How I Ran an Ad on Fox News

March 18, 2010 -
Slate ad critic Seth Stevenson tries out a Google service that allows you to run your own commercial on national TV for as little as $100.

*Inspired by comments from TomT and the RL McGee especially on the Ed Asner Thread.

More Info:
Psst! Wanna Run a Commercial? Google Sells TV Ads Wholesale

"Slate created its own commercial, largely cut from archival footage, and paid about $1,300. On late night television, that bought an audience of 1.3 million spread across 54 appearances...over four different cable networks."

We need to seize on this.

This is awesome.

We know what to do.

We can do this with Ed Asner's spot.


Its the first thing I thought of.
We will see how long it takes for the censorship to set in.
Then, maybe an extended lawsuit?

1st thing I thought of also - our new Ed Asner Ad

Very synchronistic such things can be at times (said like Yoda). So we're going to get that add running continually all over the TV networks??, what an AWESOME thing!!!

We rock.

I Just Placed TWO Asner TV Ads...

on New York 1. I can't believe it. The Media Sales Contact for Time Warner approved the Ed Asner spot for television. Thank you, Michael Ganz!

The scheduling date will be worked out Mon. morning, but the order is in. I got two for the 10:00 a.m.-- 6:00 p.m. time slot for $250 each. Wish I could have done more, but $500 was all I could swing now. And I didn't want to wait for a fundraising campaign, so I just went for it.

You da man! McGee! That is the way to do it!!

My hat is off to you! Way to roll!



TV ads are the next thing. Thanks for this great post!!

TV advertising is the next thing. We are staged well in the right moment for this...AE911Truth is a juggernaut and the TV industry is hungry for money. TV ads will snowball into prompting more news stories. We can really win with this.
An interesting note on the "credence level" of TV ADS: If it is shown on TV, it becomes "credible", it becomes "true", it becomes "real and mainstream" in the eyes of the audience.

Late night ads at a local station can cost only $20.
I got "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel at 8pm time slot with 30 second ads costing $60 back around the year 2001 when promoting some local area stores.

There are some incredible values which can be obtained by TV ads. Depending upon the channel, the targeted demographic and locality, the "negotiations skills and working capital", and some other factors is very realistic to get scores of TV ads costing an average of $50-100 each.

Below is A Brief “How To” for any person who wants to call your local area stations.
In a local area, watch TV to see what channels and time frames different local companies are advertising on TV. Try to diversify observations to include all local channels, and also the medium (such as Cable or Direct TV).
This is the first clue of “who to call”. Often a person will see local “personal injury lawyers” or restaurants or instructional schools or local dealerships advertising. Many of these local ads run during the daytime or late at night when rates are cheaper. Prime-time news slots and hit shows cost more, but some good deals can still be gotten.

Make a list of who to call. Often a major TV station will also own other channels (and radio stations). Some local channels play reruns of popular shows and this is an excellent source. With cable or Direct TV, a specific zip code area and specific channel can be used to advertise on in order to get a lower rate.

Determine how much money total that you are going to spend on the campaign. Sales people in the broadcast industry do not want to waste time on a few hundred dollars. However, if you approach them with “Our organization has a budget of $2,000 on our first run of TV ads, then we will probably spend much more money in the future if this TV campaign proves successful.” …then you will get the sales person to salivate towards working with you.

- During certain periods of the year, such as elections or pre-Christmas, the sales people are not as hungry.

- TV rates are actually arbitrary. The station always has a “guide of rates”, but this is so they can discount to you in a variety of ways. For example: A station may discount by giving you extra ads for free.

Call the station or cable company asking to speak to someone in sales.
“Our organization has a budget of $2,000 on our first run of TV ads, then we will probably spend much more money in the future if this TV campaign proves successful.”

Prior to your call, have in mind what type of demographic you are marketing to. (For example: Viewers of Discovery Channel or viewers of Gilligan’s Island) Some aspects of demographics can be almost paradoxical. (For example: It is true that more affluent areas tend to be book readers. It might not be true that more affluent areas are “activism motivated”.) Anyway, prior to your call have in mind what type of demographic you are targeting.

Take it from there.
They will send you a proposal with time slots and programs and itemized costs.
(Sometimes it helps if you have a fax line so they can fax a printout of the proposed schedule. Technology has changed so much within the past 6 years that I do not know how the current protocol is.)

After you settle upon a proposal, then ask if they can throw in some extra ads, even very late night (which sometimes normally cost $20).

Ad Agency
In the 80’s, when I was buying TV ads in a different city every week for traveling dress sales, after I completed all the above mentioned negotiations, I would then mention that “we are an in-house ad agency” and want our agency fee of 10% or 15%.
How ad agencies work currently, I am unfamiliar with.
I do NOT recommend utilizing the “Ad Agency Kickback” when beginning on the TV advertising campaigns. However, this data is useful to be aware of for a future reference if one is going to be spending lots of money in on-going advertising campaigns.

Your 28 second or 58 second TV ad CLIP
Find out what the specs are for their TV ad.
Try to find someone who independently can put together your ad according to the specs.

The TV stations can help produce your ad. Often the expense is not worth it.
It is always best to “direct your own ad footage and voice over”. You know what you are trying to communicate better than the TV station.

OMG that's so cool.

Let's run our Ed Asner short. Eh? Why not. Let's do it.

Oh, forgive me

I see that's already been taken of, amazing! We'll do more of that for sure. But I think that AE4911 ought to sponsor it from their site, for a continual running ad (by putting donations generated, back into running more ads), and then someone will make a post on that here @ 911Blogger, for fundraising. If 1000 people gave, then we're in business, and it's started already!!! Very cool. Unbelievably sweet. Things just keep on going our way it seems, all the time, and time, truth and history - it's on our side, once peopel so much as re-examine all the evidence for themselves, and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth do that very nicely.

Things are starting to get interesting.. very historically interesting. Poor Philip D. Zelikow, Dr. 9/11 Myth, poor Bill O''Reilly - oh well. ;-)

Hoping for the best ....

Lovely news. Let's see how it rolls.

Hey Slate!

Who is that little punk calling "paranoid fringe?"

I'd have him know we have every reason to be paranoid.

TV Ads...ohhh yeaaa!!!

Here we go folks. This is the beginning for critical advances which the TM is so deserving.

Let wave after wave of 911 facts flood the media.

LW, this is the spring board to gain considerable momentum.

Great efforts ya'll!!!


.......How about a fund raising drive for the TRUTH ?