arms.

Its seems rather gentle

"The warning was not based on the DPJ’s ethics rules and differs from official discipline, according to party officials."

Another way to read this is that it was a publically "stern" warning to mollify the perps, and a friendly "be careful" message to Fujita.

Most importantly, there is no indication Fujita has to publically refute his statements or that his position in the party and government is being threatened.


Threats come in many colors and are interpreted on many levels.
Why make a big deal with an official government sanction, when a gentle “watch what you say” can be understood as “your days are numbered”.

Fujita...stay strong bro...

If he is to be ousted, which I doubt, his 9/11 cause would be all the more important and warranted.

Stay strong Mr. Fujita, you have millions of supporters.

I like that news

the "debunkers" always insist that the media would have covered 9/11 truth if there was something onto it and that somebody would have talked all along, yet ignore that there is a vast spiral of silence with all sorts of information suppression they are theirselves even part of- like this "stern warning".