Mar 18, 2010
— Jim Cirile

Ed Asner. Former head of the Screen Actors Guild. Emmy Award winner. Mary Richards' gruff yet lovable boss. World Poker Tour champ. And most recently, star of Best Picture Academy Award nominee "Up." He is also an active supporter of 9/11 Truth and the voice of AE911Truth's radio campaign.

This all begin on 9/11/2008. Asner introduced AE911Truth's Richard Gage, AIA to a packed house in Los Angeles. After the show, Asner volunteered to help in any way he could. Gage mentioned this to the marketing team, and I immediately thought: we'd be nuts not to use Asner's inimitable voice -- and the gravitas that accompanies it -- in a series of radio and video spots.

After writing the scripts and getting Asner's approval, I loaded up my digital 8-track recorder and headed to Asner's home in the San Fernando Valley. I was greeted by his assistant Patty, who showed me into the office. While I waited for Asner's arrival, I looked around at copious awards and memorabilia, testament to a brilliant, decades-long career in TV and film. It was almost surreal, sitting there in Asnerland, admiring his glistening trophies, the art from "Up," the overflowing ashtray. Yep, this was Lou freaking Grant's home.

Then he bustled in, bigger than life. Moving a bit more slowly now, but still dynamic, mind saber-sharp as ever. I don't know what I was expecting, but certainly not someone as gregarious and open as he was. We chatted about 9/11 for a while, and Asner showed me his research bookshelf -- he's devoted quite a lot of time to the topic and is up on the tiniest details. I set up the mic, and then -- the consummate professional was on. He ripped through the takes with gusto, the actor's actor, his stentorian, mellifluous tones ringing out. I couldn't believe I was beside him in this legend's office, recording him. He graciously did several safety takes, and then I thanked him profusely and set out to compile the audio.

We're pleased to announce that Asner's :30 second spot has aired nationwide on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory as well as on Progressive Talk radio station KTLK in Los Angeles the week of 3/15. But this is just the beginning. With your help, we can take this thing national. And with a spokesman like Asner, people will listen. Clear Channel has allowed the spots to air without even blinking. To take the Asner campaign to the next step, please contribute!

Download the audio here: http://www.ae911truth.org/info/197

Contribute to the Asner campaign:

Video version of the Asner campaign:

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Interesting fact

When desperate defenders of the official conspiracy theory conflate any mention of the government of Israel or Mossad's possible foreknowledge or participation in the planning and perpetration of the false-flag attacks on 9/11 with antisemitism, or criticism of people who are Jewish--it really pisses me off.. Perhaps those individuals should know that Ed Asner was raised orthodox Jewish, and is presently observant of the Jewish faith.



WoW! John Gross oughta be sweatin !

Thank you so much Mr. Asner!!

I am excited about the prospect of TV ads!!

This is an Ace!

Ed Asner has dealt us an ace here. Think about it: A celebrity endorsement could cost big bucks, and here Mr. Asner has given us a 30 second spot for radio and television-- for free. We'd be fools not to put this to good use.

Thanks also to Jim Cirile for recording this and doing the awesome write-up.

*Spots have already aired this week on KFI-AM and KTLK-AM in Los Angeles!

Tom, the prospect of TV ads is very feasible. I contacted the Media Sales Contact for New York 1 today and got the breakdown. It varies by time. ( 30-sec spot on New York 1):

5:00 a.m.----10 a.m. $900
10:00 a.m.----6:00 pm. $250
6:00 p.m. ---- 12 midnight $450

He would have to see the ad first, but this sounds like it's worth a shot. Since it features Ed Asner it might be approved.

Great job McGee!

I know that you have been working really hard on all this (and on other projects). Well done!

Thank you Ed Asner!

We love you! This is huge!

This is HUGE

... Charlton Heston as Moses HUGE.

Not meaning to get Biblical or anything like that, I am just having a hard time coming up with something that equals the courage and honor that Ed Asner has shown in speaking on behalf of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.


Thank You Ed Asner

and the AE911Truth team.

No two ways about it

Ed Asner rocks!

I will definitely be donating to this cause.


Just donated :-)
Thank you Ed!!!!

That Ed Asner narrated short for A&E911T

is most awesome. thank you whoever did this. We need more video on Youtube like this, a LOT more. Seems we need to become videographers and editing buffs all of us, and in this way blanket Youtube and bypass the corrupted mainstream media who no one trusts any more and therefore who are like dynosaurs relative to the comet that is going to hit them, as a sole and direct cause and effect, of their own doing. Now they are in the docket in the court of public opinion and we've got them in their sights. And they are terrified. Run Bill O'Reilly! Run Glann Beck! : ) We've got you on the run, the 9/11 truth movement does now, big time.

Let the court of public opinion decide this thing, now that the issue is finally being debated openly, and the information freely shared in the non-local hographic emergent phenomenon, that is the internet, the "noosphere".

I think we should be going on the offensive in a big way, while assuming a VERY optimistic stance, that when people see the information for themselves, they too will come to draw only one possible conclusion, with regards to the government's and mainstream media's official story, what Philip D. Zelikow might call a public myth, a narrative in other words or, a story - a story which we've all come to discover, is simply not true and, upon scientific examination, utterly impossible, and this can be proven well beyond any reasonable doubt time and time again, and from generation to generation. The myth falls, it doesn't stick, because it cannot be reasonably believed once examined objectively and without any prejudice or emotional or twisted patriotic bias.

So bottom up, we have a type of emergent, grass roots enlightenment about the government and our recent historical past, bringing about a transformation in human affairs or in civil conscious awareness, and from the top down, via our dissemination of the information, a corrupting process, resulting in a loss of trust by the people in their government (and mainstream media), and thus - it is the most vitally important and transformative historical issue of the modern 21st century, THE issue, and something which, to this very day, we are mire in, resulting in many people being killed violently, and seemingly for no reason, certainly without any authentic justification - a war crime therefore, by any definition.

Thus, by waging war in the name of 9/11 and the official story myth of 9/11, Barack Obama, also makes of himself a type of war criminal, in the footsteps of George W. Bush. This is why Peace of the Action's Camp Out Now, dissent, at the Washington Monument, is such a powerful action.

I hope 9/11 Truthers begin to make their way there, en mass.. each with a video camera... we are change should go, all of them, if at all possible, if only because they make such damn fine videos!

Robert Rice

You speak so eloquently for all of us! Yes, "let the court of public opinion decide this thing".
Thanks for your poetic voice for 911truth and thanks Ed Asner!!!

Mr. Asner,

There are no words...

Thanks Ed

This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Thanks for being a true American. I just wish there were more stars like you with the balls to tell the truth. Job well done sir.

Good idea

Just donated.


Just WOW!

Ed Asner

No doubt.

He's got spunk.

This is great

I hope the ads run on left & right political shows & hopefully non-politcal radio.

Anywhere with a NEW, LARGE audience is a FANTASTIC development.